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Are You Too Afraid To Ask These Social Media Marketing Questions?

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Marketing by any company is incomplete in today’s times without it being present in social media platforms, pagessocial-media and search engine channels. In today’s world no marketing is complete only by traditional marketing strategies adapted by a company. Social media marketing of the company is of utmost importance as well. Every higher authority in the management panel keeps track of this department which falls under a prime area of marketing. Marketers in the market, always want to know and want to go deep down into every aspect of social media marketing but, they are somewhere getting stuck and afraid and are not having the guts to ask about the same.

In a panel conducted, CEO of Adstage, Sahil Jain, communicated and interacted with speakers who were from Facebook and LinkedIn. They talked about social media indulgence in business, its impact on the business and advantages that social media provides while marketing a particular brand and so on and so forth. Below are the list of questions and answers with them that were asked and then replied and negotiated furthermore for a clear and better understanding for the public and the entrepreneurs along with it :

Q1.What might be the best way to deal with the negative feedbacks that might come with joining social media?

A. The reply to this question was simple. It really depends on what type of business are and the objectives for the campaign. If selling to other businesses (i.e.B2B), then LinkedIn is an absolute must, and that with Facebook or Twitter in conjunction with a Google AdWords campaign. There should always be Google AdWords or Bing Ads running alongside social efforts. Similar to display, social can generate awareness, while Google/Bing will help in capture intent.

Q2. How to know whether LinkedIn or Facebook is useful in terms of better exposure as a platform  and usage of time?

A. There are great reasons and use cases to invest in both. LinkedIn is highly accurate and where most individuals keep their professional profiles up to date. Many do not keep their personal information as up to date on Facebook. If you are targeting B2B or business professionals, while LinkedIn may be more expensive (for pay-per-click advertising), it is the route to go from what we’ve seen. B2B on Facebook should not be written off, as it does work — but your approach from a targeting perspective may be different. On Facebook, using the standard job title or job function targeting isn’t necessarily ideal. Be creative using custom audiences, lookalikes and overlap targeting. Keep in mind that Facebook is where most people are keeping in touch with their friends and family. Leverage that mindset in your creative or targeting (i.e. interest targeting).

Q3. What are the advantages of Pinterest over Facebook?

A. Keep in mind that Pinterest is a highly visual network. It is great for retailers, makers, etc. Leverage attractive creatives on Pinterest that people are likely to re-pin to their pages; that is how you’ll get inherent virality.

Q4. What should be done in case of small companies that want to be globally acclaimed? Should they have one page or separate pages with targeted contents?

A. It depends on if you plan to promote in different languages or really appeal to those different international cultures with your content. It would be recommended to do both of these, in which case, a separate page per major international presence is not a bad idea at all and likely preferred.That said, if you are stretched thin, a single page is fine. Just be mindful to target your paid channels/ads to the audience that will appreciate the content the most.

Q5. How are contents manageable on multiple channels like Facebook and LinkedIn?

A. There are tools available to help you manage your campaigns on multiple networks including LinkedIn and Facebook.That said, from a strategic standpoint, keep in mind what each network caters to. LinkedIn is more focused on B2B professionals whereas Facebook is where you mingle with your friends and family.

Q6. When is the right time to post stuffs on pages of social media platforms that would attract fans and followers?

A. It depends on the type of content and what network you are posting to. At AdStage, we post a few times per day on the hour. Our content is all help/how-to content that our followers learn from. If you are posting promotional content, I’d recommend a slower motion.

Q7. “Posts with picture works best compared to ordinary posts”- Is that true?

A.  social-ad-examples

Q8. How should the offers posting on Facebook page be done so that the best results are achieved               out of it?

A. Facebook has “Offer Ads” that you can explore using. This way, you can extend offers to users who are not just following your page. The reason you want to use paid is that at some point, your organic reach will be maximized. Paid allows you to target and capture net-new audiences.

Q9. Can social media be used as a feedback platform instead of creating a survey tool?

A. Some of the largest brands tend to post questions to drum up user engagement on the given post.You can see this use case often on Twitter. Many brands even promote the organic post to reach a much broader audience and entice them to answer the question or join the conversations.

Q10. How much should be the maximum or minimum audience size targeted per ad?

A. Your goal should be to maximize your target audience. Don’t go too broad where you start targeting people who are not in your intended target audience.

Image Credits : searchengineland, Adstage

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