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Android App Solves Maths Equations Only Using Camera

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Technology has presented to be a boon to those who fear the lengthy Maths equations and problems. If big Mathematical sums, formulas, equations, calculations haunt you in your dreams and otherwise too, then you are in for a big surprise. An Android application has been introduced that will help to solve the problems in the blink of an eye.

Instant mathematical equation result by photo math app

The Maths examiners are in for some serious competition as technology has overtaken a human being’s mind. Yes, the recently introduced PhotoMath app has set an altogether different level as this app has given liberty to those who fear and dread Maths and suffer from Math phobia. Math problem will no longer be a problem anymore!!

PhotoMath app simply solves the Math equations by pointing the camera at the equation, in real time as an overlay on the camera screen itself. Interestingly, the app will not only put forth the answers of the lengthy questions, but will also substantiate the steps involved to arrive at the actual solution of the problem.

The smart camera calculator app by photo recognition software company “Microblink” is currently viable and feasible that can be accessed for Apple’s iOS and Windows Phones, based on a powerful image ‘machine vision’ engine (that blends text and image recognition)

PhotoMath app has got smart features that are capable to solve arithmetic, fractions, powers, linear equations, quadratic equations and several other common Mathematical challenges from the Math textbook.

Enlisted below is the step-wise process of solving the mathematical problems using this PhotoMath app:

1. Point mobile camera at the equation to be derived.
2. Place the equation within the red frame (Drag to adjust the size of red frame to fix the equation in place between the red frame).
3. Hold on the camera at the equation for few seconds for the results to appear on the screen under the red frame.
4. Photo Math app has 3 Functioning buttons added below.
5. Use next arrow buttons below to see how the equation was derived.

  • Light Button- Enables phone’s LED to scan at dark places
  • Help?- Contains Photo Math app Tutorial
  • Step- Display’s the steps by step derivation on how the answer was derived

Note: Photo Math can only recognizes characters and words printed on worksheet and text book and currently it doesn’t support any kind of hand written equation. And also it cannot recognizes the characters equation displayed on any digital device For example Laptop computer and tablet, or other smartphone.

Image Credits: dnaindia

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    • 4 years ago

      Shital Kalamkar   /   Reply

      Interesting App!!! But I personally feel that there is a fun in solving math problems. That fun will be missed in this App.

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