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Accelerate Business Relationship Through 3 Social Media Techniques

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Accelerate Business Relationship Through 3 Social Media TechniquesSocial Media and SEO play important roles in this digital world. When major chunks of business happen online these days, leading corporates always look for the ways to improve their site visibility, traffic and social media presence. Although there are many social media marketing techniques round the corner, only a few powerful techniques that works well for many brands. It is found that many companies keep some reservations about their social media strategies and the way their strategies should be applied to their business. They do not realize that they cannot have the same social media marketing strategy work the same way for different businesses. They need to ensure that all their social media marketing campaign are object-oriented and should not indulge in any type of vague marketing activities.

Social media has changed the way companies interact with their business associates and customers. Currently there are different types of social media platforms available to choose for different type of businesses. With the help of these social media channels, marketers can make the right kind of business contact and expand the networks from there. The whole process of marketing revolves around these powerful social media channels now. How to make use of these channels effectively and make better business relationship? Here are 3 social media marketing ideas to accelerate business relationship and make the most out of it:

Accelerate Business Relationship Through 3 Social Media TechniquesUse social media to identify the right Business Partner

Use social media networks to do some research on potential partners, customers and competitors. Understand how they are doing in the market and their ongoing marketing strategies. Such information will be a great input to marketers when they formulate future marketing strategies for their business. It is highly recommended that the company highlight its recent successes or milestone on each social media platform.

In the current aggressive market scenario, marketers ought to know about the prospective partners beforehand so that the whole process would become smoother which eventually improve the chances of growth. This information would also help marketers to decide whether to go ahead with a partnership or not. Use LinkedIn channel or any similar professional networking channel to identify the right kind of business partners. A profile on LinkedIn is viewed as an online business card or professional resume so use this channel appropriately for a good start. Many market experts feel that LinkedIn is the best source of data to reach out to prospective customers for different segments. It is noticed that LinkedIn has become the most used tools by sales people to connect with their prospects.

LinkedIn allow people to make two levels of connection for free and more connections to those who have enrolled as a premium account holder. Successful marketers connect with all their sales people via LinkedIn so that the entire prospect network would be visible to them as well. This platform can be effectively used to share ideas with one another in the same group. This way companies can ensure that a proper synergy is set amongst all team members in the group.

Accelerate Business Relationship Through 3 Social Media TechniquesUse different social media platforms for different businesses

There are different social media channels out there for us to choose based on the type of business that we do. Each social media platform is unique in its own ways because the way people behave and connect on the social media channels varies. When a company’s social media presence spread across the different channels, the strategies should be adjusted as per the requirements for each channel. For example, marketers use Twitter platform to promote ongoing promotional campaign or contests whereas the Facebook platform is predominantly used to showcase the company’s resources and background with a larger marketing space in mind. Twitter is the way to connect with people directly when the business has too many messages to be sent out on a frequent basis.

Facebook platform is suitable for almost all types of businesses. Companies can use Facebook platform to portray their business in a sociable and casual manner. Unlike in the case of LinkedIn platform where people display their professional images and outlook, the Facebook account usually carry photographs with casual appearance. Although the Facebook channel does not appear to be a direct lead generating business channel, this platform can be a great source for business, if it is used correctly.

Pinterest is another popular social media channel where members can share visual contents on this platform. Pinterest has more female audience, so more female focused products get better attention on this platform. This is a perfect platform to promote products for which visual imagery is a main criteria and USP. Companies that are into holiday packages, wedding planning, fashion, interior decoration and food are usually show their active presence on this network with stunning pictures & videos.

All the above mentioned descriptions about different social media channels show that each social media channel is suitable for each type of marketing activities for different type of businesses. There is no single way of using all social media channels and get the same level of exposure.

It may be difficult for a company to show its present on all social media platforms hence, it is wise to choose the most effective 3 social media channels initially. Whatever platform that a company chooses for its promotional activities, the ultimate aim would be to get higher level of engagements from fans and better conversion. Marketers should be adaptable to this kind of differences amongst all the social media channels and use each channel appropriately based on the business requirements.

Accelerate Business Relationship Through 3 Social Media TechniquesMake use of Social media connections

LinkedIn is a perfect social media network for professionals. It is a best place to get connected with people from different companies and professions. To connect with someone at a certain company, all we need to do is to check if anyone from our company has a LinkedIn connection with that person or not. Professional networks like LinkedIn has an option to view mutual connections. Through such mutual connections, marketers can connect with a person that they wish to do business. Use social media as a complementary to the existing traditional marketing practices. A company can do well only when it has a perfect combination of ongoing marketing strategy with the new social media marketing tactics in place.

Marketers can use their LinkedIn accounts to follow-up after other communications. It is a usual practice by many marketers that they put their LinkedIn details on their business cards, emails and fax messages that they send out to their prospects. When a marketer send out an enquiry email to a business prospect and if that was not answered because of busy schedule at the prospect’s side, then the marketer has an option to connect with prospect’s LinkedIn profile & build a rapport.

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    • 4 years ago

      Aparna   /   Reply

      Dear Ummer, very good write-up. I guess these are the key reasons why social media is important. Businesses cannot flourish unless they build their network. Similarly, simply publishing various messages time to time will not serve the purpose. Many people end up using networking sites for which they are not meant and this may hamper the image of a brand. These key factors play major role!!

      • 4 years ago

        Ummer   /   Reply

        Aparna, glad to see that you find this post informative. Thanks for commenting….!

    • 4 years ago

      IBR InfoTech   /   Reply

      Social media plays an important role when we talk about online business. We get business partners, good working professionals that can help us to grow.

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