Alpha Software Entrusted Inbound Marketing Tactics To Gain 143% Higher Conversion Rate

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download (2)About Alpha Software:

Founded by Richard and Selwyn Rabins in 1982, Alpha Software has attracted an enthusiastic, loyal customer base that has built ten of thousands of mission critical applications for businesses of all sizes. Company has sold more than one million licenses for its development products. Companies latest product Alpha anywhere is the first complete environment for rapid development and deployment for robust business applications for mobile devices and personal computers, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, ultra-books and touch enabled computers. Because of their wide range of their software, their marketing segments range from healthcare and financial services industries to legal, retail, travel and technology firms.

Business objectives of Alpha Software:

Having various range of software products company was still unable to reduce its customer acquisition cost and was paying a huge amount on email based marketing, their main business objective was to cut the cost down and ensure maximum output. Following were the business objectives of Alpha Software.

  • Lower down the expenses of marketing strategy tools.
  • Crete a centralized or personalized marketing.
  • Identify the areas of sales funnel and find out where are the difficulties coming from.
  • Targeting their audience at right time and increase conversion.

Strategies/ Approaches adopted by Alpha Software:

Alpha software was sending general one sized fits all emails to their entire customers. They did not have any data or technology to segment their generated leads, thus as a result they started missing opportunities. Those one sized fits all emails were too basic for long term customers and way to advanced for the new customers. In this situation Alpha Software implemented inbound marketing technique and adopted following strategies.

  • To better segment and target their communications, they implemented a tool named List segmentation.
  • Company took a crucial decision and divided industry, with this they were now able to segment and target communications to their audience by their behaviour.
  • Company also segmented their CTA to increase their rate of conversion.
  • Company’s main strategy was to go along with the new technology, which really helped them to develop various softwares for various segments.

Results Achieved by Alpha Software:images (6)

As a result of using inbound marketing technique, Alpha is now sending messages less frequently, but seeing more results with success with each of its communication. They have started doing things which their customers and prospects appreciate. Following are the results achieved by Alpha Software.

  • Inbound marketing helped Alpha get a 360-degree view of their marketing and leads.
  • Company’s landing page conversion increased by 143%.
  • Average increase in monthly lead volume increased by 24%.


At beginning company’s marketing strategy was decentralized and they didn’t knew what they were doing. Inbound marketing not only helped to centralized their marketing but also increased their rate of conversion. Following re the learnings from this case study.

  • Inbound marketing helps you to control your marketing strategy and gives you a 360-degree view of what you are doing.
  • You can increase you conversion rate as well as revenue with help of inbound marketing.
  • In inbound marketing you don’t have to put much of your effort all you need is a focused and planned strategy.
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