ADP Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Increase Its Company Page Followers By 100%

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About ADP

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP), was established in 1949 and headquartered at Roseland, New Jersey. It is a B2B business consulting firm, started its venture as a pay roll solutions provider to several organizations around the world. With the pace of time, it has evolved into a thought leader and a world renowned expert in the field of Human Capital Management Services. With the help of its digital team the firm excelled in capitalizing its domain knowledge and expertise in human resources, employee benefits, talent management, business processing, outsourcing, time management and pay roll solutions. It has branches in more than 125 counties, including India and serves more than 620,000 organizations worldwide. ADP has earned its credibility and brand image by serving more than 80 percent of FORTUNE 500® companies and over 90 FORTUNE 100 companies. Currently there are 60000 employees working with ADP at its offices and branches worldwide.

ADP’s Business Objectives

The company was very much aware about the power of social media and so had the following objectives as its main business agenda.

  • To raise the profile of the ADP brand.
  • To transform the agency from merely a payroll solutions provider to a leading global consultant for providing services in the domain of Human Capital Management.
  • To ensure consistency in audience engagement and to increase the number of followers organically and through viral reach.

Approach/Strategy Adopted By ADP

In the very beginning the firm could very well realize that LinkedIn would be the right platform to address its audience and fulfill the business objectives. It had a LinkedIn Company Page and individual pages for various ADP business units and regions. But, the firm experienced a great setback in connecting those pages and to fulfill its objectives. To overcome the situation the firm had taken the following two strategic steps.

STEP-I: Tried to have control over all the pages and used visual contents (images) to showcase ADP’s core skills, products and services.
STEP-II: The firm engaged its team (ADP Research Institute) in research identify and gather interesting contents from the company sources. The team collected case studies, videos, research and news items and started posting on the company page.


Results Achieved by ADP

Within one year of the above initiatives taken, the consulting firm has achieved the following results.

  • The number of followers on LinkedIn was dramatically increased from 40,000 to 85000, i.e. more than 100%.
  • In the beginning the 70% of the followers were its own employees, but after one year of its intervention, the firm recorded that more than 70% of its new followers were non-employees.
  • The company registered that 58% of ‘likes’ were from non-followers.
  • The company page impressions increased from 300 /month to 1.3 million/month.
  • In addition to the above benefits, the firm noticed that all the posted contents were more frequently shared by the followers and there were phenomenal improvements in audience engagement and conversations.


The following were the major learning for the firm.

  • In the B2B domain, LinkedIn is one of the best social media space for marketing and brand promotion.
  • ADP realized that without a strong and complete profile, it was difficult to leverage the social media.
  • Without consistent research effort and data, it was difficult to succeed in Social Media Marketing.
  • The firm understood that use of social tools is beneficial to promote content sharing.
  • Customization of company page ultimately facilitates brand promotion.
  • Posting of interesting visual contents and other materials increase audience engagement and organic reach.
  • Social Media Marketing is not an individual’s responsibility but a team’s project.

Sources: Google images and Official website of ADP (

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