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Abc’s Of Effective Facebook Advertising Campaign

Abc’s Of Effective Facebook Advertising Campaign

Facebook Marketing is a powerful medium for all marketers and brands to reach out to millions of people worldwide. With innumerable audience that is willing to buy your products and services you get an easy access to their priority time. This helps not just to connect to them on an individual level where they can be heard, also to know how well your brand is performing.

With Facebook Advertising through Adverts, you can increase your sales and return on investments through various methods that have been devised for creation of successful ad campaigns. This article discusses how to create effective Facebook advertising campaigns.

Campaign Goal:

Deciding a clear campaign goal is of vital importance. It is the first step towards creating an effective Facebook campaign strategy. You may have various business objectives to fulfill at the same time. However, dividing them into separate goals can help you achieve each objective with separate ads with different targeting.

For example, a goal for spreading awareness can be differentiated from getting conversions and accordingly bidding and other factors can be worked upon to ensure effective budgeting.

Facebook Campaign Goals

Facebook Campaign Goals

Your goal can be to:

  • Boost your posts
  • Promote your page
  • Send people to your website
  • Increase conversions on your website
  • Get installs for your mobile app
  • Increase engagement in your mobile app
  • Raise attendance at your event
  • Get people to claim your offer
  • Get video reviews

Targeting on Facebook:

Online advertising has far greater benefits than print advertising as it helps you target the segment of people you want and Facebook excels such targeting.

You can target people based on their:

  • Location: Targeting based on location helps you show your ads to people in the places you choose. You can choose the countries and cities you want to target.
  • Demographics: You can choose the gender and age group of your target audience. You can also choose demographics based on their marital status, education and the like.
  • Interests: Showing your ads to people who are interested in your products or have interests related to them is easy with Facebook.
  • Behavior: You can also target your audience based on their behavior. For example, you can choose to show your ads to iPhone users if you have a new product to sell to them.
  • Connections: You can show your ads to people who like your page and their friends and connections.

Types Of Audience Targeting In Facebook:

  • General Audience: People whom you want to target through Facebook campaigns.
  • Custom Audience: People who are already your customers. You can use data from your website or app or use their email addresses and phone numbers. You can also use data from MailChimp (if you use it).
  • Lookalike Audience: People who are like your good customers and therefore may be interested in your products or page. They are also people with the same interests as those who have liked your page.


Facebook Target Audience

Facebook Target Audience

The Campaign Structure:

Creating a campaign in this way creates a campaign structure in Facebook which is:

Campaign: Your campaign based on one of the goals.

Advert Sets: When you target campaigns based on various targeting options, Facebook creates adverts sets for each of these to group your ads.

Adverts: An advert set can have multiple ads and you can blend your creativity with ad creation best practices for ads that yield results.

Facebook Ad Campaign Structure

Facebook Ad Campaign Structure

Facebook Ad Creation:

Facebook loves ads that are:

  • Highly Relevant: Audience must love the ads and find them useful; therefore with accurate targeting you can make them relevant.
  • Actionable: Facebook likes it if people who see your ads want to take an action on your website and app.
  • Social: Through your ads and products when more people like your page, Facebook will like it too as it will help build your business.

Facebook Ad Creation Best Practices:

Creating Facebook ads is really simple and the simpler you keep an ad the better.

The more people find your ad useful for them, the more likely they are to click on them. So, instead of making grand statements, writing clear and objective text about what your product can do for them is a great way to make your ads relevant.

Create Compelling Facebook Ads

Compelling Facebook Ads

You can make the ad compelling by:

  • Including success statements about your product.
  • Including customer reviews.
  • Using clear, familiar, interesting and catchy words and phrases to get attention.
  • Using high quality images that speak an idea or catch audience attention.
  • Keeping it less than 90 characters of text following less is more.
  • Adding a call-to-action which creates urgency.
  • Optimizing advert design for both desktop and mobile.
  • Creating different ads for different groups of people and use content like text and images that they can relate to.

Points To Note:

  • Every ad goes through a review by Facebook before it can be published. It generally takes around 24 hours to be approved.
  • It is important to change your ad and possibly create a new one every fortnight to keep it fresh and appealing to the audience.
  • Facebook has its great tool called Power Editor to create ads. You can access it through the Ads Manager.

Important: Adding a link in the ad to your website or webpage that is highly relevant and concisely designed will lead to greater sales and hence a higher ROI.

Conversion Tracking:

Conversion is when people take some action on your website that you want them to take, like an email signup, sales, registration or any other. Through Facebook, you can track conversions by knowing when someone sees your ad and visits your website for a conversion. It has a conversion pixel, which is a code snippet that you can place on your website to track which users came to your website and opted for some action.


Reports help you see the performance of your ads. In case your ads are not doing well, you can improve upon various factors to make them work better through the Adverts Manager.

Planning a Campaign Strategy:

A clear and concise campaign strategy aiming for the goal is of crucial importance as it is what determines the success of your advertising plan. To plan a clear and successful campaign strategy it is important to understand:

Planning Facebook Strategy

Planning Facebook Strategy

Focused Targeting:

For example, you may have different products for men and women. Creating different campaigns for each will help you do focused targeting. By choosing the gender as women in demographics, you can show your ads only to women. It will improve your campaign performance by curbing irrelevant impressions and saving on your budget. A separate campaign targeted for men will likewise do the same.

Improved Budgeting:

You can decide what amount of money to allot to which task, based on product costs and ROI expected. This will help you ensure no money is wasted and each advertising activity is yielding good results.

Accurate Bidding:

By having a clear campaign goal and budget, you can choose which bidding strategy to opt for. This not only helps to spend effectively, it also helps in achieving the desired goal.

Knowing Your Audience:

If you know your audience, getting business becomes all the simpler. You know who are the people who are looking for your product, will love it and be your regular customers. Since Facebook is a place where people are not generally looking to buy something and searching for it, only if you show your ads to people who are genuinely interested in what you have will make Facebook campaigns work for you. It’s like serving their favorite dish when they’re not hungry. So, if you know that the women you are displaying ads to love cookery, you may want to target interests with Facebook pages related to cookery.

An Example:

To increase brand awareness for a product for women like women’s raincoats, you may want to target locations that have a good rainfall. Your bid strategy will be CPM, location South Indian states and Maharashtra in the month of June, and Delhi and Northern India in July and August. Targeting women, will different interests, behaviors and connections can also help you further reach one segment at a time, helping you overcome your budget constraints. When you have sufficient budget, you can expand your campaign.

Bidding and Budgeting:

Facebook allows you to set a budget for your ads to run in two ways:

  • Daily Budget: You can set a daily budget and the amount Facebook uses from your account will never exceed that in a particular day.
  • Lifetime Budget: It is the amount that will be utilized throughout the time your account is valid. So, if you set a very small budget and it runs out in a day, it is more like setting up a daily budget. Within this budget choice, your ads will show till the end date you set or until your budget runs out.
Facebook Bidding And Budgeting

Facebook Bidding And Budgeting

After setting a budget, you choose a bid type and a bid amount. Your bid is the amount you are willing to pay to display an ad to your chosen audience. It can be compared to the competitors who are trying to do the same. The bid types are:

  • Cost-Per-Click (CPC): The CPC bidding means that you will pay the cost only when a person clicks on your ad.
  • Cost-Per-Impression (CPM): It is actually cost-per-thousand-impressions i.e. the cost you accrue when your ad is displayed a thousand times.

Points to Note:

  • CPC bidding is used when your goal is conversion or getting people to your website or app. CPM bidding is used when you want to create awareness about your brand or product.
  • With optimized bidding, Facebook charges the lowest bid amount possible to display your ad. It can also suggest a bid range you would like to opt for.
  • With Facebook, you can have your own limitations on bidding and budgeting. Fix a maximum budget for your adverts spending. Facebook won’t exceed it.


Remarketing is a strong targeting method that works very well to create a brand recall and influence the decision of the audience who visited your website. You place a custom audience pixel (a code snippet) on your web page and whoever visits your page sees your advert. You can also target lookalike audiences i.e. people with similar demographics and interests with remarketing.

Remarketing On Facebook

Remarketing On Facebook

Some Helpful Tips:

  • If you want to target many locations, interests, behaviors at the same time and are running out of funds, selecting limited ones at a time will help you focus your campaigns and keep a check on your budget so that you spend on campaigns with ease of funds.
  • You can increase your audience by a great number with lookalike audiences. It helps you reach the right people quickly.
  • Keep a consistent brand image. It helps your audience connect each time and helps develop consistency.
  • Keep the budget small in the beginning and increase it gradually. If your ads are doing well, you can use a higher budget. If they’re not doing too well, working on the content and creatives, and on bid strategy and targeting is what may be required.
  • You can target followers of a successful page related to your products or topic through interests targeting. This will get you ready connects.

If you’re a new brand, creating your own space can be a challenge. With a little work and planning out content with your Unique Selling Proposition and focusing specifically on peculiar interests and behaviors, creating appealing ads around a certain theme that the audience can strongly connect to will definitely help you create your brand presence and meet your business goals.

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