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Are You Ignorant Of 8 Big Blogging Mistakes?

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Content is the king on the website. To attract people on a regular basis it is important to create fresh and creative content frequently. Nowadays, many companies attracting towards inbound marketing. Instead of old outbound marketing techniques they started taking efforts on Inbound marketing which is all about specific content creation for a specific group of people. Blogging is the best way to convey information to the prospects, customers and general people as well. Through blogging you can share information about your company, brand, services, achievements, social participation, future goals, etc. But the fact is still many companies neglect this way of communication and missing its benefits as well.

Blogging has many benefits such as regular blogging can help you to improve SEO ranking. It gives you an opportunity to introduce your company and your brand across to new audiences through different social media channels. By adding CTA’s to every blog you convert prospects into customers.  Content creation which is useful to people, proper CTA’s, user feedback, comments helps you to set communication with people which is the most important part of any business. It helps to build a positive image about your company. But often bloggers make some mistakes which may result in reverse effect.

download (3)1) Blogging mistake 1- Writing purely for SEO

It is true that in this digital marketing competition SEO is important. But don’t kill your creativity by just writing for search engines. It will definitely bore your readers. Keep in mind you are not writing for robots, but you are writing for humans. Your aim is not to impress the search engines, but to impress people, attract people through your writing. Before, writing try to focus on a few things such as,

  • For whom you are writing a blog?
  • What you want to share?
  • How you can represent yourself in-front of your readers?

Think about the audience first, write for them and then think about search engine optimization.

2) Blogging mistake 2- Writing infrequently

Yes, it is the biggest mistake that bloggers often do. Writing infrequently may distract your audience. Though your writing is good, informative, creative, but writing infrequently may disturb your reader’s attention. They may not wait for you and may find another option. Irregular blogging can lower your SEO, dropping your business page rank, and affect your customer database. Attractive, consistent, interesting and relevant posting will build your reader-base, and show commitment to your business and your customers.To retain your prospects it is important to write blog frequently. Decide one schedule for blog posting and try to stick on that. It will create positive image about you and your company. Like any other business process, blogging also require commitment.

3) Blogging mistake 3- Writing almost daily

As, I said writing infrequently is bad for business but, writing daily is also bad for it. Sometimes blogger thinks  that if they write daily, then they will get good traffic, higher SEO rank and ultimately more customers. But, keep in mind that people want to read quality content and not the junk one. Write something when you really want to say something valuable to people. When you publish blog posts without adding any value to conversations, you end up wasting time of both you and your readers. The audience would like to read one good inspiring post rather than 10 general posts.

4) Blogging mistake 4-Not encouraging conversion

A Blog should be written in the simple and communicative language. Conversational tone is the best way to connect with your customers while writing business blogs. But often bloggers do not provide any provision for feedback. Feedback, comments are the best ways to set communication with your customers.

5) Blogging mistake 5- Just blogging not sharing

What’s the point of launching a blog, if you are not telling people about it? Your post should not be a secret. Just publishing blogs is not enough for businesses. It is just one slice of complete pizza. If you want a complete effect you must share your post through different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Follow your customers through different social medium, connect with them and communicate with them. By doing so, your business maximizes its global-reach and growth potential. Sharing is one of the efficient ways of inbound marketing.

6) Blogging mistake 6- Not answering to comments

It is important to answer your customer’s feedback or comments. This set communication between you and customer. It helps to understand what the customer thinks about you and you can also more effectively convince them.

7) Blogging mistake 7- Always trying to sell your customers

You are writing blogs for your customers doesn’t mean that you need to always be in selling mode. No, absolutely not. Try to understand what are the problems that your customers are facing. Discuss what they are looking for, and thoroughly explain the benefits of your services or products. Remember, one thing people don’t want to read technical and difficult terms from you. Ditch the corporate language and try to communicate with customers in simple and funny language. Maintain helping tone throughout your writing. So that customers feels comfortable while reading your post.

8) Blogging mistake 8- Editing post in less than 5 minutes

Many times bloggers ignore editing section. They often forget to correct grammatical and spelling mistakes. This creates a bad impression about blogger. So it is recommended that every post should be edited at least 4 times. Consider the following points while editing blog posts.

  • Check the flow of the post. Make sure that each paragraph naturally follows the paragraph before it.
  • All the content must be relevant to the topic. Irrelevant content may distract readers.
  • Too long sentence may create confusion while reading. So try to write simple and short sentence. Polish each and every sentence.
  • Correct spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Don’t expect immediate result from blogging after you have started it. It will take some time to gain traffic. Starting and maintaining blogs is time consuming. You have to keep patience for getting good results. Often bloggers underestimate the importance of images and videos. The visuals give your pages more an inviting and attractive feel for readers. They improve the credibility of your words and make concepts simpler to grasp and retain. Blogging is fun. Isn’t it? Let me convey your views by simply commenting this post.

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