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Shreya ShivangiShreya Shivangi is a digital gal who hails from Bangalore. She loves dreaming and believes in making things happen. Taking a flashback, after completing her MBA in 2007 she got placed with LG Electronics. She got a merit rank in the trainee batch and had an option to choose a preferred job role. At that point of time, digital marketing was not “so called exciting” profile and many recommended her to take up conventional roles. But, she went ahead and opted for digital marketing role in brand team. With time, digital media kept evolving and she made sure her job roles keep pace with it. Soon it became clear that this is what she would love to do, forever.

                                               The beauty of digital marketing profile is that you can never call yourself an expert because of the dynamic nature of the device, media, technology and above all consumers. On a lighter note, if you’re still doing digital marketing the same way you were a year ago, you’re already a dinosaur!

                                      In her previous job, she was leading the digital marketing division of LG Electronics and after enjoying her stint for almost 8 years, she made an industry shift and joined Caterpillar in 2014. Few of the awards in this journey have kept her adrenaline rush going – Bronze for Best Website/Microsite in Product category, at India Digital Award (IAMAI), she co-authored paper on “2020 – India at Fulcrum of Digital Age” which won 2nd prize at SIMSARC held at SIMS,Pune, she was recognized as one of the “50 Best Digital Marketing Professionals 2014″ at CMO Council & World Marketing Congress. She believes that taking up challenging roles gives you more opportunity to learn digital media as a marketer and relate with consumers in an engaging way.Shreya_1

She is always on the look-out for actions around her, audience opinion while they are walking out of movie hall or when they are in quarrel at the airport for excess baggage issues and likewise. This knack of hers has benefitted her in spotting and meeting famous personalities, cracking some interesting ideas and creating innovative campaigns. Hence, her advice is that one should just enjoy their student hood!Shreya career

How did you get into Digital Marketing? What interested you in learning Digital Marketing?

Shreya: While doing graduation in “Advertising, Sales Promotion and Sales Management”, I was able to explore my two greatest interests, marketing and understanding people from a different lens. I had minor stints in tele sales, market research, human resource, CRM, and then after my management degree, I had an encounter with digital marketing profile at LG Electronics. I belong to a generation who still remembers when we first owned our first computer, followed with pager, feature phone, touch phone, smartphone, laptop, digital landscape, operating system, apps, drones and so on.

I got trained as a digital media marketer from the industry players themselves. I owe it to Google, Yahoo, Cricbuzz, Facebook, InMobi, Mindshare, Netbiz and many more such bright teams for guiding me towards becoming a subject matter expert. Since this is an evolving media it’s critical that an individual does a regular value-add in herself or himself. One has to be student at heart – always.Shreya journey map

According to you, what are the advantages of conventional marketing over Digital Marketing? Do you think that Digital Marketing is a threat to the future of conventional marketing?

Shreya: Before getting into this debate, there are few questions that any marketer should ask before drafting their marketing campaign:

  • What is the business opportunity for the product or service or solution which you are going to market
  • What is the market landscape – Media environment, media mix, country’s digital infrastructure
  • Competitive analysis– Identify point of parity & point of differentiation over their offerings
  • What are the benefits of the product or service in customers’ life – explore tools like brand laddering.
  • How is the product/solution fitting, benefiting and contributing value adds to their life
  • Customer Profiling – Who is my customers, where do they live, what is their media consumption behavior, what electronics devices do they own, what is their online sentiments towards the brand, product or competition etc.
  • Map out their consumer’s decision journey and role of all media channels at each stages
  • Do you have your creative brief, media plan brief and content strategy in place?
  • What are the key returns expected from the campaign – Sales, leads, call backs, downloads etc.
  • What is your sales funnel?
  • Is your campaign aligned with your go to market plan?
  • Have you analyzed your target customers sentiments and online conversations report? Have you incorporated these key insights in your action plan?
  • Is research going to be integral part of the pre and post campaign analysis
  • Is your team ready to effectively manage and convert the key returns like enquires, calls etc. into either warm leads, hot leads or closed deals – Work on all the how to.strategy control

Once you know the market landscape and your customer’s pulses it’s critical that a marketer thinks two ways – Think inside out and Think outside in. And then frame your go to market plan.

Answers to above questions will direct you to create an effective marketing strategy.

Brands should not jump to online media because it looks flashy and cool but because of its capability of being content rich, data-driven and technologically powered leading to achieving business objectives.

Now, I will wear my favorite hat and vouch for digital marketing:

Yes, it’s not something new that I will say – digital media is very dynamic, two-way, engaging, entertaining and a powerful tool.

Online media has changed the way we look at things. It’s a medium through which one can directly connect with consumers and have one-on-one sessions. The beauty of this media is that it works smartly across the entire consumer decision journey. I have published a blog on “Key Performance Metrics of Product Online Marketing Campaign for each CDJ Stage”, you can read more at

It’s a blank canvas where one can write their own rules, experiment, fail, learn and again change the rules of game – Have a look around, listen to consumers, ask questions and share your views. Value the failure and build on those learnings.Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

It is not about digital vs. traditional -they will all become the same thing.Digitalis impacting the consumer behavior and lifestyle, but also on the way business will be conducted in India by 2020. Digital has effected every single facet of organizations, not just the way products are bought and sold and the way services are delivered, but also in customer service, market research, HR, procurement, PR. It’s critical that as a marketer you understand your consumers in a deep and meaningful way. Identify a core reason for them to interact with the brand message. Leverage the two-way digital media by engaging in constant dialogue with your consumers.

Share about your 3 favorite Digital Marketing case studies. What did you like most about them?


  • Nike + – Social Media WinnerNike

It’s an old campaign but I still value it a lot because Nike used social media to fuel product innovation and usage.

Consumer Insight: Nike observed that runners obsessed about their stats, and pushed themselves more in groups. 

Action: Nike partnered with Apple to create the Nike+ system which captures a runner’s stats (mileage, duration, etc.) and shares them.  Runners can challenge others via the online tool and compete in “races”.  Their new mobile version allowed mobile challenge invites.

Result Metrics:

  • # of Sign-ups
  • # of Participating Cities
  • # of Nike+ iPod Sport Kits sales
  • Coca-Cola

I am a great fan of Coca-Cola’s creative digital marketing campaigns. Their campaigns reflect the fact that – don’t zero down on media channel first rather think of customers & content first. Their all campaigns can be absorbed as a story and considering the real-time nature of digital Coke’s campaigns are all digital led #OpenHappiness

One of my favorite campaign is “Hug Me” – Coca-Cola launched gesture based marketing. This campaign was created by Ogilvy & Mather.

coca cola

Image source: Mashable

“Happiness is contagious. The Coca-Cola Hug Machine is a simple idea to spread some happiness in an otherwise tense environment,” explained Leonardo O’Grady, ASEAN IMC Director.

They create content first and then develop more contents for sharing and engaging online audiences.

You can check out few of their campaign sites:

  • TrulyMadly #BreakingStereotypes campaign


Insight:Scope to connect people seeking to be connected with like-minded individuals in a safe environment.

Smart elements:

  • Insightful & engaging pictures
  • Participation app
  • Twitter contest together with

Result Metrics:

  • % of registrations growth
  • # of visitors
  • # of new facebook fans

% Organic spread of content

For more visit their blog page:


You have to stand out in order to be seen.

truly madly

truly madly_1

Safe and discreet

the matching process


According to you, what are the top 3 mistakes committed by organizations today in leveraging Digital Marketing?


  • Compare traditional vs digital media – Channel comparison era should be over by now. Digital marketing is just marketing and you should focus on integrated campaigns. If you want to prosper in the digital future you need the organization to understand all facets of it integrated from the very beginning.Integrate digital, social, mobile and traditional.
  • Data is used for campaign evaluation or campaign monitoring wherein it has the potential to be used as a guided missile. Data must be analyzed and utilized efficiently so as to make it ‘valuable’ for the business as well the stakeholders. Smart data adoption will help you enhance your campaign returns and revenues.
  • Brands prioritize on planning and launching but they miss out on “build” aspect. Your web and social assets will exists on web for long hence it’s critical that you don’t have a short-term approach. Get the content, community and conversations going even after your campaign gets over, even if they were short term or topical in nature. As a digital marketer you have to be more responsible and sensitive towards your digital activations – Remember, newspaper ads may die but your # tags, apps, video content, email, QR code, web images, logos, customer conversations& so on would be breathing somewhere on web space. You need to continuously manage your brand’s online reputation by listening, responding and acting on online comments. If there is negative sentiment then negate it and if there is positive sentiments then build on it. As the nature of the medium even you need to be smartly managing the show 24*7.
Between Agency and In-house, which approach would you recommend for maximum value of Digital Marketing? Why?

Shreya: Well it depends on the nature of the company and the role of digital media in their organization chart. Even if you have in-house partners for regular digital media tasks, but one should always be open to liaison with new agencies as they might help you conceptualize something path-breaking or go really innovative with your usual approach. It’s an experimental media and in this context I can name a few.

  • TaggLabs – You can reach out to Hariom Seth (
  • EccentricEngine – You can reach out to Varun Shah (
  • TELiBRAHMA – You can reach out to Narasimha Suresh (


It’s a vast space for continuous “learn-unlearn” process so you go out, meet new people and be open for new ideas.

Which are your 3 favorite Digital Marketing Tools?

Shreya: I use the tools depending on the objective which could be for business or personal usage. I can name a few for your reference:

Google Analytics, Alexa Ranking, Omniture, Webtrends, Google Alerts, Radian6, SocialMention, Spredfast, Facebook Insights, YouTube Insights, Twitter Analytics, Zift, Google Trends, Google Insights, Google AdWords, Trendsmap, #, TwitterCounter, SocialBakers and so on.

Why do you think it’s important for entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and students to learn Digital Marketing today?


  • For Entrepreneurs: If you’re a budding entrepreneur, my advice to you is that you are not expected to know everything about digital media but on the other hand, you must understand a few things
  • How search space works?
  • Master Data Analytics with respect to conversion optimization
  • Be open to learn and unlearn
  • For Professionals: You could be in any business stream but it’s critical to understand digital ecosystem as its impact is not just limited to marketing function. It now impacts all the business functions hence you must have an understanding on the same. Despite of the nature of the organization which could be an Electronic giant or e-commerce player or a grocery shop or a beauty parlor – digital media impacts all. If your vision is to be a successful CEO, CMO, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Business head you must master this domain.
  • For Students: I have the same advice for students as for professionals. Gear up for the future. Luckily this generation is growing in smart device era hence understanding the medium is not a challenge. You all must be receptive to your environment like shopper’s behavior, offers in the shop, messages in the ad, innovative activities which appeals or displeases you or your friends, twitter trends, social media conversations, market trends, and so on; by capturing & comprehending these conversations you will get insights whichwill enable you in future to be a successful professional.
What are the top 3-5 skills you look for when hiring a candidate for Digital Marketing profile?

Shreya: As an individual, I would appreciate any person who has a strong digital footprint of himself or herself. The profile comes forward as creative and clutter breaking. They must be innovative, consumer-centric and analytics-driven while solving case studies. More importantly, I would look for their inclination towards using digital media for maximizing business returns.

I would like to quote Tony Fadell in the context – “Hire young people with young mind or older people with younger mind”Tony Fadell

What is your advice for newbies, who are looking at building a career in Digital Marketing industry?

Shreya: This is one career line where your life would be fun. You will get to do what you love and love what you do. But you must keep all your six senses open and also embrace other sense called “PR”. Whatever you will do in digital media it will reach out to public hence you must practice all your senses. Your one mistake can bring lot of negative buzz for your brand hence it’s critical that you are sensitive towards your work.

                                                            The best way to learn digital marketing is to read and participate in this media. There so much one can do – Apart from studying books follow brands’ all web assets to keep a regular track of their activities & initiatives, read industry reports, experiment with product creation or development, follow some industry thought leaders who are available for virtual meet-up or views exchanges, follow the entrepreneurs to gain the inspiration and passion, use all the analytics tools to come up with your analysis of marketing campaigns, blog, participate in blogging meet-ups, participate in digital meet-ups to learn from the industry leaders and off course there is so much more to do in your own unique way.You will always have to disrupt yourself if you’re going to grow & stay relevant. Remember don’t be scared to fail, experiment – start small and then scale-up big. Give your 100% and results will follow.

Share the names of 3 people you respect when it comes to Digital Marketing.

Shreya: There are so many names but to name a few, whose handle I visit on a regularly are:

  1. LK Gupta – Chief Marketing Officer at Girnar Soft Pvt Ltd (, He is my ex-boss, my Guru and my mentor. You can follow him at
  1. Shiv Singh – SVP Global Head of Digital & Marketing Transformation at Visa, author of Social Media Marketing for Dummies. You can follow him @
  1. Wendy Clark– SVP, Global Sparkling Brand Center at Coca-Cola. I met once in the AdTech, New Delhi and fell in love with her vision and persona. You can follow her at
  1. Shubho Sengupta, Consultant – I have worked with him for a very small duration but have been virtually connected for over 5 years now.

I must mention two more names who have been idol since I have started my career in digital marketing domain and followed their career moves like a virtual spy J. You must follow these two thought leaders who are a brand in themselves:

  • Pradeep Chopra – CEO, Digital Vidya,
  • Gaurav Mishra – Digital Director, Condé Nast India,
How do you stay updated on the latest trends in Digital Marketing? Which are the Digital Marketing resources (i.e. blogs/websites/apps) you visit regularly?

Shreya: I do what I have advised students. Few of sites which are must visit for me are:

  • Twitter – To see the trending topics
  • Google Trends – To see what India and the world is talking about
  • Google – To check out Doodle of the day
How do you see Digital Media evolving in future? What are the top 3 trends do you foresee for 2016?


  • Convergence of communication, technology and media
  • Mobile ecommerce
  • Smart Responsive Analytics

I had co-authored a paper on “2020 – India at the Fulcrum of Digital Age”, which is quite contextual to above question. If you are keen to know more please visit

online marketing industry

Infographic of the major catalysts for the exponential Growth of Online Marketing Industry

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