Adidas Leveraged Twitter And Got 30K New Followers

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adidas logoAdidas, a huge name as an apparel manufacturer has won millions of customers across the globe and giving a bottle-neck competition to its rivals namely- Reebok, Puma, Nike etc.  in terms of consumer acquisition and marketing.

The phenomenal and outstanding marketing strategy of Adidas on social media has fetched it a dynamic 635K new engagements, 30K new followers and 19.7 M impressions via Twitter in a very short span of time. Here, the sole focus has been put on Adidas’s brand new product – “Adidas Crazy Quick Shoes” that has been launched with an unique idea to promote the brand on the social media and reach out to the masses. The product is a game shoe worn during a basketball game precisely. It has been built with high technology to make atheletes move quicker, the shoe also has a special outer sole which would help atheletes cut in different directions with ease. The idea was to adhere to how a technology and a shoe gives an unfair advantage. Adidas chose to work with Twitter on the social media platform because it gave a clear cut scope to have a conversation about the technology used in Quick. It also allowed the makers to extend the conversation with the consumers of what they are seeing on the television about Quick in the real time on their own twitter feeds. The advertisement on the television allowed the makers to deliver extended content to the high school athletes that  showed each players’s move. The makers wanted the athletes to tell them what they would call their respective moves. As a result, Adidas then gave recognition and retweeted all those high school atheletes who were participating in the campaign on Twitter. To name a few are – John Wall, Damian Lillard, Jrue Holiday etc. retweeted those fans on twitter as well. In these days, kids who are sports fans or whatsoever dont go out and ask for autographs from their idols cause firstly, it’s all the more difficult to reach the stars out and secondly, social media – twitter to be precise has given a fantastic opportunity to retweet posts and spread an effective Word of mouth.

When kids are watching Television, they have phone in their hand for instance or a computer by their side, as soon as they would watch the commercial on television they would soon tweet and re-tweet the same about the product. The makers as a result, were very pleased with the results of the Adidas Crazy Quick Campaign. It gave much them higher qualities and actions in their Twitter feeds than it had given them anytime in the past. These are the things that made their partnership with twitter very valuable because the makers could capitalize major culture moments, major sports moments and serve their content as relevant to their lives and the experiences they have gone through.

As told by Lia Vakoutis, Head of Digital Strategy at Adidas America :” TV ad targeting allowed adidas to deliver extended, relevant content to the right audience right after they saw our TV spots. The #QuickAintFair campaign on Twitter was so successful because it drove major awareness while creating deeper engagement on the second screen than we had ever seen. Plus, we were able to own a conversation around key moments during the NBA Playoffs season”.

To extend the campaign across Twitter, a Twitter activation continued the story of the “Quicks” making a conversation and the online engagements. Leveraging Twitter’s Television commercial,@AdidasHoops promoted tweets that had reached thousands of teens in their respective feeds.The tweets featured twelve-second videos that were taken from the TVC that showed each player’s stylish moves in details. To make the participation active,unique and pertinent, basketball fans were challenged to name the moves of the athletes using the hashtag #QuickAintFair. For each move, submissions by the fans were collected a week before three top names were announced in tweets by @adidasHoops. Fans were then asked to retweet to cast their vote for the best one according to them. Then, @adidasHoops and the athletes in the advertisement, got into the conversation to help and extend reach and make a  one-to-one interaction which would give a better opportunity. In the end, the brand and athletes honoured the fans who came out with the best names which were shared on Twitter.
The #QuickAintFair campaign exceeded the engagements and brand lift expectations finally like never before and the average promoted tweet engagement rate for the campaign was 3.42% – a 59% lift(shot up) compared to any past engagements for @adidasHoops for the very first time. The campaign also surpassed category benchmarks by 29%. They precipitated over 635K engagements, 30K new followers and 19.7M impressions. @adidasHoops also lifted key brand metrics. Below is the list of the benchmarks created by @adidasHoops :

• 635K engagements on Twitter
• 59% lift in the Promoted Tweet engagement rate
• 17% lift in top of mind cognizance
• 19.7M impressions
• 30K new followers @adidasHoops

Image Credits: toxel, google

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