Afinia Leveraged Inbound Marketing To Boost Its Sales Online by 270%

by | May 15, 2014 | Case Studies, Inbound Marketing

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About Afinia

Afinia is a new company that developed it’s desktop 3d printer to become a major player in the established industry through social media approach and the content of the website featuring it’s customers and to the educational community.

Afinia Business Objectives

The main aim was to get recognized in the market through social media channels.

Approach/Strategy Adopted by Afinia

  1. As competitors had done their legwork, so promoting their concept of desktop 3D printing was easier to be known in the market.
  2. They built their brand through social media, e-commerce, trade shows, product reviews, and original content.
  3. They introduced their product under the company Afinia as a subsidiary of Microboards.
  4. Afinia generated rich content in the website, featuring new pieces of work at least twice a week.
  5. A YouTube video on the site named “Time Lapse Thursday” was posted  showing the desktop 3d printer in action. These videos showed everything from cute octopus to a gold atom being bought to life via printer.
  6. The website also featured content about testimonials, reviews, blog posts, demonstration videos, and stop motion videos.
  7. The team investigated popular hash tag on Twitter and influential social media personalities in the 3d printing community.
  8. The team also followed influential users on Twitter to garner some potential touch points in the industry.
  9. Afinia team sent their new followers or Facebook fans a question about something relative to their items on Twitter profile or Facebook page.
  10. Company ran a contest for teachers with its printer as a grand prize to promote their product. It helped the social media followers and extended awareness.
  11. The company features many afiniacs – users of the afinia printers, by showing exciting things they are doing with printers.

Results Achieved By Afinia

  • With combining the marketing through social media, establishing relationship with customers and creating original content for the website helped the company to get results about their new product – 3d printers.
  • Every year the e-commerce sale went up by 271%
  • 3% growth rate on Facebook likes
  • 12% growth rate on Twitter followers
  • They came to the top by creating awareness through various social media channels.
  • They were also awarded with the best overall experience in MAKE magazines “ultimate 3d printers Guide”.


  • As Microboards technology had collaborated with a designer craft and a desktop 3d printer so they had an advantage to build their brand as a subsidiary, Afinia.
  • They had a wise way of establishing their brand by informational approach by social media, e-commerce, trade shows, product reviews, original content which helped the company to grow and be known in the market.
  • They named their model of the printer as Afinia H series as they were next in the product line. So they couldn’t create a new brand as it would have taken a lot of time to establish.
  • They also promoted the content that included testimonials, reviews, blog posts, demonstration videos, stop motion videos that helped the brand to engage with customers.
  • They engaged themselves with media, education engineers or competitors as they would give them an edge to be known in the market.
  • The main target was teachers as they belonged to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) community.
  • They conducted contest for teachers so that they are aware about the product.
  • They made their product known to Make Magazines as it could reach out to a large number of people.
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