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Analysis On The Progress Made Due To SEO

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SEO is a process of increasing the Ranking of your website. The higher the ranking, the higher would be the conversion as more people would come up to your website. After all conversion is the ultimate goal of any business.

When it comes to SEO, there are multiple questions that businesses have. But all the questions boils down to 3 major factors:

  • Page Structuring
  • Links
  • Content

Therefore Keyword research becomes very crucial. Keyword research loops in Market Research to a lot of extent as it gives to the glimpse of potential market opportunities. Some keywords have tough competition where profitability is low. While come keywords have extremely low completion but the profitability is high. When you are playing in the market where the opportunity already exists then analytics comes to play. Analytics helps you to capitalize on existing opportunities.

SEO is called a process since it takes time to increase ones page rank. Driving in organic traffic makes more sense in a long term. Irrelevant traffic is easy to generate but it is not going to be fruitful. Hence it is important to analyze the progress of your SEO campaign.

  • Selection of Measuring tool-

The basic step is to select a measuring tool which will help you in analyzing your SEO performance. Google Analytics is the most known and freely available tool everyone is aware of. Apart from Google Analytics there are number of Web Solution companies which gives you options of free as well as paid tool options.

  • Data Metrics-

Before beginning your SEO campaign, record the initial numbers so as to monitor the improvement of your SEO campaign. This will become the basis of your data metrics. Data Metrics has various components which go hand in hand when any change is made. Some of the major metrics are explained below:

  • Visitors- Increase in the number of visitors to your site
  • Page views- which page is bringing in more traffic
  • Keyword Ranking- This metric shows the comparative analysis of your page with other sites when a common keyword is used.
  • Page Indexing- Page Indexing is nothing but the process of making your page being recognized by the Search Engines. Not all pages are being recognized by the Search Engines.
  • Keyword Search- Data Metrics will also tell you how many of your keywords are being picked up by the Search Engines and used to rank your page. The more keywords are being used the better.
  • Conversions- At the end of the day all businesses are concerned about the conversions. You can analyze this conversion rate by dividing the number of visitors to your website by the number of sale in a defined period of time.
  • Analyze Records-

To make the analysis easier and more productive is to analyze the recoded data of different periods. Compare two weeks or two months records. Understand what keyword made the difference. Which page got more traffic or which page got more sessions in the defined span of time? This will not only give you the important keywords but will also give you time period in which changes made significant difference.

When you are creating content for your company you are actually creating assets. So it is important to produce quality content or Structured and systematically produced assets would fetch traffic over coming years. Quality should always be prioritized for organic traffic. And secondly analyzing the SEO campaign is crucial to understand the process that has been made. If it is a new untapped market then most of the opportunity can be utilized by SEO. But if you have to cater to the already existing market then with SEO, analysis would take you long way to win the major battles starting from the basic.

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