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Amazon’s Alexa Along With August Home Lock To Provide Smart Home

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You will never have to hop out of your bed in the middle of the night to check if your door locked is locked or not.

“Alexa, tell August to lock the front door.”

With this kind of voice command, you can lock the front door of your home.

On Thursday, August Home Inc. announced its first and second generation Smart Lock as the first ones to work with Alexa, the voice assistant. Alexa has become the centerpiece of smart home nowadays.

What can you do with Alexa?

With the Alexa-powered devices like Fire TV or Amazon’s Echo, you can command to lock your front door. However, you should have an August Smart Lock installed in there.august-door

This new skill helps users to ask Alexa to lock the main door or maybe just check if the door is locked or not. In order to make it work, you will need the August Connect Wi-Fi bridge so as to connect the Bluetooth connectivity of the lock to the Wi-Fi.

If you don’t already own it, it will cost you $79. Also, a common setup for the smart lock would include an Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo for $180 and an August Smart Lock for $199.

The team between Amazon and August is a step closer to expanding how a home can become ‘smart’ at a reasonable rate. Though there have been gadgets to control an audio system, thermostat, and lights of the house for over a decade now, but they could only be operated at first via control pads and personal computers, and later on with smartphones and tablets.

Amazon was the one which popularized the voice control of smart homes after its release of Alexa in 2014.

“The ability to be able to talk to Alexa and control my lock is definitely getting closer to the home of the future,” Lisa Auslen, the communication director of August.

She further adds

“The ability to be in my kitchen, and wonder, ‘Did I lock my door when I came in? I’m not sure.’ Alexa helping me out with that is a lot better than me cruising around my house on a conveyor belt.”

The loophole of Alexa…

Keeping the security reasons in mind, users will be able to ask Alexa to unlock doors. Well, not until Alexa gets voiceprint recognition. For unlocking your front door, you can resort to HomeKit and Siri.

CEO and co-founder of August, Jason Johnson said they along with Amazon are developing unlocking capabilities. However, they first need to be sure that the technology is secure. Well, they are not the only one insecure about the technology security. It is a general concern among the industry.

In a survey by Intel Security (March 2016), it was found that 75% of the 9,000 respondents expect smart homes to improve the life’s quality. However, 66% of them were worried that criminals could hack their Web-connected gadgets.

Some of the other things Amazon Alexa can do

  1. Make Pandora or Spotify your default player: With Amazon Prime, you also have access to Amazon Prime Music.
  2. Lock your home: Now you lock the front door of your house with voice. August Smart Lock now own Alexa skill that can make you lock your first lock and you can operate that.
  3. Alexa could be used as a Shrink: With therapy skill, you can complain about your happenings in the day to Alexa and in return can get little words of encouragement. For instance, when you tell Alexa that you are sad, it will respond as “Don’t be sad, turn your frown upside-down.” If you say that you are mad, Alexa will probably respond “I’m sorry to hear that.”
  4. Name game: With Alexa Trebek, you can play word game challenge with actual questions from the show. Also, you are given a fresh set of five questions each day.

Amazon’s views on Alexa

Since Google Home is also in the race, Amazon is putting a lot of investment into Echo and Alexa. The company is surely giving tough competition to Google and Apple. In June, Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO and founder said that over 1,000 people are working on the technology of Alexa, and he feels that Alexa will probably become the fourth pillar of Amazon’s business. The other three being Amazon’s online marketplace, its cloud business Amazon Web Services, and Amazon Prime.

Here’s a youtube video explaining what Amazon’s Alexa and what it does…

Which tech-giant you think is winning the marketplace with its products?

Image Credits: Fortune dot com

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