’s “KYA PEHNU” Campaign Solves Fashion Dilemma

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About the company, Inc., is an American e-commerce and cloud-computing company which was launched by Jeff Bezos in 1995. It was incorporated on May 28, 1996. The company started off as an online bookstore but later it got diversified into many sectors. The company is offering its own products and products of third parties in various categories through its website and mobile application.

As a part of its worldwide expansion strategy, Amazon launched its Indian counterpart Considering the demand for electronic goods like cell phones in India it started off with the sale of electronic goods & later on expanded into apparel, household items, cosmetics & other home essentials. Amazon decided to invest $2 billion in its Indian business in July 2014 to expand its business so as to take on the other e-commerce giants of India such as Flipkart & Snapdeal.

Business Objective

The objective of the company is to become the best place where people can discover a product or service and buy it through online means.

The #KYAPEHNU Campaign

Amazon India released its campaign #KYAPEHNU which captured the dilemma which people face while deciding what to wear for a particular occasion. The videos mainly targeted the young generation i.e 18-28 year old youngsters who are very much social. The concept of the campaign was primarily driven by real life consumer insight ‘KYA PEHNU”.

Whenever we have to attend a special occasion, be it a job interview, a wedding, a dinner or an important date we need to dress in a way that brings the best of us. The question we face before attending such events is “KYA PEHNU” or “what should i wear”. It’s the ultimate fashion dilemma. Amazon fashion here acted as a personal stylist with its wide options available in the fashion category that would solve the ultimate fashion confusion a customer is facing. The brand served as an enabler to turn a moment of dilemma into a moment of rejoice.

Amazon’s previous campaigns like “TRY TOH KAR, HO K BEFIKAR” emphasized on reliability of goods. One more campaign i.e the “AUR DIKHAO” spoke about variety of options that amazon is offering in the fashion category.

Amazon also brought in the “Amazon Fashion Squad” apart from the television campaigns. The fashion squad was a panel of experts who would address the fashion grievances of customers and give their suggestion on what to wear and how to be trendy. The squad had Mr.Narendra Kumar, creative director, Amazon Fashion, model and actor Mr.Milind Soman, actor Mr.Ayushman Khurana, popular blogger Miss Malini, anchor, fashion designer and actor Ms.Mandira Bedi and other popular stylists from the industry.

The campaign began in the mid of December and consumers were given an option to reach out to the fashion squad and get professional assistance on fashion exigencies that came to a person  in daily life.

They can post their queries using the #KyaPehnu hashtag on social media platforms like facebook and twitter, or send their queries by SMS. The SOS helpline number launched was functional from December 17th to the 19th.

Amazon also organized an on-ground activation where consumers got a chance to meet the members of the Amazon Fashion Squad and get fashionable ideas on how to dress up fashionably.

Results of the Campaign

The results of the Amazon’s social media campaign – #KyaPehnu were:

  • The jingle was loved by everyone and the videos also focused on the dilemma that youth face when they need clothes for different occasions.
  • This campaign gave amazon the advantage of mass publicity for its fashion segment.
  • Fashion became the top three fastest growing categories in amazon.
  • The campaigns became so popular that amazon has no plans to hire celebrities for certain brands as it was done by Myntra (All about you-Deepika Padukone) andJjabong (Alia Bhatt for Jabong).


Amazon’s campaigns mostly displayed how a company could do effective social media marketing by using facebook and twitter as a way where people could show their fashion grievances. Instead of promoting a particular brand, the entire fashion segment got an uplift through the campaign.

Image Credits: Amazon

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