Adventure Island Leveraged Social Media Marketing To Achieve 5x Rise In Page Likes Without Paid Ad Campaign

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imagesAbout Adventure Island

The two words term ‘Adventure Island’ takes us to different landing pages, when we search it in Google. The terms are easily identified with a 1947 Paramount film, an Australian children’s TV series, a very popular 1986 video game, an amusement park in UK and a water park in US. However, the current case study is all about the ‘Adventure Island’, an amusement park located in Rohini, Delhi. It was launched in 2006. Among the people, especially the children and fun loving community, it is popularly known as ‘the new land of adventure’ in India.   

Business Objectives of Adventure Island

The main objective was to evolve into a sustainable model of revenue generation through offering experiential entertainment to people across different age groups, with special reference to children and fun loving community. To fulfill the above main objective, the company further formulated the following milestones.

  • To target the right audience and simultaneous brand building to popularize the name ‘Adenture Island’
  • To develop and deliver creative visuals to ensure effective audience experience on each visit.
  • To offer a complete adventure experience to its visitors for an affordable price.
  • To effectively channelize information about events and offers to its customers and audience.
  • To create a magnetic effect so that visitors come there again and gain.
  • To leverage social media page and networking for productive engagement of its audience and effective interaction with them.  

Approach / Strategy Adopted By Adventure Island

The company launched its Facebook page. But, initially it had only few thousand page likes. Gradually, through its concerted efforts it has made it a very popular page. It was a natural growth without injecting any paid ads campaign. Very recently, the company institutionalized some attractive events of felicitation and conferring awards to the winners and other best performers in different competitive events, such as ‘the Best Social Media Activity’, ‘Best Human Resource Management’, ‘Radio Advertisements’, ‘Advertisement on Print Media’ etc. Such activities helped the page to reach a greater audience.      

Results Achieved By Adventure Island

The following were the prominent outcomes.

  • The page likes increased from merely 7000 to more than 37000 (as on 17-6-2014, at 4.45pm).
  • More than equal number of people has already visited the page.
  • The page had been rated with 4 Stars.
  • It has been recognized as the India’s first world class amusement park.
  • More than 1400 people had been talking about the page.


The new age marketing on social media space has led the company to learn the following.

  • Social media marketing is one of the best cost-effective marketing methods in the emerging digital society.
  • Social media marketing helps in achieving sustainable business outcomes through consistency in audience support and loyalty.
  • An adequate knowledge and skill in social media marketing is enough to go ahead with social media without any immediate professional help from consulting agencies.
  • A business like ‘amusement park’ needs to increase its fans’ base first then converting them into regular customers and for achieving it, social media is the best platform.


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