Adobe Used Social Media Marketing To Woo 50% More Digital Marketers

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Adobe-logoAbout Adobe:

Adobe is a well known name in the field of digital marketing and provides digital media solutions to its valued customers. It is in the role of providing expert services and effective tools for its users to develop, deploy and measure content on digital media.


Business Objectives Of Adobe:

The singe point agenda of Adobe was to emerge as a leader in its work field of digital marketing. For the achievement of this goal, it wanted to raise the level of awareness among the people about its presence in the market as a one-stop solution for any kind of digital marketing problems. It needed a social media platform to communicate about its innovative thoughts and leadership potential to its target audience which majorly includes the decision makers in the field of marketing.

Strategy / Approaches Adopted By Adobe:

Adobe visualized LinkedIn as a platform to air its voice and publish the quality content to be read by the targeted audience i.e. the working professionals. It made use of sponsors and shared its thoughtful content for the marketers. This content was specifically designed to solve the problems of the marketers present on LinkedIn platform.

This social media campaign included the implementation of the following:

  • Calculative measures such as sending regular updates (sponsored) to the decision makers in US.
  • Linking the content such as infographics, tips, videos on Adobe’s marketing cloud and others. Adobe smartly leveraged the potential of various types of content styles to connect with the marketers online.
  • Obtaining data on the feedback given by the people instantly on the LinkedIn content.

Results Obtained By Adobe:

The major credit goes to the updates (sponsored) in helping Adobe achieve its desired goals. It tasted success in its endeavour to make the apple drop in its lap by modifying the marketer’s perception about it as a player in the digital marketing field. After this campaign, the marketers were 50% more likely to nod for ‘ayes’ about the Adobe’s future role in digital marketing, 79% marketers felt that they can maximize their ROI with Adobe and there was 2.5 times increase in the number of marketers who agreed that the updates (sponsored) grabbed their attention.


Social media is a platform that has proven its relevance for all types of businesses as and when a business has used it smartly. Yes, it is true that it is nothing in itself but works wonders for a business if there is an intelligent brain at work in the planning and careful execution of the same to bring in the desired results.

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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Good content. But, the objective is written in a subjective manner, which may not be effective in short case studies. Few bold points with concrete and directive language would be effective.


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