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Accenture Reports: 54% Indians Prefer Human Interaction Customer Services Over Digital

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Accenture Report on Poor Customer Services

As per the Accenture Strategy report on ‘Digital Disconnect in Customer Engagement’, 54 percent of consumers in India prefer dealing with human beings over digital channels in order to solve customer services issues. customer

It was also revealed that 88% of the consumers have switched provider in the past year because of poor customer service, with internet retailers, service providers, and banks being among the worst offenders.

Due to these trends in India, the estimated cost of customers switching due to poor service is $412 billion.

This report is on the basis of the company’s eleventh annual Global Consumer Pulse Research. The aim of the research is to gauge the experiences as well as attitudes of 24,489 consumers around the world about sales, customer services, and marketing. Included in the sample were 550 consumers from India.

“Companies have lost sight of the importance of human interaction and often make it too difficult for consumers to get the right level of help and service that they need.” Raghuram Devarakonda, managing director, Advanced Customer Strategy, Accenture Strategy

He further added “Companies wrongly assume that their digital-only customers are their most profitable, and that customer service is a cost. Consequently, they over-invest in digital technologies and channels and lose their most profitable customers, multichannel customers, who want experiences that cover both digital and traditional channels.”

Why is human connection crucial in customer services?

According to this research, it is shown that how human interaction remains an important aspect of customer satisfaction even in the age of digitization where ‘Digital India’ has become more or less like a revolution.

Findings on Customer Services:

54% of the Indian consumers prefer having human interactions over digital channels in order to solve customer services issues and get advice which accounts for 70%.

Whereas 63% of consumers report that they are willing to pay a higher price for services and products if the company ensures a better level of service.

It was also found that in-store and physical experiences are of high value among customers. Going by the statistics, it was found that 51% of the respondents reported that in-store service is the most preferred channel for getting a tailored experience.

Going by the statistics, it was found that 51% of the respondents reported that in-store service is the most preferred channel for getting a tailored experience.

One of the striking features is that 49% of the consumers are more ready to be sold upgraded or new products when a experiencing a face-to-face service as compared to online one.

Also, 44% say they would instead go to a store first and after that use digital channels to get advice on the best services and products.

“Indian companies have reached a tipping point in their customer’s digital intensity and need to rebalance their digital and traditional customer services investments if they want to improve loyalty, differentiate themselves and drive growth.” Devarakonda

He explains “Companies abandon the human connection at their own risk and are facing the need to rebuild it to deliver the varied and tailored outcomes that customers demand.”

How can you improve customer experience

As per the report, the chances for improvement in the delivery of customer services today is huge.

  • 57% of consumers find it irritating to deal with a company that doesn’t ease the interactions.
  • 65% of the customers expect customer service to be more convenient and easier whereas 83% of them want it to be faster.
  • About 53% of the consumers take it to the social medias in order to give negative feedbacks of the company.

Experts in customer services: How they do it?

In order to balance their traditional and digital customer service channels, you should follow the below-mentioned things:

Balance physical and human elements into customer services

You need to rework on your investment strategy. You should focus on delivering satisfying customer experiences instead of interaction methods. Also, ensuring channel management approach to deliver integrated experiences is essential.

Make the process of switching channels easy

In order to offer outcomes desired by consumers, companies should build customer service channels that help consumers to move smoothly from digital to human interaction.

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Address and work towards customer experience

You need to define and address the worst customer experiences across all the channels as they can directly impact the reputation and profitability of the company.

Personal data security

As per the reports, more than 80% of the customers feel it is extremely important that companies protect the privacy of their personal information.

Have you experienced glitches in your customer services? How are you planning to overcome it?

Image Credit: Economic Times

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