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Android AdWords App Gets An Update

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About Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a Search Engine Marketing tool developed by Google . In this , the customer has to create an ad for his product or service and determine the Keywords or search terms that refer to his website . When a web user types those keywords in the search engine , the ad is displayed near the search results . The customer has to pay Google only when a web user clicks on the website . The customer has to set a daily budget for the same . The customer has to also give his billing details like method of payment and other details . This is also called as ‘ Pay Per Click ( PPC ) ‘ model .

Google AdWords offers lot of value added services like AdWords Conversion tracking in which you can find out the ratio of the customers that finally converted to the customers that clicked on your website . You can define conversion as the desired activity that a customer performs in his interactions . eg Registering , Making a phone call on the telephone numbers given in your website , finishing a purchase from the website or downloading a mobile app . AdWords offers valuable insights into the conversion process like Cost per conversion , conversion rate , Total conversion value , conversion value per cost etc.

AdWords also gives Top Path ( Clicks ) Reports which shows the number of conversion per set of keywords typed . It gives further metrics like Conversion value per path . This report is available at campaign , keyword and ad group level . The Top Path ( Impressions ) report shows the various related keywords the user searched when your website appeared in the search results regardless of whether the
user clicked on your website , before conversion .

AdWords also gives Reports of different attribution models . Attribution models are set of rules that determine how credit has to be given for conversion to different steps on the conversion paths . the assisted conversion report shows the number of conversions your advertising assisted .

Reports on first and last clicks are good indicators of what keywords introduced custoemrs to your site and what keywords helped the conversion of the customers .

Path Length report gives the steps or paths the customers take till conversion . You can analyse these steps and refine you campaign suitably . eg if most your conversions happen after multiple clicks , this is an opportunity to refinr your keywords .

Time lag report gives the time ( in days ) the customers take till they convert .

Thus Google Adwords is a powerful SEM tool with a lot of analytical data to improve the performance of the advertising campaign . Google AdWords has become the most popular SEM tool .

Google AdWords Mobile App

For convenience of users , Google announced its Adwords Mobile app for android users in March 2015 to help customers manage their advertising campaigns while on the move . This app got a huge response from the customers as its user experience is quite friendly and simple to use . Thousands of users downloaded the app in 195 countries .

Google AdWords Mobile App

The key features of this app were the facility to edit campaign status and make bid adjustments thereby helping users to manage performance . This also had additional utilities like real time notifications and updates that helped customers to stay updated on critical changes wherever they may be located . So this proved a valuable tool for customers to remain on top of their advertising campaigns .

Google collected feedback from the users on this app and after working on it , has come out with an update on the Adwords App recently .

Update for Google AdWords Mobile App

Main screen

The updates in the new release are as follows :

1. A new billing summary :
Google has provided a new easy – to – see dashboard for billing and payment information . The billing summary helps users manage payment options . eg You can new add and update payment method ie add a new card , update expiry date or set up a back up card . You can also view payment history and edit your billing profile – all from the Android smartphone . You can also make payment through the app.

2. Additional columns in Campaigns :
The app now also has additional columns for conversions , impression shares and campaigns . These can be added to the performance tables and quick changes can be made in this on the go . For example , you can monitor keywords’ conversion metrics or adjust bids to help you meet performance targets or you can quickly adjust if your campaign is limited by budget – on the go .

Campaign first

Campaign second

3. Enhanced Performance tables :
Now more columns are available in the performance tables for campaigns , ad Groups , keywords and ads . You can swipe left to scroll over to see the additional data . This lets you have more insights about your performance .

Thus we see that the update for Google AdWords mobile app is quite useful for end users .

Image Credits: Google AdWords

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