AMAZON India’s #AurDikhao Campaign to captivate Indian Customers

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 About AMAZON India                                      Amazon logo, Inc., the world famous online retailer among the first of its kind was launched by Jeff Bezos as a marketplace for selling books worldwide using the power of the internet. The company went online as in 1995.

As a part of its worldwide expansion strategy Amazon launched its Indian counterpart Considering the demand for electronic goods like cell phones in India it started off with the sale of electronic goods & later on expanded into apparel, household items, cosmetics & other home essentials. Amazon decided to invest $2 billion in its India business in July 2014 to expand its business so as to take on the other e-commerce giants of India such as Flipkart & Snapdeal.

The social media campaign “Aur Dikhao” was designed for the promotions of the e-commerce website Amazon.Indian customers have always been spoilt for choice. In order to highlight the variety of goods available at the portal, Amazon launched the Aur Dikhao campaign.

AurDikhao Campaign’s Objectives:

The social media campaign “Aur Dikhao” for the brand Amazon had the following objectives in mind:

  • Enlighten the consumer about the availability of more than 2 crore products at its ecommerce portal.
  • Reach out to the customers in a direct & fun way by creating a buzz word #AurDikhao
  • Expand its reach among the consumers by enlisting new buyers & visitors for the e-commerce portal & creating a personal touch for the brand in the market.
  • Get an edge over Flipkart & Snapdeal which were the Indian players in the country vis-à-vis Amazon who was a foreign entrant.
  • Be more well known in the rural India where in the reach for online retail is not as profound owing to lower internet connectivity.
  • Project the ease of shopping by using mobiles by showing various clips of people swiping the touchscreen of their phones.

Approach adopted by

  • Shimit Amin the acclaimed director of Chak De India was approached to create a 2 minute film for the campaign. It directly aimed at getting maximum outreach from the people of India. Ram Sampat created the music score for the video and lyrics were penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya.
  • Daily commonplace situations with hilarious undertones were highlighted in the video such as the husband forgetting the karva chauth of his wife being penalized by having to buy gifts for his wife; a tourist family asking for more choice in terms of visiting places even if they are ot on the map!
  • Every scenario had well resounding catchy lyrics playing in the background such as, “Hindustani dil kehta hai…aur dikhao…aur dikhao.”
  • The Twitterati were engaged in friendly banter over the #AurDikhao Campaign.
  • One of the first rappers from India Baba Sehgal was asked to share his funny one liners which professed the enjoyment one gets from getting more choice.
  • Famous youtube star & movie reviewer Kanan Gill was picked on by Amazon to provide more movie reviews on newer movies rather than the old ones he is famous for.


  • A contest was also planned and executed where the Twitter users were invited to tweet what they would like to see more of in this season of T20. The winners stand a chance to get Amazon gift vouchers.

The video on YouTube was uploaded on 31 March 2015 has gained over 2 million views aided by a masthead on the video sharing network.

  • The social media assets of Amazon India took on the flavour of #AurDikhao with interesting visuals on the new concept.


Results of the Campaign

The results of the Amazon’s social media campaign – #AurDikhao were:

  • People loved the jingle & Amazon as a brand got imprinted onto their hearts. It reminded them of the “Hamara Bajaj” Anthem which was made more than 3 decades back.
  • Many of the people started keeping the “Aur Dikhao” jingle as a ringtone for their SMS & calls which led to a mass brand publicity across the country.
  • The video got more than 2 million hits in a very short period with people even in villages going gaga over the tune.
  • People who participated in the contest and were engaged with the creatives, memes and tweets throughout the campaign


I believe the following things worked well for the campaign:

  • Connecting with Twitter influencers and building social buzz around #AurDikhao gave a good start to the campaign
  • Amazon understood the pulse of the Indian Customer based on the insight that we are spoilt for choice & prefer to check out lots of options before making a purchase.
  • As it was the T20 Cricket Match season going on collaboration of cricket with the contest acted as a magnet for getting all the cricket fans in campaign asking to show more to them.

Image Credits: Amazon

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  1. Dhivya Rangarajan

    Really a good one Vignesh!Usage of visuals and video make the readers gaining more insights.
    one suggestion: might have tried some other interesting tweets related to campiagn.


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