Analytical Investing Leveraged Search Engine Marketing To Increase 86% New Subscribers

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Index_logoAbout Analytical Investing:

Analytical Investing is a company providing stock ratings of about 7000 companies from the US stock markets, after researching on the value, growth and safety of these companies.

They had launched their website early in 2004 but the traffic was not very high then. There were very few subscribers too. As a result, they hired APOGEE WEB CONSULTING LLC in May, 2004 for initiating a strategy such that the number of free subscribers and overall traffic to their website could increase.

Business Objectives of Analytical Investing:

  • Increase internet traffic and free subscriptions.
  • As free subscriptions would not yield revenue, budgets were low.
  • Increase ROI (Return On Investment) with the outlined budget.

Approaches / Strategy Adopted By Analytical Investing:

  • Apogee Web Consulting launched a PPC campaign on Google in May 2004 itself ( As Google Ads go online in a few minutes after creating them, and the cost could be as low as 5 cents per click, early Google campaigns help in analysing keywords that are driving traffic at an early stage and these keywords could then be applied to other search engines ).
  • Another PPC campaign was launched on OVERTURE  a Yahoo search engine, in June 2004 at CPC of 10 cents ( Yahoo’s editorial process takes  a few days or a week to select Keyword Ads but the Ad text in Yahoo is much better, which results in higher CTR).
  • After Google and Overture, Ad campaigns for second tier search engines like FINDWHAT and SEARCHFEED were created. This brought in reasonable traffic at lower costs.
  • Every few weeks PPC ads were improved , bids adjusted and new keywords added. Secondary keywords were researched to keep the CPC low.
  • As Wall Street had big advertisers with a huge budget, where bids were as high as $ 10 per click, Analytical Investing had to increase its Keyword phrases to keep pace with competition as its budget was low.
  • Keyword phrases grew to almost 1200 keywords over 18 Ad Groups in Google, while Overture account had 600 Keyword ads and FindWhat had 100 Keyword ads to increase traffic and hence ROI.
  • Extensive use of Negative keywords was done to have relevant traffic and hence increase CTR and reduce costs.

Results Achieved By Analytical Investing:

Though summer months are slow for the stock markets , Analytical Investing found that :

  • Traffic to the site doubled in May 2004.
  • In June 2004 there was 86% increase in new subscribers from May.
  • In July 2004 there was 25% increase in new subscribers when compared to June.
  • In August 2004 there was yet another increase of 26% subscribers from July.

On comparing the average Cost per Click in 2004 on the 3 Search engines, it was found that

  • GOOGLE had a CPC of $0.12 with a 41% increase in paid traffic and 43% increase in new subscribers.
  • OVERTURE had a CPC of $0.15  with a 43% increase in paid traffic and 36% increase in new subscribers.
  • FINDWHAT had a CPC of $0.10 with a 16% increase in paid traffic and 16% increase in new subscribers.

Also, when the Average cost to acquire free trial subscription was ascertained for a  search engine, it was found that the cost was as follows :

  • Google $7.35
  • Overture $11.92
  • FindWhat $6.79

This led to the conclusion that though FindWhat was the most cost effective search engine but with a 43% increase in Google’s new subscribers this search engine is the best source of increasing traffic.


  • With Google being most effective , advertise first on this search engine and then start using the other search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc.
  • With experimentation keep discovering and adopting the most effective Keywords.
  • Web pages have to be continuously optimised.
  • Adcopy and Bids have to be managed on a regular basis.
  • Links have to be gathered.

Hence, continuous improvement and control is a must for any successful campaign.

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  1. Priya Bhatiani

    This case study clearly shows the power of ‘keyword optimization’.

  2. Nikhita Reddy

    This case study is explained in a clear manner.It shows how SEM played an important role in increasing their subscribers list. Strategy approach are explained in an understandable manner.


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