All You Need To Know About Retargeting Campaigns

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What do you mean by Retargeting?

Retargeting, also called as remarketing. Retargeting  a form of online advertising that can help you to  keep your brand in front of the left audience. Mostly websites have  2% of web traffic converts on the initial visit. Its  a mechanism designed to benefit companies reach the 98% of users who don’t convert immediately.

How does Retargeting work?

A cookie-based technology that uses plain  JavaScript code to undisclosely  ‘follow’ your visitors all over the Web. Lets understand how this works – you place a modest,unpretentious sample of code on your website. The  pixel, it’s an  unnoticeable to your site visitors and won’t influence your site’s performance. On any occasion a unique visitor comes to your site, the code drops an anonymous browser cookie. Next, when your cookied visitors browse the Web, the cookie will let your retargeting provider notices when to serve ads. Assuring  that your ads served only to people who have previously visited your site.


People also call it as Remarketing. When remarketing  done in a right way it can out perform all the other digital ad channels. Dont take me wrong what you have heard absolutely  right. Enable all your  website visitiors as your audience by grouping them. Strike them with message can absolutely results  you conversions. Its very easy to estimate the results with retargeting but it’s a lot harder to actually make it work. Let’s run through  the different types of retargeting campaigns that you can implement in your Digital Marketing Activities.

Sequential Retargeting:

Sequential retargeting represents  the practice of fluctuating the ad copy. Then informing relying upon where the visitor positioned in the conversion process, with the final thought of pushing them towards you. Your goal as the advertiser mainly to use education, features, and/or benefits to eventually get them to buy.


Diagram depicts advertiser  creating  more touch points and also understands  the bottlenecks  available in the conversion process to fix them.The first ad  trying to get the sale as fast as possible. If that doesn’t happen within a convinced chunk of term, later the sequential ads automatically pushed live one by one.Other best example which explains the same in below diagram.


So its similar to email nurturing. First it  pushes visitors down the conversion funnel, depending on what the emails  opened and clicked through.When those actions  taken, a new set of ads with unique messages are displayed to get the visitor and  take next step in the conversion process. This selected set will be excluded with older ads.

Time Delayed Retargeting:

If you spurt any type of cookie/pixel based retargeting, then there’s a good chance with the expiration date. Google has max time of 340 days.The best thing about time delayed retargeting,  you don’t need to follow landing pages or ancillary to back up everything your ad conveys. Complementary to sequential retargeting, time delayed retargeting mostly works in a way without  need of any action from  visitors.Day wise visitors shown different ads.If you already have email nurture campaign, you can consider subjects of those emails and convert into retargeting ads.Here’s an example of how we could do it since our 1st  goal to get people to request a free proposal from us. Week wise details :

  • 1: Example proposal.
  • 2: Screenshots of Ad-words improvements.
  • 3: Types of packages we offer.
  • 4: Resources of thought leadership.
  • 5: Case studies.
  • 6: Example proposal.


From  diagram,  clear that results  for the  break up of  audiences in monthly durations of 1 to 30 days and 31 to 60 days. 1 to 30 day campaigns  image ads are performing the best. We could possibly ask for the bigger conversion engagement in the 1 to 30 day campaigns.They have the highest performance so far.

The longer visitors have been part of your time delayed retargeting campaign, the immense the offer they need to act. You may recognize that for  first two weeks  your ads are just product/offer clear cut  with your logo and unique value proposition. For the next two weeks,you may attempt a bonus or 10% exemption to attract them to act of purchasing.Where you then have a burn pixel excluding previous  visitors who have already transformed so they don’t see the discount ads and complain.

Offer Change Retargeting:

There’s a logic why most visitors don’t convert on your website or landing page.It could be that you’re not revealing the value of your offer well enough. It might also  be that a different offer will perform much better for you.Visitors have many other preferences, you’re not the only source who offers that particular product or service.

When people chose not to convert, it’s because the offer was irritating to them or you didn’t do sufficient  job in revealing the value of the offer.In this scenario, you can actually use your retargeting ads to drive new conversions. Retargeting also acts as a research tool to review whether you should switch your initial offer on your landing page to try something different.

Let’s claim  that your initial landing page offer from search network Pay Per Click traffic is a free appointment that has a 2% conversion rate. Retarget to the remaining 98%, by picking an idea from the list below  to bring them back to eventually want a consultation.

offer-change-retargeting-600x382 Spend some time and efforts to educate and nurture.It could be the initial landing page offer/call-to-action that’s holding you back.

Up Sell Retargeting:

Up-selling a strategy to sell a exceptional, valuable version of a product that the customer already owns  or willing to buy. A remarkable version of a higher, improved model of the product or same product with value-added features .

Concentrate on  the statement clearly  “A Buyer, is a Buyer, and always a Buyer always to you ? It means that if some one has already bought from you , then much more likely to buy from you again. A well known fact that 41% of the overall revenue for the eCommerce sites are from repeated customers only. Just go through the below email retargeting example from Amazon advertising which cameras you can upgrade to.


You should keep on engaging the targeted people who  had visited your post conversion pages. Display fresh offers in the forms of upgrades or complimentary services  to new retargeting audiences. If visitors are purchasing from you , its because they trust you more than your competitors. When you are in the lead generation, repeated buyers could mean referrals in the form of leads. Finally understand that when you truly bring value to the products/services customers be upset  if you keep them secret.

Down sell/ Cross sell Retargeting:

When your visitors decided not to buy any more from you  in that scenario advertising a different offer from their current “No Thank You”page . On the up-sell offer could make a lot of sensibility for your retargeting campaigns. Suppose, we are a digital marketing agency and we get you on board for our PPC services.Our next sensible move as an agency prospective to offer our landing page services as a cross-sell to you.If we wanted to down-sell our landing page service, then we could probably  offer a free guide on it, to convert them in future.


The above example from flip kart clearly explains the concepts of Up sell, Cross sell and Bundling as well.Cross-selling  a strategy to sell relevant  products to  the customer already owns. Such products generally belong to distinctive product categories, but will be complementary in nature. Analyze one more popular selling technique known as bundling. Bundling the brood of cross sell and upsell. You bundle together  main product and other auxiliary products for a higher price than what  single product sold for.Bundling brings together related products that are of relevance to a customer. Buying them individually implicate more decision making, and more steps.

Bulk Email Retargeting:

You also have the option to target your email list precisely through Google Ad Words, Facebook, or Twitter. You can find  Customer Match as a feature in Google Ad-words. Custom Audience as a feature in Facebook and Tailored Audience as a feature in Twitter.


Most importantly,  keep in mind when it comes to bulk email retargeting  the “Match rate” of emails to users on any  given platform. As per the  Word Stream, the match types between Google, Facebook, and Twitter breakdown as mentioned below.

  • Google = 50.4%
  • Facebook = 48.99%
  • Twitter = 10.2%

Google and Facebook have such ample  match rate because of the usage of their platforms. Initially decide which platform to concentrate then you can benefit from different types of Ads and Networks to get your email lists to convert. Power of segmenting your audience into specific buckets will be your key task. Same message to target all  audience will not be  powerful tool. So split it into different buckets and customize the message accordingly.

I hope you got a clear picture that how Retargeting works with different techniques to attract and retain more customers and improve your sales with the above mentioned Retargeting campaigns. So what are you waiting for….! Start implementing Retargeting campaigns in your business and enjoy the results.

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