Adidas Online Users Reached 5.8 Mn By Successfully Leveraging Social Media Marketing

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2000px-Adidas_Logo.svgMarket has different brands nowadays. People have variety of brands to choose from. People Select one than the other because of many reasons like Quality, Availability, Pricing, comfort ability, Affordability and many more other factors. If we talk about Shoes then there are many brands like Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok and many more. Today every brand is there on social Media and using the best strategy for getting maximum benefits.

Adidas Introduction

Adidas is the well-known brand all over the world. The Adidas brand was launched in 1949. It is a German Company. The specialized products of Adidas are Shoes and Merchandise. It is the first largest brand in Europe

Strategy Used By Adidas

Adidas is a brand that tries to satisfy all its Customers. Adidas uses multi brand philosophy. The brand tries to satisfy an athlete who is looking for a comfortable pair of shoes for his matches. Not only has this Adidas given its best to satisfy a person who is looking for a latest fashion trendy shoes. Thus for Adidas every Customer is important and should be satisfied.

Employees At Adidas

Like the products that Adidas offers are the best. Employees that work in Adidas are also the best. The Employees in Adidas are committed, dedicated and hard working. Employees work what they do and thus are always excited for their tasks given to them

Principles – Adidas

  1. First principle of Adidas is to be best brand and better than Competition. Employees and entire other people in Company follows this principle.
  2. Customer Focused is second principle that Adidas focuses. The way this principle is implemented is that continuously improving the look, quality, Variety of The Products and Services that they offer. Also Adidas focuses on Satisfying Customers beyond their expectations.
  3. Profitability is also a thing that Adidas focuses upon. The Company tries to gives the best Financial results every quarter.

Social Media Used By Adidas

Social media is no more a word today. Every brand has presence on Social media in order to cater its audience. Talking about different channels on Social media they are as follows- YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.

1.Talking about Adidas on YouTube Adidas shows different videos catering to different types of cultures.

2.Facebook is very well used by Adidas. Adidas post all its latest products on Facebook. Also another advantage that Adidas has is that it has different pages for different products in different languages and cultures.

3.Twitter is also used by Adidas in great way. Adidas uses twitter for all types of Matches. Twitter page gives the update of all the matches.

Social Media Campaign Used By Adidas

FIFA World cup is one for which entire world waits. Adidas got a chance to join hands with FIFA World Cup.
Adidas hired a team Rio for the FIFA World cup to create content that could be shown on you tube channel. There were videos of football players like David Beckham and many more.
Adidas believed that this could be the best opportunity for becoming the most talked brand in the world

Social Media Campaign of Adidas ( Most Talked Brand)

After Adidas was given the opportunity to be the official sponsor of FIFA world Cup 2014 . They thought of Starting the Campaign of Most Talked Brand. Adidas had various Objectives for this Campaign which are as follows
The main objectives of Most talked brand campaign were as Follows-

1. sales- Adidas wanted to achieve the US$2.2 billion [global sales]

2. Second Objective Company wanted to achieve was to promote the brand and be visible in eyes of every audience. The main purpose beyond this was to be most visible brand in front of its audiences.

3. Third objective Adidas wanted to achieve was the way it promoted the brand. Adidas wanted to be a promoting brand through social media

Results Achieved

1. After the most talked brand campaign the Adidas users all over social media channels increased to 5.8 m

2. Meanwhile the fastest growing football community in social media, saw a 14.5 per cent increase.

3. Company had 917,000 followers on Twitter after this campaign.

Conclusion and Learnings

So thus following are the learning’s

1. If any brand has to increase sales then Social media can be used in best way for different Campaigns. Thus Social Media presence has become the need of the hour for all brands

2. To become a public favorite brand leveraging social media is a must

3. Use all Social Media Channels to focus and Cover all audiences

4 .Associating brands with big events can give huge customer base as in this case Adidas associated with FIFA World cup

5. Lead generation through digital marketing and social media is a need for today

Image Credits: Adidas

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