AirAsia Boosted Its Booking Through Social Media

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air-asia_logoAbout Air Asia 

AirAsia is a Malaysian low cost airline situated in Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia. It is the largest airline in Malaysia and largest low-cost airline in South-east Asia. AirAsia was established in 1993 by government owned conglomerate DRB-Hicom. After some years it was heavily-indebted on 2 December 2001 it was bought by Times Warner executive Tony Fernandes company Tune air. Fernandes turned the company around, producing a profit in 2002. Fernandes announced a five-year plan in 2006 to further intensify its presence in Asia. AirAsia proposed further expanding into Vietnam, Indonesia, Southern China and India.

AirAsia India

Air Asia’s management said that they were eager to have more presence in India with the Government allowing FDI upto 49% airline CEO said that it was now easier for him to set up an airline in India.Tony Fernandes called the joint venture with TataSons as the reputation of Tata is well and good a tie-up with the company would help AirAsia operate efficiently.On 19 February 2013 AirAsia announced its Indian low-cost affiliate airline.AirAsia is the first foreign airline to set up an affiliate airline in India.

Objective of the campaign

AirAsia, in the wake of achieving a turning point of 2.5 million visitors in India. The brand decided to celebrate it on the digital media through a campaign.The main aim of the campaign was to create a buzz around the special day and to increase its booking through its official AirAsia website

Strategy Adopted 

The brand looked at creating buzz through influential twitterati who would be broadcasting the discount offer and spreading the word through their Twitter handle.The tweets and posts influenced consumers to book and become the special guest as they call AirAsia Aviator. 

On the designated day the brand held onto the interest factor and disclosed the AirAsia Aviator through the course of the day.For consecutive four days the campaign was promoted before the final reveal and their 2.5 millionth guest was given the title of ‘AirAsia Aviator’. Also 50% off, on returning flights for 50 hours was offered to their customers.

Results Achieved

On social media a sum of 19,049 responses were accumulated for the crusade posts and an aggregate scope of 1,670,156 was recorded. At first there were just responses to the post which enhanced to better click rate as the day advanced.

The page likes went up by 4280 for the brand till the finish of the battle. The testimonial video got more than 3k responses organically.

The hashtag #AirAsia2point5million of the brand was slanting on the top position and got 18 million impressions. They earned 140 link clicks, 436 preferences, 861 re-tweets, and 231 replies.

The brand figured out how to influence a point of reference minute by making engagement and review, in this manner fortifying the shoppers’ steadfastness towards the carriers.


Make use of special days by –

  • Making a buzz through social media:

Social media is a very large platform for marketing. When the right type of context is presented, it spreads around the social media quickly and effectively. As the amount of people using social media is increasing day-by-day, the effectiveness to market is also increasing.

  • Why to offer discounts: 

a) Draw in Customers

Since individuals favour purchasing things at a bargain, discounts serve as a ploy to draw in more individuals to your store. On the off chance that your discounts is useful for a specific measure of days, specify that when you promote the marked down things. Individuals will probably surge in and glance around in the event that they know they just have a couple days to do as such. Your store will encounter more activity, so you may need to timetable more workers amid the markdown period so administration is smooth.

b) Increment Sales

With expanded movement normally comes expanded deals – and not just the reduced things. Since the discounts draw in more individuals, you have more potential purchasers for different things in your store, as the vast majority will glance around to see what you offer before making a buy. For instance, if you’re apparel store discounts your whole pants choice, individuals will go to your store for the markdown additionally may purchase other dress things or frill, for example, coats, shirts and belts.

c) Free Up Room

Marking down things empowers you to free up room in your store. Things that you don’t anticipate offering any longer may sit in your store for a considerable length of time. By reducing them, you increment the odds they will offer, making space for new items. To get each client’s attention, move marked down items that you don’t anticipate offering again to the front of the store.

d) Reputation

A business that offers discounts to specific gatherings of individuals – for example, the elderly or those enrolled in the military – may enhance its notoriety. At the point when a business offers discounts to individuals who are in troublesome circumstances or who may have money related inconveniences from an absence of pay, that business indicates it is endeavouring to individuals. Numerous individuals see organizations as cash hungry, so any deviation from that discernment can enhance notoriety

e) Meet Goals

Numerous organizations have week after week, month to month, quarterly or yearly deals objectives. On the off chance that a business is in threat of missing those objectives, offering rebates can help the business meet and surpass arranged deals figures.

f) Spare Money

Notwithstanding more deals, discounts may help your business spare cash if the markdown includes installment strategies. Credit and charge cards result in extra expenses to process, implying that you lose cash in contrast with money exchanges. By offering a little markdown to clients who pay with money rather than credit or charge, you help both the client and your business.

Image credits: AirAsia

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