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Using twitter seems simple, as a concept. One has to write few words and that’s about it. Who thought writing a sentence or two and sharing it with people would be that hard? And when someone actually starts using twitter, then it’s harder than he thought.
Before trying to build up a business on social network, little questions and concerns start cropping up. Below listed are few questions that are generally asked by users and answers to them.

1. How to have an officially verified twitter account and why is it important to get verified?
Verification is a method used by twitter to establish the authencity of key individuals and brands on twitter. It is situated next to the account name and is symbolized by a little blue and white check mark, on the twitter profile. A verified account is the one that twitter has officially determined genuinely belongs to the person or company that it claims to represent.
Basically verification is great for a business because it can bolster a brand’s reputation. It also makes easier for public to trust its twitter content. Twitter accounts are verified proactively on an ongoing basis.

2. How to use hashtags on twitter?
When someone is creating their own hashtag, for a webinar or similar event, it should be made sure that his hashtags actually describes the campaign he is running or something relevant to it. Users should understand what their hashtags are referring to and should remember to use it in their tweets. Use a hashtag that hasn’t been used much before.
Users can use services like Topsy to search hashtags and can even see how many times they’ve been used on twitter.

3. What type of content should be posted on twitter?
It depends on the type of audience and what they like to consume, and this requires constant experimentation over time.
If it is found out the followers are really loving the posts, it means that the post is becoming popular, so the user can do it again. Basically twitter, is all about interaction. If the followers are given the type of content they’re looking for, then it will be rewarding in the long run.
One concrete recommendation that can be given to make twitter posts popular, is to use images in posts frequently. Many studies have revealed that tweets with images get significantly higher engagement than those without it.

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