Aggreko Used SEM Campaign To Generate 73% More Lead Conversions

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 AggrekoAbout Aggreko:-

Aggreko is one of the most leading companies in providing Power Generation, Temperature  control & rental Oil-free Air equipment and services either quickly or for a span of time.  They are into the business to improve productivity and reduce risk of any company. The  biggest game, races and events rely on them. Their equipment are very flexible thats why  they are able to operate their services in all over the world. They are the firm who worked for FOX Broadcasting Company, heading many Olympic games etc. Recently, they got 1 big project to provide power to The 2014 Ryder Cup.

Aggreko’s Business Objectives:-

The main focus was to increase the Lead Conversation and ROI through SEM campaign.

Approach/ Strategy Adopted By Aggreko:-

They joined hand with QuickClick to improve the efficiency of their existing SEM (PPC). The following strategy was used by Quickclick:-

1. Choosing the keywords for their Ad – The first thing was that to change the strategy of using the keywords in ads. The team decided to use negative, broad matching keywords and long tailed key phrases. They only targeted those whom they can convert as a customer.

2. Geographical restriction – According to Quickclick, the existing campaign had no Geographical Restriction. It helped them to analyse when and where it would be most relevent to advertise. So they introduced day parting and location based stretegy through which the ad will be shown only when the traffic is highest.

Results Achieved By Aggreko:-

  1. Quality of visitor improved. Increased conversion rate(upto 74%)
  2. CPC reduced by 23% which helps to get 10000 additional visit.
  3. ROI increased.
  4. Customer enquirers increased by 133%(from 228 to 532 per month).
  5. Cost per Acquisition decreased by 60%.


By selecting right keywords and the correct time for showing the ads can increase the ROI and also get better CTR which inturn gives Lead Conversions.


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