Ambience Mall Increased Its Fan Base By Double In 1 Month

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Ambience Mall is a shopping mall which opened for public in the year 2007. Ambience Mall is located on Delhi – Gurgaon Border. With so many Malls in the city Ambience mall thought of making people aware about their presence, hence they thought of creating a social media campaign. They launched this campaign for one month that is from December 2013 to January 2014 and named it  as ‘Winterlicious”. As the campaign name suggests the theme they took was based on winter as they launched a campaign in winter season.

Let us see how Ambience Mall increased its fan base by double in 1 month by using Facebook as a social media for marketing.

The main objective of Ambience Mall to drive this campaign was to:

  • Make aware to the people regarding the in-winter events going in the Mall
  • Increase engagement and Fan base on the Facebook

Strategy applied for the campaign:

They launched the campaign in the winter season especially at the end of the year is like a festive season as you have Christmas and New Year coming. There are lots of celebrations going on and people also do shopping this time. Ambience mall had arranged lots of fun and entertaining events hence it wanted to make people aware of the same and get more people engaged and liked through Facebook.

How they applied the strategy:

First they selected a character and they name it was Snowy, and they make it a central theme for marketing during the entire campaign. According to the  events taking place in the Mall clothing and props were selected and displayed on the Facebook image.

Fest event themeexample

In-Mall events were which they promoted were:

  • Hello winter
  • Fashion Freaks
  • Choco Fest
  • Party Popper

Ambience Mall events

They published a post according to the event as and when they were scheduled, and it was posted on the Facebook accordingly. For example there was a Hello Winter event – An exhibition in the mall which had a stall which sells the winter clothes and accessories and Fashion Freaks – Stalls with selling the outfits for the winter new year’s eve. The stall was for 3 days and they promoted it for the 4 days on social media in the form of post and contest.

The other in – mall events which the mall had and published was Choco fest and party popper. Choco fest bazaar had a stall selling various types of chocolates and also have a live chocolate fountain.Party popper was an exhibition stall selling decoration and mask items for the new eve party.

They also changed its cover page image on the Facebook every week and it was set according to the theme of the events as and when they were occurring. They also mentioned the dates of the events on the cover page image.

Cover page theme

That’s not enough. To increase its fan base they promoted various types of contests like

  • Event Promotion
  • Contest Promotion
  • Current Affair
  • Interactive Contest
  • Special days offer

They posted one post at a day.

Here is an image of all the promotions which they posted on the Facebook.

Event Promotion Post

event promotion1

The caption which it used for promoting the event was –

Winterlicious presents to you the ‘Fashion Freaks’ Bazaar. Are you looking for the perfect New Year’s Eve outfit? It’s waiting just for you at the Fashion Freaks bazaar at Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.

Interactive Post

Interactive Post

The caption they used while promoting Interactive post was –

TeaTimeBreak HINT: We found 6 differences, what about you?

Contest Post

Contest post

Special Day post

Special Day post

The caption they used while promoting Special Day post was –

Take the lead and pledge your support for ‘World Aids Day. Stand up. Make a difference. ‘Like’ to show your support

Current Affairs Post

Current affair post

They posted it in support of the elections being held in Delhi.

The caption which they used while promoting Current Affairs post was –

Vote today. Make your voice be heard. (Delhi elections)


They increased the Facebook fan base by 59% in duration of one month.


Publishing or posting  the ongoing in-mall events on the Facebook bring out the interest in customers of what all events are happening in the mall, people are always eager to know and this brings increase the engagement rate. This type of strategy helped the Ambience Mall a lot for it is marketing because they hit the target at the right time that is on the occasion of Christmas and New Year eve where all are in celebration mood. Ambience Mall marketing strategy was not only limited to this they also run its various type of promotion content which involves a lot of engagement and they presented the post in a very interesting way which definitely increases the fan base. Everything was well planned. In short they had an outstanding strategy. It covered the 360 degree aspect of strategy required for social media marketing. It included everything which a perfect promotion tactics should have like type of post, frequency of post, Varieties of post, Interesting Captions and even the images they posted had a meaningful message on it. What else strategy would a Social Media Marketing would require.

Image Credits: Indiamalls, socialsamosa

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