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Access Live TV On Google Soon

Access Live TV On Google Soon

With continuous changes, Google has been successfully paving a way to its user’s satisfaction. Started in 1998, Google which now is a USD 527 million plus company, has been creating and innovating things for us to have a smooth experience in every sphere.

With this as the foundation of the company, Google has made an announcement this week at the National Association of Broadcasters conference that TV listings will soon be shown in Google search.

Since long, Google provided the ability to have information about which streaming services a TV show or movie could be found on. Now Google has moved a step ahead by surfacing that information from your cable and/or satellite provider.

With such services, Google is surely presenting competition to the TV Guide-like websites that show up on the front page whenever a person searches for the next timings of a TV show. However, searchers will be benefited either way.

As the searches for films and TV shows on mobile have accelerated and are up than 55 percent over the past year, Google’s initiative to turn its search engine into a live TV guide will be a win-win situation. Google is not leaving any stone unturned to become people’s one-stop location on the web for its user’s A to Z needs. For users, they will be finding anything to everything in a couple of clicks.

The update on TV listings is awaited though the company says it will be rolled out “soon”.

By adding live TV listings to its search engine, it will allow its users to find out at what time will their favorite shows and movies will be aired. The company will also display the websites and apps where the web users can view the show’s latest episode. No doubt, it is amazing! Especially for TV serial and movie lovers.



This live TV listing feature is an addition to a search upgrade that was rolled out last year. That search upgrade pointed users to shows and movies that could be watched on different types of mobile apps from networks, distributors, or on stores like iTunes and Google Play. However, due to the inconsistency to date, these video actions have been fairly low.

For instance, if you search for a popular show like ‘Friends’, doesn’t obviously point you to viewing options right in the search engine results. Rather, you have to click on the episode list and then click an arrow next to an item in order to see where you can view that show. Even after that, Google lands users to buying options on Google Play and YouTube with a note at the bottom that the show is ‘also available on Vudu, iTunes, and Amazon Video’. Oh btw, Vudu is the only one linked. This was surely a loophole in the working of this search engine giant. It shows that the show is available on streaming service as well as CBS’s app but sadly, that option is missing in there.

Another instance that points out the ambiguity with the working of Google is when you search for a show from ABC, like ‘Scandal’, Google shows YouTube, Hulu, Google Play, and Vudu when you view a given episode. Yet again, though Amazon Video is in the list but nowhere linked. Moreover, iTunes that sells ‘Scandal’ is neither in the list nor in the linked section.

Other than that, famous services like Netflix and other streaming options are not indexed at all. Because of this, Google is unreliable for finding places to buy a show or stream.

Along with addition to pointing to streaming apps and services plus the display of time of airing and channels from where you can watch them, it will also provide additional services. There will be an ‘Edit provider’ link which will allow you to customize this option in order to inform Google of your cable provider.

If you have not noticed yet, Podcasts are already available on Google Play Music. They were on the list since 18th April. This discovery has made podcasts easier to find and faster. For instance, if you know a particular podcast celebrity, you can search for episodes and search for their episodes and then you will see a list of search results on the Google app. The positive of this feature is that you can play a podcast in the background while surfing the websites. Moreover, you will be able to see controls at the bottom of the screen like pause, play, rewind, or fast-forward.

Sadly, for mobile users, this feature for finding rentals and streams is biased toward properties belonging to Google. This will thus leave many users to turn to third-party apps like TV Guide, Yahoo’s Video Guide, Yidio, and Peel for better solutions.

Along with these announcements made at this week’s National Association of Broadcasters (NBA) show, Google also announced some good news for advertisers. There will be a new ‘DoubleClick’s Dynamic Ad Insertion’ option which will be delivering a more personalized and customized experience to viewers over live as well as on-demand TV streams. These new features in DoubleClick are aimed at providing TV broadcasters more control over and experiences among various screens.

Since Google is known for its reliability, these new additions have made sure that people come back to this tech giant when they face any problem or are looking for something. Google is breaking the traditional ways in which consumers watch TV and these are replaced by smooth and quick services like live TV and alike.

This update will be rolled out soon and everyone seems to be excited. Are you? Share with us your views on Google’s new update on live TV listing in the comment section below!

Sakshi is a content marketer during the day and a reader by night. She writes content sprinkled with a twisted imagination. She has done her graduation in psychology from Delhi University and has an insane love for history.

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