A-Z Guide to Start AliExpress Dropshipping Business in India

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Thinking about starting your own AliExpress Dropshipping business in India? Well, you have come to the right place. This article will give you an entire overview of how the dropshipping AliExpress market looks like.

All your doubts regarding AliExpress dropshipping business scenario, you will find the answers in this guide.

Looking forward to starting an eCommerce business?

AliExpress dropshipping is a good option. It is easier than other methods owing to the following mentioned facts:

(a) This business does not require a substantial capital investment, as compared to the other business setup methods.

(b) Since this business will have an online presence solely, it does not require you to set up a physical store.

(c) Reduced overhead expenses as there is no need to handle inventory or managing warehouses.

(d) It is a scalable business with the flexibility of changing your location.

(e) All the tips and tricks of how to run an AliExpress dropshipping business are available online and are free of charge. Reference materials ranging from articles to videos, among others, can be easily found online.

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As per the reports, in 8 months, Irwin Dominguez grew his dropshipping business from $0 – $1m.

Let us go through some of the key aspects of dropshipping.

What is Dropshipping Business?

What is Dropshipping?

What is Dropshipping?

Built on supply chain management, Dropshipping Business is a method in which the retailer does not have a stock of the products which they are selling.

They instead transfer the incoming order as well as the shipment details to the manufacturers of the products or even other retailers or wholesalers. These people then ship the required products to the customer directly.

The key difference from traditional retail models is that the retailer, or the merchant, does not keep their inventory or stock.

A plus side of dropshipping is that you never have to buy a product before opting to sell it. Thus, you do not have to set up a stock or inventory.

What is AliExpress Dropshipping?


AliExpress Dropshipping is popular among eCommerce marketing entrepreneurs who are into a dropshipping business model. AliExpress Dropshipping gives you the liberty of using the dropshipping AliExpress’s content and putting it up directly on your website.

You can choose whichever products you want to sell. You can even decide on the markups and prices for the same.

AliExpress Dropshipping takes the order from you (business where the order has come in) and ships the product directly to the customer from their warehouse.

This factor makes AliExpress Dropshipping one of the least risky business opportunities for novice entrepreneurs.

How does the AliExpress Dropshipping work?

How does the AliExpress Dropshipping work?

How does the AliExpress Dropshipping work?

The steps to utilize AliExpress Dropshipping are as follows:

(i) The first step is to set up your eCommerce website on a platform, for instance, Shopify.

(ii) Next, you can start selecting and then, importing products from dropshipping AliExpress’s marketplace onto your website using applications, such as Oberlo. These apps help you synchronize your Shopify site and the dropshipping AliExpress market in such a way that if in case there are any changes made by the supplier, you are notified of the same. These apps also help you in sending tracking codes to the customers so that they can track their orders once they are dispatched.

(iii) Once you receive an order from a customer, you can then proceed to order the same from the supplier and have them ship the product to the customer from the AliExpress dropshipping center.

Why should you select the AliExpress dropshipping center?

In modern times, due to advancements in the field of technology, e-commerce websites have gained a tremendous amount of popularity.

These e-commerce websites use a variety of management techniques to gain maximum profit and fulfill the requirements of the clients.

One such management technique is dropshipping.

Dropshipping is the type of management technique in which the retailer does not keep the goods in stock. Instead, he transfers the orders to another retailer or the manufacturer who then ships the products to the client.

AliExpress is one such fashion e-commerce website which also makes use of the dropshipping technique.

AliExpress dropshipping is quite easy and straightforward for eCommerce entrepreneurs as most of the suppliers are resellers themselves. Thus, most of the suppliers have previously worked with drop shippers.

Moreover, AliExpress dropshipping does not apply any additional costs for trying out the products. The absence of any upfront financial constraints, it becomes easier for you to set up your business and test the entire model.

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Why Dropshipping through AliExpress is a Vital Venture?

Dropshipping with AliExpress is a straightforward procedure, especially if you follow the steps mentioned above.

Moreover, there is no cost or fee to test out their products without a substantial commitment.

Many sellers have already posted quality pictures of the product on AliExpress which you can use. But it is always better to be authentic with your content and pictures.

Lastly, dropshipping through AliExpress is a straightforward procedure wherein you purchase a product and add the customer’s address instead of your own. Some of the key reasons why the AliExpress Dropshipping center is the perfect e-Commerce business for you are-

(i) AliExpress Dropshipping has low Startup Cost

(ii) No any need for stock or inventory

(iii) Dropshipping saves you from warehouse renting along with warehouse management software and insurance

(iv) You will also be safeguarded from warehouse staff salaries together with cooling and other temperature control measures, etc

(v) Dropshipping has low running cost and you can run it adeptly from your home using your phone, PC or tablet

(vi) You will be the boss, plus you will be responsible for all the risks and rewards in AliExpress Dropshipping

(vii) It offers you the ability to work from anywhere

(vii) When you opt for AliExpress Dropshipping, you will have a wide range of options to choose from

(viii) You can use Automation to alleviate your Dropshipping tasks such as Product Importation in a highly personalized manner

(ix) AliExpress Dropshipping offers you cross-border working opportunities, and the global market will be accessible to you

AliExpress’s Premium Shipping Option

Through this premium shipping option, AliExpress delivers its shipments to the United States, United Kingdome, Canada, Australia, and several other countries within 7 to 14 days.

This shipping option is called ePacket Delivery.

It is a good idea to opt for this service as it can help you achieve higher customer satisfaction when you are using AliExpress dropshipping.

How to select an AliExpress Dropshipping Supplier?

When using the dropshipping AliExpress method, it is often possible that a wrong or inadequate product is shipped to the customer. This is because you do not get to see the items before they are shipped from the AliExpress dropshipping center.

This way, you can lose out on retaining your customers.

Thus, it is essential to select trustworthy and appropriate suppliers to partner with for AliExpress dropshipping. Here are a few suggestions which can help you choose good suppliers:

1. Do Not Opt for the Supplier with Lower Prices

Suppliers with differing costs for similar looking products usually have the products in different fabrics. By reducing the rates, the suppliers can remain competitive within the same market.

However, if you select the supplier offering lower prices, then your customer satisfaction can go down owing to defective products. You should never compromise on the quality of the product you are selling.

If you are aiming to set up a successful AliExpress dropshipping business, it is better to carry out thorough research for suppliers and compare them to select the best ones.

2. Go for Suppliers with a Good Rating & Feedback, usually 95% or above

Another method of assessing the suppliers in AliExpress dropshipping is by looking at their feedback ratings. A rating system is critical in any marketplace, especially in eCommerce businesses.

Read what others have said about the AliExpress dropshipping supplier. The highly-rated suppliers are usually the most reliable ones.

3. Give Special Attention while Selected Branded Products

Finding a luxury or branded products on AliExpress is pretty rare. It is illegal to sell infringed or counterfeit items, and if you notice that those are being sold, you should report them.

However, you do find branded products on AliExpress. This is because AliExpress partners with brands, including Lenovo and others, to offer specific promotions.

It is always better to move with caution and take an informed decision.

4. The Responsiveness of the Supplier also Matters

You can contact the supplier and assess the way they reply. You can talk to them about dropshipping their products and see whether you receive an automated reply or a personalized reply. They should be able to understand your issues and help you accordingly.

Suppliers are an essential component of your AliExpress dropshipping business. You must select the right suppliers for your business to have a successful business.

5. Select Suppliers with the Best Delivery Options

Your AliExpress dropshipping business highly depends on the delivery experience. This includes the delivery time as well. It is recommended that you select the supplier who offers the ePacket delivery option, i.e. the premium shipping option.

It also includes a tracking code which the customers can use to track their shipments while delivering it within 14 days. This factor can help you build a successful AliExpress dropshipping business.

6. Order Samples to Check the Quality

Another efficient way of checking the authenticity of the supplier is to order a few examples for yourself. You can check the reliability of the AliExpress dropshipping supplier by making sure the Delivery is on time, and the products are not defective.

The samples that your order should be of those which you are planning to sell through your website. After ensuring the product’s quality, you can sell the same and gain a positive outlook for your store.

Refund & Return Policies in AliExpress Dropshipping

AliExpress does not offer a return option. Thus, you will need to have a refund and return policy of your own. The two general use-cases for returns are:

1. The Customer Did Not Receive the Order

In this scenario, you need to talk with your AliExpress Dropshipping supplier and resolve this issue. A solution to this issue could be to choose a different delivery option. In case this does not work out, you can contact your client and ask them if they would like a replacement or a refund.

2.Damaged Products

Sometimes products can get damaged during transit. The first step is to ask for pictures of the damaged items for proof and then proceed to initiate a refund for them. If you feel that the packaging is not adequate, you can have a discussion with your supplier regarding the same.

Choosing Right Products for Your AliExpress Dropshipping

Choosing Right Products for Your AliExpress Dropshipping

Choosing Right Products for Your AliExpress Dropshipping

You should know how to choose the right products for AliExpress Dropshipping, as it is the most crucial thing that decides the success of your AliExpress Dropshipping business.

By following some easy steps, you will be able to do this in an adept fashion. Let us have a look upon those steps here and now-

1. Brainstorming AliExpress Dropshipping Product Ideas

You need to find products by analyzing your niche and associated information. You should also browse other shops to have the right product ideas. Different stores and resources that you can review for this-

  • Amazon Best Sellers
  • LightInTheBox Top Sellers List
  • eBay Daily Deals
  • Oberlo’s List of What to Sell Online

2. Get the Top Dropshipping Products on Social Shopping Sites

Sites like Polyvore include a list of 100 million products while Wanelo has 30 million products. Other sites like Fancy, Instagram, and Pinterest can also help you with this.

You should set up an account on these sites, and know what audiences in your niche are following.

You can also have a look at the Google Trends data for finding out the popular product ideas, which will help you get the best product ideas to optimize your e-commerce store.

3. Try for Additional Ideas About What to Sell Online

You should visit different community places to find out that is inevitable for your target customers.

You need to look for the products that your audiences are looking but they are not being able to find those products easily. While opting for AliExpress Dropshipping, you need to explore the demand and supply gap in the market to choose your right product.

Other key hacks that you can try here are-

  • Choose the niche for AliExpress Dropshipping product ideas
  • Find out the ‘Stay Away’ categories to finalize the best products to sell online
  • Know online products that customers repeatedly purchase
  • Have an idea about the sweet spot price of your products
  • Always opt for those AliExpress Dropshipping products that will last
  • Be aware of the marketing channels for selling more Dropshipping products
  • Adeptly use Google Trends and Keyword Tools

Pros Associated with AliExpress Dropshipping

As mentioned above, dropshipping has become a critical business venture owing to the significant increase in the number of e-commerce websites.

We understood the various essential steps involved in drop shipping through AliExpress and why it is a profitable business venture.

There are numerous reasons why one should do drop shipping through AliExpress. Some of the principal reasons are listed below-

1. Moderate Pricing

E-commerce websites are known to charge exorbitant rates to their customers. But that is not the case with AliExpress. This website offers reasonable prices on individual products. So, dropshipping is an affordable venture for most people.

2. Multiple Suppliers

One critical feature of AliExpress is the number of suppliers that it houses. Every product has various suppliers. This leads to varying price points of the product.

So, you can easily make a choice depending on your budget and the price at which you have decided to sell the product. Note that the product quality may vary depending on the supplier.

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3. Rating System

Usually, websites allow customers to rate only the suppliers. However, in AliExpress, you can evaluate not only the supplier but also the quality of the product. This rating can play an essential role as a future reference.

4. Awareness About Dropshipping

The AliExpress sellers are aware of the dropshipping concept. If you mention the drop shipping feature in the description, they can easily send the package to the specified address. This makes drop shipping a hassle-free business venture.

5. Regulation of Shipments

AliExpress can further ease the process of drop shipping by regulating the shipment procedures. As mentioned above, you need to specify the drop shipping option and the correct address in the description box. Furthermore, the e-commerce website also provides replacements and a money-back guarantee in case of any issue regarding the quality of the product.

Cons Associated with AliExpress Dropshipping

1. Margins are Low

Since there are no capital investments involved, it is easy for numerous merchants to set up shop in the dropshipping business.

They can even sell products at extremely low prices in an attempt to gain revenue. This factor can impact your business negatively.

2. Complexities with Shipping the Orders

Since you are not checking the rules before they are shipped, your customers may receive defected products are ones that are not up to the mark. This can harm your business as it reduces customer satisfaction.

3. Errors Made by the Supplier

If your suppliers make any errors with the orders, you and your store will be taking the heat from the customer for the same. It is your store which will have to take responsibility for the same.

Small or low-quality suppliers can cause you a lot of frustration by shipping orders with missing items and low-quality packaging, among other issues. This can hamper your business’s growth.

Steps to Set up your AliExpress Dropshipping Store

Steps to Set up your AliExpress Dropshipping Store

Steps to Set up your AliExpress Dropshipping Store

As mentioned above, AliExpress is one of the many e-commerce websites which make use of the dropshipping technique. A person can quickly source their products as a drop shipper through AliExpress by following specific easy steps. These steps are as follows-

Step 1: The first step involves choosing the products that you want to Dropship. This solely depends on the niche of products that you are interested in.

Step 2: Having selected the niche, you can also come up with essential criteria to choose the products that you want to resell on your store.

Step 3: Based on the criteria selected, you are now ready to add the products to your list which you have decided to resell. While adding the products to your list, make sure you are analyzing every aspect of the product rather than just looking at the image and description on the website.

Step 4: One of the most important steps is to write your product descriptions. These descriptions should be informative, attractive and reliable.

Step 5: While producing the content, make sure to inform the customers of the shipping time and help them track their orders by using a tracking application.

Step 6: One effective way of attracting more customers is to offer discounts and free shipping. These two elements are known to be the weaknesses of every client out there.

Step 6: A drop shipper must also make a spreadsheet of the list of the products that you are selling, mention the price at which both you and AliExpress are charging and the AliExpress link to the website to provide a choice to your customers.

Wrapping it Up!

In conclusion, starting a business in AliExpress dropshipping in India can seem tedious in the beginning. But you have to remember that success does not come in one day.

You have to keep working patiently towards it to start reaping the returns and the profits. While there are some drawbacks associated with the dropshipping model, it is still a stress-free method of building a business, especially for an eCommerce entrepreneur.

It has several advantages that can help do a successful business. With careful considerations as well as planning, the drawbacks of the models can be resolved, and you can henceforth build a profitable business.

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All in all, dropshipping is an essential technique in which various e-commerce websites employ to attract a wider audience.

Hence, it is not surprising that AliExpress is also partly dominated by drop shippers since this venture proves to be profitable not only for the parent company but also for the resellers.

By enrolling in the Digital Marketing Course, you will be able to learn and understand key information, platform, approach, technology, tools and apps of AliExpress Dropshipping.

In case of any doubts about AliExpress Advertising in India, feel free to ask us in comments.

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