Learn ‘Ordering its way to Growth: Affiliate for Ecommerce/Food tech’ at India Affiliate Summit 2016 #IAS16

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In order to bring affiliate network or performance industry under one roof, India Affiliate Summit 2016 was organized by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) along with vCommission.

With an aim to revolutionize the Indian Affiliate Marketplace, India Affiliate Summit is happening for the second time. The theme of #IAS16 majorly revolves around exploring the opportunities, challenges, and predictions in the Affiliate industry.

You will witness panel discussions, lead talks, affiliate street, etc in the second year of India Affiliate Summit.

One of the topics in panel discussion were the role of affiliate in e-commerce and food tech industry.

Ordering its way to Growth: Affiliate for Ecommerce/Food tech

Topics like How to drive ROMI for Food tech/e-commerce companies via affiliates, behavior tech and lead generation working together, and blurring the digital divide by integrating affiliate marketing across online & offline were discussed.

The panelists for the panel discussion on ‘Ordering its way to Growth: Affiliate for Ecommerce/Food tech’ are:

  • Meera Iyer, Head Marketing, Bigbasket
  • Pramod Rao, Senior VP Marketing and Growth, Zomato
  • Sourav Shah, Head – Digital Marketing and CRM, Jubilant FoodWorks
  • Shekhar Sharma, National Director, GroupM Interaction

The panel discussion was moderated by Pankaj Gupta, Senior Practice Head – Consumer & Retail, Tata Strategic Management Group. He created the context of importance and role of Affiliate marketing in E-commerce as well as food tech.

Sourav Shah, Head – Digital Marketing and CRM, Jubilant FoodWorks

  • Affiliates play a different role in GSF. For instance, people know the product, affiliate needs to bring those people back to the merchant. Further, he talked about CPA.
  • Work on different models.
  • In food industry, we do see a lot of customers. There are banners and run campaigns on desktops which lead to transactions.
  • There should be Individual landing page to help in tracking and this will help in transparency.
  • Define the number of days for holding the leads. It drives in a lot of quality leads.
  • Re-targeting cookies on our sites.
  • First-cum basis. Affiliates who claim the visitor first are rewarded first.

Pramod Rao, Senior VP Marketing and Growth, Zomato

  • Zomato is working for affiliates and is affiliate to different networks.
  • He says, for us, Affiliate marketing is a little different. We see it as an upstream and downstream one.
  • If the user is benefitting from us that decides what affiliates we are going to.

Meera Iyer, Head Marketing, Bigbasket

  • Just started with affiliates. There are challenges here like transparency and tracking. How can we make it effective?
  • What are the ways to communicate with the customers? We did a pilot study. Tried affiliate marketing and it resulted in 10X growth. The good thing with affiliates in this is the transaction based distributions done. A lot of people came to know about Bigbasket. It works extremely well when it comes to promotion.
  • However, when it comes to time-based for instance, a new product launch and a limited time period offer, it doesn’t work really well.
  • Whenever there are great promotions only that time it works well

Meera explained apart from Facebook there is no network who tells the customer has seen the same ad on two of the networks.

Largely industry runs on the last click and we follow that. It has to evolve and evolve in terms of measurement. In some cases, the affiliate will be excessively rewarded and at times they will be under-rewarded.

Lack of data is a challenge in affiliate marketing beyond multiple devices.

Moderator further triggered the panel discussion was Multi-device: online to offline. For instance, I see something on a store and later go to my mobile and complete the transaction. In this scenario, how to do you track and monetize affiliates?


  • If you typically look at the entire spectrum of digital marketing, affiliates are something which getting into the picture. If you look at evolved markets like US and UK, there are 60-70% marketers facing the issue of tracking.
  • One of the ways in which we have tracked is device Ids. One of the experimentations, we did was with apparel industry for their End of season sale. The average order value went from 600 to 1100. This is a model marketers are looking forward to.

Shekhar on the role of affiliate on getting sales: If you look at the entire media mix, there are a lot of adoption is going on. There is a great disbalance is going. People know there 70-80% leads is coming from mobile however, sales from mobile is 30%.

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You are not remunerating a particular channel for the reach the mobile is able to make. Engagement as a metric can help solve the problem. When you do media mix, you can attribute the money to affiliate. Create a better metric like time spent. Give more budget to affiliate so that you can do justice to their job.

Promod says it is difficult to invest upfront in the affiliate networks as they are not well-built.

Sharad says transparency is the major thing that lacks here.

  • Deliver a quality message to my consumer, the brands are good-to-go to pay for this.
  • The technology needs to develop for targeting so that affiliates comes and tell the brands what are working for right now.

On this Meera said there are tools on FB and Google that help you know which tell you what kind of demographic or what kind of user is working for us. There is publisher level data as well which helps to maximize the efficiency.

Since Saurabh and Promod are from food-tech industry, they share some key takeaways:

  • Affiliates have to play a great role. If you are able to create a craving from visuals then there are. Bring in innovation and invest in the technologies.
  • There are peak times and we see a lot of spike. The reason we are happy trying Google and Facebook, because of the geo-targeting information.

The panel discussion ended with these key takeaways.

What’s your take on affiliate marketing for food and e-commerce industry?

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