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About Amul

Amul, which echoes Indianness like no other brand is one of the most successful Indian brands in the FMCG industry, that created India’s white revolution and made the country world’s largest producer of milk and milk products. Formed in 1946, it is a brand managed by a cooperative body, the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF), which today is jointly owned by 3.6 million milk producers in Gujarat. Dr. Verghese Kurien, founder-chairman of the GCMMF for more than 30 years (1973–2006), is credited with the success of Amul.

The brand started with dairy products, with its most popular product being milk till date. But with time the brand has upgraded itself by adding new-age products and keeping up with its counterparts like Mother dairy, Danone, Paras, Verka etc.


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Amul’s diverse product range includes milk powders, milk, butter, ghee, cheese, dahi, yoghurt, buttermilk, chocolate, cream, ice cream , paneer, shrikhand, gulab jamuns, basundi, flavoured milk. Amul has launched low calorie beverages like Amul Pro, Amul Kool, Masti Butter Milk.

The brand added a new feather in their cap by installing “Any Time Milk” machine which dispenses a 300-ml pouch of fresh milk for Rs 10, at Anand’s Amul Dairy. As a first step, Amul plans to install six such ATMs in Anand itself. According to Dr. K Rathnam, MD of Amul Dairy, Amul wants to add a whole range of dairy products, which could be dispensed through these machines.

Business Objective

Amul is a household name and has time and again proved its credibility. It’s the oldest running dairy brand which brought a revolution and staged India on a global platform. Due to the rising demand of milk in today’s times, there is no indigenous brand other than Amul, which has been able to meet this demand.


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Since its inception they were very clear of their policy and approach towards making this brand where it is today.

  • To work on strict guidelines to provide pure and hygienic products. The company is manufacturing only those products which are not hazardous for the human consumption.
  • The brand’s sole purpose is not just to generate profits but also to safeguard the social and economic interest.
  • When one thinks of milk, one thinks of Amul. This is what they wanted to achieve and constantly work towards it.
  • Amul strives for maximum customer satisfaction and visibility.
  • To build quality image in customers and consumers mind by providing nutritious and good quality food at affordable prices.
  • The brand just doesn’t want to be identified as a mass brand. They want to fit themselves into urban mould. They have launched several products which are low – fat, low-calorie, extremely healthy that caters to today’s health conscious population.

Business Strategy Adopted

The brand has always believed in producing quality foods at affordable prices and to be present in every nook and order of the country. Hence, so far they have not experimented with mega budget marketing for simple reason of not giving away margins in advertising its products. But today in this day and age of social media, they have made their presence felt strongly on various social platforms. The brand is active on two major social network Facebook and Twitter.

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The brand uses its trademark Amul girl to create content on various trending affairs nationally and internationally. Though it has been criticized on many occasions but it definitely stands out. It is very relatable, fun and conveys a strong message as well.

 Amul for Facebook


Amul already had a winning content tool that its brand Amul Butter usage in print and outdoors, and at times on web, so it was not very difficult for the brand to take the content leap on Facebook. The brand used the butter girl to create content which centred about the latest happenings but in a very different style that garnered a huge popularity especially among the youth.


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Amul has been very interactive on Facebook and keeps users hooked by various competitions. For example – It launched a campaign ‘Meme You’ to urge fans to create meme to spread the message “Eat milk with every meal”. There has been continuous rise in the number of followers due to constant feeds of the brand to promote the product the products and services.

– Apart from amusing Amul girl, graphics of other products like ice creams, health drinks and other beverages are meticulously worked on and are made to look as tempting it can.

Amul for Twitter


The content remains almost same on twitter but still it has managed to surpass the follower base of many Indian brands. People have celebrated with the brand on various occasions and high- energy events, of course because of its highly relatable graphics. Twitter, as we all know is more about raising an opinion or sharing experience. Like satisfied customers, it had some people who might not had a pleasant experience with the brand and have voiced it on their twitter accounts. But social media team of Amul has never shied away from accepting their mistake and resolving the matter in the presence of millions people. This gave them a strong hold in the social circuit in comparison to other brands. In order to have a loyal clientele, empathize with them and be available for them when they need you to be.

Results Achieved by the company

  • Without indulging in hardcore marketing/advertising, Amul has built an unbreakable bond with its consumers especially Indians.
  • Amul milk is the best-selling product and it won’t be wrong to say amul is synonym of milk in our country.
  • The trademark of the brand ‘Amul girl’ which makes it stand out in every aspect.
  • As the population today vastly consists of youth, the brand has made itself highly interactive on social platforms and this way their new products get a lot of visibility.

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  • To be sellable and loved at the same time, the brand should keep reinventing itself.
  • Mainstream marketing/advertising is not the only way to sell products, they become hot property because of intelligent and updated business tools.
  • It is very important to have a distinctive feature like who doesn’t know the famous Amul girl. It was very easy for the brand to transfer their Amul girl from bygone era to the current scenario and generate content.
  • Amul took an intelligent decision to spend less on advertising and more on distribution of their products which made the brand very accessible. Always identify with your brand’s needs because in the end we all are here to make money.

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