All India Youth Drove 8Mn Page Views Through Selective Keywords

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KEYWORDS – The vital component of a search is something that you should never forget when you are trying to build your authority over internet. Lots of new companies are starting up day by day and the pace that they are moving up high their business career by leveraging new technology, is unimaginable without the leverage of Digital Marketing. The people are learning fast. Users of Internet are growing with the number of places where communication towers are installed day by day. Smart phones are getting economic day by day, which is making it possible even for those segment of people to leverage the benefits of internet who normally falls in the lower side of the income graph of the country.

The grow number of users is well understood by businessmen. And this is why they are leaving no stones unturned to make the best use of internet for their business by using different digital media strategies and tools. One such example is of All India Youth. They generated 8 million page views through use of one of the techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Let us take closer look at their strategy behind their incredible outcomes of their website.

Who is All India Youth?


As like the name of their website suggests “All India Youth”, they are actually talking about the youth of India. All India Youth is a website specifically designed for the new generation. They buzz about the stories that can make the youth generation to stop a while and read the stuff in it. And believe it or not they have a great way of presenting their content to the youth.

The website basically targets the Youth of India and make them read stuffs on movies and box office collections. Hungry and desperate zombies plague by the virus of unemployment, waiting in a long queue, can now find their suitable job news in here. They can even have a good look at whom to vote for or whom to gossip about in politics. Health concerns news, crazy and not crazy sports lover can also have a good look at All India Youth website, and yes ofcourse the most hated one, the exam results, even that is available in here.

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All India Youth website is operated by a bunch of very active people who keep on scratching out the most valuable news from every corner of the dish, for the youth of India, all round the clock – 24 X 7. For this very purpose, they must have to use the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy to keep up with their work and they finally did.

Challenges Faced

There was a hell lot of challenges waiting for All India Youth website when they started their journey into the boundless world of Internet. They started with just a blog in blogger platform. Soon they realized they need to move out to a bigger platform where they can have control over their reach in a better way. So, they used wordpress to publish their contents. And yes how can you forget the sweet platform for promotion – the social media or I may rather say most economical way of growing reach. So, they used all their strength to boost up their visibility of their contents in Facebook. Meanwhile Facebook was getting smarter and mean day by day and the things went out of hand when Facebook bombard the platform with different kinds of algorithm making their content look like a pic in a haystack.

Now they realized, getting people to see their content is not an easy task for someone who have low level knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques. There came the need of an expert, and that was the time when All Tech Media was summoned for the rescue of All India Youth.

Brief Intro of All Tech Media

Capture 1

All Tech Media is a company based out of Young Entrepreneurs, from Hyderabad, India. They are expert in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Internet Marketing services. They provide other services like SMO (Social Media Optimization), Graphic Designing, Branding, Celebrity management, and Alexa Boosting as well. They provided their help to many well-known companies and All India Youth is one of them who praises their wonderful service.

Strategy Used

All India Youth made a promising 100% improvement in their traffic, just in first week of the help provided by All Tech Media. The plan includes posting of 10 articles on a daily basis. A number of changes followed to make people drop in their website to read contents or more precisely, make the content drag people inside the website. Changes that took place are listed below.

  1. Consistency

When you are into a business of selling information consistency always proves to be the most vital thing. You deliver a news and stay silent for next couple of days expecting your reader to stay loyal with you. So, here the same thing applies and as a result consistency in posting contents is developed.

  1. Keywords

You cannot just bluff it as a content for youth and expect that sum people to keep falling into your trap. In order to gain the trust of the youth and make them feel that this contents are for them, you must make sure the news that will be delivered to the youth is actually for them and the best way to figure out it is to ask the search engine right question politely. This should give you the mostly used keywords, if not try the hard way using Google keywords planner tool. This end taken care of by All Tech Media

  1. Publishing Latest Topics

When you are into the industry very information sells out in millions of dollar. You must make sure that you are the first one to get that info. All India Youth realized this need and started updating their readers with updated information.

  1. Link Building

Link Building is a very important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Strategy to make your pages count in Google Search Engine which was overlooked by All India Youth and later rectified their mistake.


After all their hard work the result was measurable, and it was huge. They had 8 million Page viewers which was quite incredible, considering the fact that the result of that high number was just of a single month. They were ranked 14,000 globally in Alex Rank and 500 in India. They also made a good cash out of AdSense.


This is an amazing case study illustrating the outstanding results of the use of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies. Such results can also be produced in your website as well, but only thing is use should not under estimate even a minute change while considering to leverage SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy.

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  1. Bhumika Bisht

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    • Bhaskar Saikia

      Digital Marketing is no more just course now @Bhumika, it has become an essence. Look at the number of start-ups growing day by day, and its important to note that all most all of them are leveraging digital marketing techniques to promote and build a reach for their business. Interesting thing is even though it have become an essence i don’t know if any MBA college have included it in their core course. So, digital marketing knowledge remains unexplored by may. Ofcourse, none must forget that, there can never be any better investment in than investing in gaining unexplored box of knowledge. Hence there are digital marketing courses in Digital Vidya that can provided such knowledge at best value for all.

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