7 After Graduation Courses for a Fulfilling & Successful Career

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The world has become highly competitive in terms of education, profession and business. Thus, just completing graduation seems insufficient.

This is the reason why a majority of graduates are looking forward to after graduation courses.

Gone were the days, when completing graduation was sufficient enough to get you a job.

However, as the years have passed by, graduation is more like basic education that every person should complete.

The educational standards have risen and so has the need for professional education. This is the reason, students are more keen to take up after graduation courses.

After completing graduation, students generally have three choices related to after graduation courses.

One to pursue some short-term course, the other to go for higher studies and the third to prepare for entrance exams.

Since, graduation is not enough to get through the cut-throat competition, gaining specializations in a particular niche is essentially important.

Through this post, we will be highlighting the top 7 after graduation courses to help choose the correct career path.

Top 7 After Graduation Courses

1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

It has been noted that Digital Marketing skills are in serious demand with the Digital Transformation.

The job marketing is booming and the businesses are putting more focus on it than ever before.

While Digital Marketing is has proved its worth in terms of being a promising career platform, freshers are realizing the true potential of this sector & are moving towards it.

This makes Digital Marketing one of the best professional courses after graduation.

As Digital Marketing is one of the fastest growing domains, there is a lot of scope in the Digital Marketing landscape for those who have a keen interest in internet and marketing.

The reason for the growth of Digital Marketing is the increased use of the internet, the rise of social media & boom in the smartphone industry.

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Most of the academic institutions do not cater to building the digital skills of the students & this has resulted in the ever-increasing gap between demand and supply of skilled digital marketers.

According to a study by CII & KPMG, over 20 Lakh Digital Marketing jobs are expected to be created by 2020.

Also, there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of digital marketing professionals where the demand exceeds supply.

This gives graduates a competitive advantage to take up the digital marketing course after graduation.

Digital Marketing is a wider concept that includes Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing & Web Analytics.

Digital Marketing offers job profiles like Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Manager or Team Leader, Digital Marketing Strategist/Analyst &  Head of Digital Marketing.

Moreover, you can also specialize in various dimensions of Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc to develop 100% expertise in that niche.

Digital Marketing will enhance the credibility of your resume and make your perfect fit for Digital Marketing Jobs.

This makes Digital Marketing one of the most preferred after graduation courses.

2. Data Science

Data Science

Data Science

This is no brainstormer that Data Science is one of the hottest topics in technology. The job of a Data Scientist has become the latest trend owing to the increased data-driven decision making.

Businesses are looking forward to hiring employees who have the ability to analyze data.

Data Scientists skills include accumulation of data and use their knowledge for recognizing new business opportunities.

So, if you are looking forward to taking up after graduation courses, data science is one of the job oriented courses after graduation.

Data Science is creating hype all around the world and as a result of this, the demand for data science professionals has rapidly increased.

Also, Data Science professionals have great salary packages as compared to other job profiles.

The reason why data scientists are so important is that they add value to the business.

While data is the most valuable asset of any business, data scientists are considered valuable because of their skills and expertise to get the most out of data.

Data Science is rapidly evolving and is generating more jobs. Thus, businesses are looking for more data scientists.

You can use this opportunity to grab the best jobs in the industry. All you need to do is to take up a Data Science Course after graduation.

Data Science has 3 major components which are:

(i) Machine Learning – This involves algorithms and mathematical models which are specially designed to adapt to regular advancements in the Data Science domain.

(ii) Big Data – The unstructured data created by people in the form of clicks, videos, posts generally comes under the Bid Data vertical. With the help of Big Data Tools, you can learn how to convert this unstructured data into structured data.

(iii) Business Intelligence – Businesses produce a lot of data these days. Thus, the data is then carefully analyzed and presented through some graphic organizer for decision making.

3. MBA



There was a time when just a graduation degree was enough for you to get an outstanding job. As said earlier that graduation is not sufficient to fulfil the needs of the competitive business landscape which is continuously evolving.

Moreover, businesses are looking forward to hiring candidates who not only have a thorough knowledge of the market dynamics but also have some practical experience.

Thus, if you want to stay in the competition and want a profitable career, going for an MBA is a good choice if you are looking for after graduation courses.

The reason why you should take up an MBA as an after graduation course is that it offers better career opportunities & higher salaries.

When you start with an MBA right after college, you enter the job market with a slight advantage.

MBA provides the much-needed specialization that helps you to get better job opportunities as compared to graduates.

With MBA you can develop priceless management skills, get easy access to a large business network, extensive growth opportunities and of course higher salaries.

Your MBA degree will increase the value of your resume and you can pursue profitable careers with better-paid jobs.

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Here are the 6 main MBA specializations that you can choose from:

(i) MBA in Finance

(ii) MBA in Marketing

(iii) MBA in Human Resource

(iv) MBA in International Business

(v) MBA in Operations Management

(vi) MBA in Information Technology




PGDM (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) is one of the most opted professional courses after graduation.

Most of the students look forward to taking this as an after graduation course as it is the most sought professional courses after graduation. PGDM offers an industry integrated theoretical as well as practical curriculum.

By taking up PGDM courses as an after graduation course, you will get to enhance your interpersonal as well as communication skills and develop decision making and analytical thinking skills.

PGDM program makes the students corporate ready to face the challenges of the real business scenario.

As mentioned before, PGDM is not only about classroom learning, rather it takes both the sides of the coin (theory & practical) into consideration.

5. Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

The Smartphone industry has witnessed a rapid increase and a majority of the population uses a smartphone whether it is an iOS or Android.

If you are a graduate student with IT Background, Mobile App Development is one of the best job oriented courses after graduation that you can take.

With a sharp increase in the usage of mobile phones, the need for mobile app developers has also increased simultaneously.

Businesses are making it a point to be easily available on smartphones with the help of mobile apps.

Also, with the changing updates and highly intense competition, the apps need to get updates on a regular basis. This has contributed to an increased demand for mobile app developers.

Businesses are also making it a point to pay very competitive salaries to potential candidates.

The benefits of taking a mobile app development course are that it is a new and fresh area that offers promising growth opportunities with high salaries.

In the Mobile App Development course, you will learn to develop, test and improve the mobile apps.

You will also learn to design and develop the app’s interface. Mobile App Development is indeed an interesting course after graduation.

6. Graphic Designing

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

A lot of graduates have a creative flair in them. So, if you are the one who is a more of a creative and designing mindset, you should surely take up Graphics Designing as an after graduation course.

Owing to the rise in digital usage and shift to online platforms, Graphic Designers are always high in demand. Businesses look forward to people who are brilliant with their designing skills.

Being proficient in graphic designing leads to a variety of career choices. You can join a design consultancy or set up your own studio.

There are a lot of roles that you can choose from like being an illustrator, web designer and photographer. Graphic designing is quite flexible and offers quite a good remuneration.

7. Certification in Finance & Accounts

Certification in Finance & Accounts

Certification in Finance & Accounts

If you have good analytical and problem-solving skills, then pursuing certifications in finance and accounts is a good choice.

Finance and Accounts is the industry in itself. Currently, financial certifications have gained immense importance. It has a wider reach and there are various dimensions of it.

Taking up a Finance and Accounts course after graduation will provide you with knowledge about different financial processes.

Having financial certifications comes with a list of advantages. It improves your value as a professional and increases your visibility in front of the recruiters. Thus, it is one of the preferred job oriented courses after graduation. 

Top 11 Courses for a Top-Notch Career

Top 11 Courses for a Top-Notch Career

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, after going through this post, you must have got a clear and better idea on what after graduation course to choose from. Based on your interests and preference, you can take up any above-mentioned course to elevate your career and increase your resume value.

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