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Advantages Of Linking Google Analytics With Google Adwords Accounts

Advantages Of Linking Google Analytics With Google Adwords Accounts

sales-google-adwords                                                                                                                     Advertisement in today’s generation has taken complete paradigm shift.With the advent of the latest technologies and mobile gadgets created a revolution in the business markets. Food,shelter and clothing where the basic needs of the people but in today’s scenario mobile gadget has surpassed this essential needs. According  to the statistics brains its says that there are 2,095,100,000,000 searches on google annually and 5,740,000,000 being the average search per day in 2014. It clearly depicts that google has potential to bring the customers and business sellers at one point. That led to the invention of Google Ad words which helped the business  sellers to reach out their target audience and in the same lines it helped the customers to choose the better vendor for their the requirement.Instead being loyal to the sellers who don’t bother for their customers.

Ad words has created revolution in business markets and that tailored requirements of the customers. Customers where able to find the sellers who best fit to their requirements and delight them with their superior customer service. It allows you to bid the advertisement based on your budget. It helped them to decrease their advertisement expenditure replace the traditional marketing activities like TV advertisements and newspaper advertisements which would cost them a business vendors/sellers started using ad words. But ad words alone didn’t suffice the purpose.

Though there was good traffic on their website but sales number were not that convincing  as they were expecting. Google Analytic  Comes into picture which helps to you to find out what are the other keywords which your target customers search to find your website.It optimizes your search helps to reach your target audience. Its free tool and by linking your ad-words and google analytic s helps you to get the clear picture of customer behavior.

On other hands it will help you to fine tune your website that would bring more prospects to your website.Its not about the quantity it’s about the quality that matters same goes with the online business, google analytic helps you to do the visitor segmentation that would help you to know how many visitors are actually visiting your site or in other words how the search engine optimization campaign bringing visitors to your site.

You will come to know what are the geographical sources where your customers doing this search. Using this analytic you would able to know which pages and links your customers are mostly visiting. If you haven’t linked your ad words account and Google analytic then you are missing the valuable insights. Conversion rates,bounces rates etc would be known from Google analytic.

When you link the both you would get to know the complete process cycle which takes places right from the ad word clicking to conversion. Decision making process is the most important thing any business whether it may be online or offline. And at the same times its very complicated,crucial thing to deal with. By linking analytic and ad-word would make you to take more informed business decisions.For instance,in ad-word reports in google analytics you can view the onsite engagement metrics like Average page visit,pages per visit for each of your campaigns.these type of metrics helps you understand if your ad-word account is driving the right kind of traffic to your site.It would help you to improve your site.Furthermore , you can also know ad-word cost data and performance metrics like average cost per clicks,clicks and click through rate.It would help you to manage your ad-word accounts like ad-word expenditure etc.

You can import your analytical goals and E commerce transactions into ad-word conversion tracking allowing you to do more refined and improved campaigns without ever leaving your ad-word accounts.if you are using ad-word conversion optimizer to manage your bids,it will automatically start using analytic goals and E commerce transactions once you imported ad-word account. This additional performance data better enables conversion optimizer to show your more likely conversions.

You can also import analytics metrics into your Google ad-word account you can see the bounce rate ,percent new visits on your adword campaigns ad group tabs.By linking accounts also give rich data in the analytics multi channel funnel reports, you can differentiate the campaigns whether they are initiating the campaign or assisting the conversions in addition  driving them completely. If you are using Google network re-marketing,linking your ad-words and analytics accounts allow you to extend your re-marketing capabilities and builds unique lists based on analytic dimensions and metrics.

You can reach people who already visited your website and deliver ad content specifically tailored to the interests they expressed during those previous visits. Its great tool for customer retention and would help you get back your customers on to your site.I don’t see any reason not linking your ad-word account and analytics and make the best use of it.

Image Credits: Google

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