Albatross Fine Ltd. Used SEO Tricks To Consistently Gain 500% ROI

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wtbAbout Albatross Fine Ltd.

Albatross Fine Ltd. is owned by a Delhi based entrepreneur Praveen Verma. He is an expert in water treatment technologies and has successfully completed several prestigious projects in water treatment and other environmental technologies in the past 20 years. Albatross Fine Ltd. has provided consultancy to various companies like the Taj Group of Hotels and the Leela Group of Hotels for water and waste water treatment solutions across their properties in several cities. Albatross Fine Ltd. has also worked on several projects for Municipal and Institutional assignments in several countries. Mr. Praveen Verma has also written books, handbooks, manuals and training programme for water treatment which can be bought from the website. The Company offers various consultancy services like –

  • Usage of water treatment technologies as a cost saving measure
  • Recommendation of water treatment technologies for increasing productivity, efficiency, adhering to local pollution laws, minimizing capital cost, water conservation and conditioning
  • They also advise on technical parameters related to water treatment like increasing energy efficiency, chemical treatment, and restoration of heat transfer
Business Objectives Of Albatross Fine Ltd.

The company wanted to sell books written by its owner Mr. Praveen Verma on their website and make the books accessible to professionals in the water and waste water treatment domain. The company wanted to increase the visibility of their website so they can reach, network and interact with water treatment technology professionals around the world and especially in India. The website developed by Albatross Fine Ltd. was not very search engine friendly and distinctly lacked good SEO practices. Their website named, was subscribed to hosting sites which did not provide any access to server log files. The company wanted to change their hosting site immediately as it was affecting their SEO and make tracking and planning their SEO strategy very challenging.

The Albatross Fine Ltd. was involved in many specialized and niche products like their books and training programme manuals, however, their website did not have adequate content about their products, services and previews of their books. Even though the Internet is an encyclopedia on various topics there is limited information about water treatment and especially for boilers which is the niche domain of Albatross Fine Ltd. So, the main objective of the company was to popularize the books, manuals, handbooks and training programme manuals written by the owner Mr. Praveen Verma and find out and target the relevant audience.

Strategy adopted by Albatross Fine Ltd.

Albatross Fine Ltd. hired a digital marketing agency specialized in SEO. The agency helped them to get their search engine optimization on the right track. The first strategy was to change the web hosting company to another more efficient and reliable hosting company which gave access to raw log files for the hosted website. The company also decided to post attractive content from the water treatment books on the website in order to target the right audience. The content included information as follows –

  • Water treatment technology for boilers
  • Water treatment technology trends in cooling systems
  • Water treatment technology for boiler water
  • Different water technologies and specialized chemicals for water and waste water treatment
  • Industrial water treatment technologies

The digital marketing agency hired by the Albatross Fine Ltd also helped them improve other aspects of SEO like keyword research, on page optimization, off page optimization and improving title tags and Meta descriptions.

Results Achieved By Albatross Fine Ltd.

The strategy adopted by the Albatross Fine Ltd. was successfully implemented. With the help of  SEO tricks, they gained a phenomenal 500% increase in the return on investment (ROI). There were 13 keywords in the top 10 rankings of Google. These included niche keywords like – “boiler water chemistry”, “water treatment books”, “cooling water properties” and “water treatment boiler” etc. Whereas in the Bing (MSN) search engine, there were  5 keywords in the top 10 of the search results like -“water treatment books”, “water treatment chemistry” etc. There were also 4 keywords in the top 20 of the search engine rankings. The company also managed to get 10 keywords to rank in the top 10 of Yahoo search engine too. The top ranking keywords on Yahoo were, “water treatment consultants”, “water treatment techniques” and “industrial water treatment” etc. After achieving high ranks for keywords, the visibility of their website increased consistently for target audiences. Organic search engine traffic and also the conversion rate increased. Their main objective of selling books related to water treatment was accomplished, thereby increasing their ROI by 500% and helped them achieve this impressive ROI consistently.


A company with specialized services in the technical domain needs to think differently in terms of how to target their audience which are predominantly in the technological domain. Therefore, a content strategy used by Albatross Fine Ltd., worked well for them. By posting content from the books, manuals and training programs, gave a preview of the content to the audience and helped generate interest in the books, manuals and training programs. The shift to a new hosting website was essential as old host did not provide raw log files.

Server log files are an important element of SEO as these files help the webmaster to determine how the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. are processing the website. Server log files reveal a lot of critical information about the SEO of a website. This critical information helped the Albatross Fine Ltd., company to optimize their website by considering the data from the server log files. The company also conducted a thorough keyword research to find out the most suitable keywords for the niche water treatment technology domain. The high rankings for several important keywords helped the website to rank in the top 10 of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Furthermore, the website was also optimized by using proper titles, Meta descriptions, links and other techniques.

The overall optimization efforts, fresh content and new web host made a big difference in the way the search engines crawled the website and indexed it. This led to greater visibility for the website and increase in organic traffic from the search engines. The increase in conversion gave a boost to sales. Thus, the SEO tricks adopted by the company helped them to consistently gain a 500% ROI.

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