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Add These Top 5 Strategies To Your Social Media Marketing Plan In 2015

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2015 is certainly going to be the year of Social Media Marketing.Its rise is going to be exponential this year.With brands ready to tap the power of Social Media Marketing to increase their customers ,the competition is going to be fierce.Every Social Media platform is going to be used by marketers to promote their business.And why shouldn’t they?
What will differentiate you this year from your competitors is your Social Media Marketing strategy. A deal which can make it or break it for your business.Every business does have a Social Media Marketing strategy ,but there must something that sets your business apart.Is it the engagement quotient?The content or it may be a mix of both but there are some strategies which you definitely cannot miss to add to your Social Media Marketing plan this year.

Pump up your Customer Interaction

Social Media is a God gifted tool for marketing professionals.Life has become so easy for them by the advent of social media that they can know how good or bad their brand is performing within minutes.By launching a Social Media campaign,uploading videos of your brand or tweeting your brand can within seconds tell the customer sentiment towards your brand.This year will be no different.Customers have become more active on social media these days.Anything one puts up whether good or bad has the capacity to go viral within seconds.What is more important the reaction of your audience to that content.Some points that can help your brand with Social Media Marketing –

  • Reply to your audience on all the social media platforms.Don’t make a monologue on your social media account,keep it interactive.The more you talk to them,the better it would be for you to understand your customer’s needs and preferences regarding your product or service.
  • Use creative hashtags to make your brand go viral on social media.Customers usually like to associate themselves with the brand if they are able to create a movement across social media platforms by using a hashtag.People would love to update their status and tweet with your brand’s hashtag if it has the power to attract them.
  • Start with using the lesser used channels like Google Hangout,Whatsapp,Webinars etc.This well help in having a one to one interaction with your customer.


Amid an hour of crisis for Nestle’s Maggi noodles throughout India ,Nestle have taken to Whatsapp to convince their customers that their product is safe to eat.Some of the employees of Nestle have put up the above image as their Whatsapp profile picture.It can prove effective if things go their way.

The key to success will be Paid Advertising

Paid search advertising is now a multibillion dollar per year industry, allowing brands to extend and expand their reach and scale. And it has certainly proven itself as a channel that delivers cost efficiencies.

With Facebook’s announcement that they are limiting the number of promotional page posts effective January 2015, many marketers are left wondering how they can address declining organic reach. The unfortunate reality is that paid advertising will play an increasingly important role if you want to extend your reach on Facebook.

Marketers will need to find the balance between paid and organic impressions. Because paying for reach is now in the mix, proving return on ad spend will be more important than ever.So get ready to invest your money in paid advertising and use better targeting options to get increased ROI on your investments.

Data is where Battles will be Won

Data will be one of the main differentiating factors for every brand.It is not the amount of data but how the data will used to get insights for your brand.A lack of insight will kill your efforts being put up to improve your Social Media Marketing.

But like any form of data you need to collect a sufficient amount. Don’t make a decision on content after just one week . You need to give it at least a month to ensure you are making an informed decision.A good number of analytical tools are available in the market which can give valuable insights based on different metrics.

“Big Data means that networks can know their users better than ever and it allows those with knowledge of a user base to target them better by looking at their interests, location and search history”

Bhavesh Vaghela, CMO of ResponseTap.

Get the Influencers to follow you on Twitter

Easier said than Done!

There are several industry influencers participating in industry related chat through Twitter,Quora,Linkedin, Slideshare etc.The goal is to make this big shots to like you,not just a Facebook like.Make them like your ideas and opinions.If the influencer endorses you on the Social media platforms then it will be a big boost to your business.It will add value to your Brand Recognition.Not only that it even get you funding that you have been looking for over the years.

  • Identifying the right industry influencers is the first part of the job.Make a list of influencers that really matter to your business and start following them.This will take some time but will help in creating an invaluable network.
  • Sharing quality content posted by your influencers  is the next part of the job.Don’t just go on sharing and liking everything posted by them.Be a little selective while doing this thing as the main objective is to get the attention of your influencers.
  • Start interacting with them by asking them questions,replying to their questions,sharing content with them and using the same hashtags started by them.




Visual Content will be the First Choice

Imagine you being the customer what would you like the most-Plain text updates or Visual updates in the form of Images and Videos?If your answer is text updates then its time to revamp your Social Media Marketing strategy as visual content is going to dominate this year. Visual content tends to attract eyeballs and hence enhances customer engagement to a great extent.Data insights from Simply Measured reveal that the introduction of Facebook timeline for brands, promoting visual content – photos and videos saw a 65% increase in engagement.Other visual content sharing platforms like Instagram, Tumblr and Snapchat have also seen a remarkable growth in their followers.

With Facebook allowing to post GIFs on your timeline, from this year, new avenues have opened up for marketers. Animated GIFs are used in news articles, marketing campaigns and art galleries nowadays.Videos have also witnessed a sharp rise on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. So, it has become a but obvious choice for brands to convey their message to their audience in simpler and creative way.

Image Credits– Indian Express,Twitter

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