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Are you preventing your sales reps from using CRM?

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CRM or Customer relationship Management is the best tool that acts as a bridge and a connecting tool between the organization and customer. With companies growing bigger, customer and product related data become sensitive, and growing with each day it is necessary to have a system in place, which exactly takes care of this.

CRM has been seen as a tool that creates major impact on the organization’s functioning as it shifts the focus from the product to the customer. Though there are arguments that CRM is a complicated tool and eats away a lot of man-hours. If below mentioned points are a few mistakes you are making, then it’s getting all the easier for the sales rep to avoid the use of this sales data management tool:

1. No unique insights: CRM is supposed to track every details of the sales rep to bring in business for the organization. This creates a lot of data that can be used to analyze patterns in sales and take appropriate actions. However, if no unique data or insights are presented which makes it easier to analyze trends in the market then you are just letting the system go for a toss.

2. Un-synced: There must be a seamless sync between CRM and other tools that the sales reps are using. This makes it easier to connect the dots and also saves a lot of time to hover between different set of tools. An integration of all tools in one may also complicate things so cross functionality must be preserved.

3. No explanations and trainings: Some of the biggest errors would be not providing sufficient trainings for every functionality of the tool. This not only prevents understanding the full potential of CRM but also puts off the employees in taking up complicated tools where they would just be wasting time rather than being more productive.

4. No focus on building relationships: CRM is one of the best tools available out there to create the most comprehensive customer and sales rep database. It lists out the efforts made by sales rep as well as the total number of new customers pitched in or existing customers retained. If this is not what you want, CRM is not for you!

CRM is not just a tool for effective business sales management in large or small companies its now almost like a bible for most successful sales rep around the globe. With software and ICT playing a strong part in almost all companies big or small, CRM is the way to go.

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