All Things Aquarium Used Search Engine Marketing To Increase Its Revenue By 100 % In a Year

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About All Things Aquarium:

All Things Aquarium has been in business for 27 years for providing services such as aquarium services, custom design, ongoing maintenance and aquarium moving and related emergencies. Headed by Jeff Hintze, the company’s user base is spread across Chicago and its suburbs.

In 2007, Jeff wouldn’t have expected his company’s revenues increase double-fold, had he not believed in the power of internet.

Jeff realized that he could draw more customers through internet, without knowing how to. Now at a time when business was slow and his spending on advertisements being tied up with Yellow Pages and the likes, there was a limited scope of spending on something as internet advertisement.

All Things Aquarium’s Objective

Jeff wanted to leverage upon the leads from internet, i.e. he wanted to increase sales through more visibility of his business.

Strategy Adopted By All Things Aquarium

Company approached JumpFly, a specialist firm in the field of PPC (Pay-per-Click) management. After understanding their business needs JumpFly developed Google Adwords campaign (Service provided by Google for placing your advertising copy on top or next to the search page results).The highlight was to make it geographic specific, so that the interested customers who would type “aquarium maintenance” were directed to All Things Aquarium website.

The top results surely have an edge above the rest, since they can be seen first. This is how All Things Aquarium launched Search Engine Marketing campaign, to target their audience for more conversion and traffic on the company’s website.


Interestingly, there was a surge in number of website visitors, resulting in more business for the company. Within a month, All Things Aquarium added number of clients to its clientele and requested JumpFLy to double their PPC budget.

Eventually, All Things Aquarium launched their campaign on Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft adCenter. These efforts tripled their website traffic and generated new leads so much that their revenues in first half of 2007 increased incredibly to 100 % from that of total of previous years’.

As a business, All Things Aquarium was able to leverage upon Search Engine Marketing as a tool to enhance business activity.

The pedantic definition of Marketing says “Marketing is about Identifying and meeting human and social needs” so  is Search Engine marketing. By identifying the keywords, the users will query through your ads placed in the result pages. With extensive resources such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft’s adCenter, the company was righteously able to tap the unfulfilled demand of customers by optimizing the visibility of their website.


Even a small to medium size enterprise with a limited budget for advertisement can make it big through Search Engine Marketing.

Key takeaways:

PPC (Pay Per Click) – With a budget constraint and not many options with them, All Things Aquarium had to go for PPC. Pay only when a potential customer would click on the ads, and this worked in the favour of All Things Aquarium and reaped huge benefit with more customer base.

Geographic Ad Campaign – Since their business was not spread nationwide, the customized search campaign worked in their advantage and narrowed down the search for potential customers.

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