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Answers to 3 Questions About Pinterest

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Does anyone know that Pinterest is turning 4 on March 2014? It seems like just yesterday marketers were beginning to explore how Pinterest could fit into their marketing strategies and now the site has about 70 million active users. Marketers around the world have accepted it as a legal social media marketing channel.
Though Pinterest is mainstream now, but still we should be a bit careful. Sometimes we think we know it all- but we don’t probably. Thus below are answers to some common questions about Pinterest.
1. If the marketer is in Pinterest, how to get followers?
When a marketer joins Pinterest, he would see that he has zero followers. But he should not worry because the followers are out there. Time and work is required to build reach on social networks, but this will really turn the dial up on traffic and leads for his business.
There are two ways through which people can engage with the marketer on Pinterest. They can either follow an individual board or his account as whole. A couple of few things which can be added so that people follow him is- adding a Pinterest follow button to the website, letting email subscribers and leads know that he is in Pinterest, pinning content throughout the day, and following other people on Pinterest in hope that they will return the favor.

2. What should a marketer supposed to pin on Pinterest?
There are many things that a marketer can pin on Pinterest. But before starting to pin, one should think about the strategy for visual content. Marketers should invest in visual content, which is a part of their marketing strategy.
Marketers can post articles, experiment with infographics, besides regular photos. They can even pin videos. But before all this, the marketer should make sure that he appoints a Pinterest board strategy down first.

3. What’s the difference between a pin, a favorite, and a repin?
Pinterest also has some lingo of its own, like other social networks (especially Twitter). One get used to it as they navigate the site.
A pin is a bookmark, when someone finds something that he want to keep for later, he can “pin” it to one of his board.
A Repin is when the marketer take an image that’s already on someone else’s board and post it to one of his own. After this, notifications are sent to let the other person know that someone has repinned something of theirs.
When the user likes anything, he can the press “heart” button on a pin, this will send a notification to that person that someone has liked their pin.

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