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Are You Too Making These 5 Mobile Marketing Mistakes?

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In this highly tech-savvy world, an instrument or a gadget that is no less than an everlasting companion of the human beings is mobile! Yes, that is right. We humans feel a sense of incompleteness when we do not have our phones around us. But, you must be thinking why is it being mentioned here? This is simply because this can actually act in favour of the marketers who want to tap the opportunity and acquire the customer by luring him/her to the brand’s product or services offered.

Mobile marketing might look easy but actually as the saying goes something that looks easy is actually not that easy. You might have made a mobile marketing strategy or you might be in the process of making one. But, the point in question is whether you are going on the right track or are you making any mistakes in your mobile marketing strategy. So, to answer your questions, enlisted below are 5 mobile marketing mistakes that you as an online marketer should be cautious of and avoid:5-Common-Mistakes-in-Mobile-Marketing

1. Building an app without a mobile marketing strategy

It is extremely important to realize the fact that merely building an app and then submitting it in the app store is not enough, there is more to it. This is so because there is no surety as to whether your app will get downloaded by the people. Thus, the proactive solution to this issue is to have the app on your brand’s website or the landing page, thus enabling the targeted set of customers to download it which makes it easy for them to access it.

2. Using a generic format

Another very common mistake that the online marketers make is that they do not realize the difference between the features and specifications in different platforms on which their website will be visible and accessible to the users. Here, the reference is laid on analyzing that what works for one platform might not work for the other. So, it is crucial to test the mobile site in different platforms, especially in some of the most popular platforms that are being used today which include: iDevices, Blackberry, Android and Windows mobile & accordingly make minor changes, if required.

3. Overloading the mobile version with content

It has been noted that generally on an average, a good website accounts for10-20 separate web pages. But, that is feasible only for the desktop version of the website. Thus, for a mobile-friendly website, the ideal strategy should be to minimize the number of web pages so as to have a quick mobile browsing version.

4. A lot of multimedia in the mobile version

There are no two ways about the fact that images, infographics, videos and audio files help to enhance the level of interface and design of any website. Nonetheless, this is loop hole for mobile marketing and advertising strategy, due to limited hardware capabilities and data connectivity issues in mobile devices. Also, avoid using large photos as mobile devices have limited capacity and cannot load large photos.

5. No client tracking

Even though mobile marketing is quite an effective marketing and advertising tool, however, a lot of developers fail to create a mechanism that readily allows the businesses to follow-through. Moreover, since the mobile platforms have limited components for site-tracking, there are other ways to build upon the business-client connection. Thus, to avoid falling a prey to this mistake, mailing list sign-ups as well as links to the social media accounts such as Facebook pages, Twitter account, Google+ pages should be updated.

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