Accenture Creates A Social Recruiting Channel With Its Path To Success

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Accenture-red-arrow-logoAbout Accenture:

Accenture plc is one of the world’s leading professional services company with capabilities in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.  It’s incorporated headquarters have been in Dublin, Ireland since September 1, 2009. It is the world’s largest consulting firm as measured by revenues and is a Fortune Global 500 company. Accenture has made 12 consecutive appearances on FORTUNE’s “World’s most admired company’s list”. What sets Accenture apart from its competitors is their global footprint in 120 countries followed by experience across 40 industries. They are also the largest independent technology services provider which is a result of the fact that 95% of their top 100 clients have worked with them for at least 10 years. To cater to the ever demanding needs of the digital world Accenture Digital was launched in December 2013 to provide clients with digital marketing, analytics and mobility services. Accenture has aligned its offerings around the digital customer and digital enterprise and created capabilities in and across these areas. Accenture Digital works with many industry leading clients, including eight of the top ten global retailers and nine of the top 10 in banking, as well as all of the top 10 companies in consumer products, telecom and pharmaceuticals. They have helped their clients capture more than $100 billion in commerce and sales worldwide—from hotel reservations booked, to consumer electronics purchased, to business-to-business transactions completed.

Campaign Objectives:


The main purpose of the campaign was to find and engage potential talent across the industry. It tested the aptitude of the users while keeping them engaged in an interesting game play.Accenture2

The data collected through this game will help them build a pipeline of talent whom they can reach out to as and when required.

Accenture Facebook Campaign Approach:

The need to bring in game-like tools to the workplace becomes apparent when you consider the size of a globally distributed workforce such as Accenture’s. With close to 300,000 employees across 56 countries at the $28.6-billion IT services to consulting corporation, regular information dissemination tools such as the intranet, emails and even social media often fall short of the desired objective, says Manoj Biswas, managing director, HR, at Accenture India. Fun and games assume a more serious and effective way to get the message across to the younger workforce. “They find traditional learning programmes monotonous to attend,” says Biswas.

Titled ‘Path to success, the Accenture way’, it tested employees’ alignment to the corporate brand based on knowledge of the organisation’s culture and business objectives.

It was installed as a custom tab on the Accenture in India Facebook page, “Path to Success” is a simple quiz based game. Just roll the dice, land on a tile and you will be faced with a trivia question. The quiz tests your aptitude rewarding you for each correct answer while you climb up the corporate ladder. Players moved up a simulated corporate ladder, and with a successful run they became the boss of the virtual organization. The game design was kept simple and loosely modelled on the ‘snakes and ladders’ approach.

There are 4 levels in the game representing the levels in the corporate ladder, namely:

  1. Associate Executive
  2. Sr. Associate Executive
  3. Mid-level Executive
  4. Senior Executive

Meant for both existing employees and for potential hires, the game allows the player to choose between a male and a female avatar and play across four levels of increasing difficulty. By rolling virtual dice through mouse clicks, the avatar walks as many steps as the number that comes up, to reveal questions. These are based on the focus areas of the company in the current year, its new growth objectives, the latest information on careers at the company and its ethics and compliance policies. Upon answering a question correctly, the player gets to move through a virtual door to another level. The starting point is the reception of the company; from there, players travel through a training zone to the working or bay area and finally end up at the boardroom. Getting the answer wrong thrice sends the player back to the start.


The results achieved through the campaign were beyond the expectation of the organization. The main reason towards the success of the campaign was the fun factor of the campaign. The below-displayed statistics actually stands as a testimony to the wide-spread awareness of the campaign.

Accenture3Accenture4Above is a pictorial representation of the visitors playing “Path to success” at Accenture India stall at SAP TechEd 2013, Bangalore.

As a medium, it has worked very well for learning, recruitment, employee engagement and feedback.” Indeed, given that such games are supported by hints and allow participants to tally their answers with information on the company intranet, corporate emails and the internet so that players read and internalise details about the company.


The campaign on Facebook was able to reach out on a large scale to its target group across the country, generating awareness of the culture and work environment of the organization. Moreover, the campaign could reach its desired objective by targeting the audience interested in building a career in Accenture.  It has also helped Accenture to build a database of talent with good aptitude.

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