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Are You Too Making These Big Mistakes In Your Inbound Marketing

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The use of digital medium to connect to each other have changed the way people want to buy something. This gave rise to digital marketing and business entities are rushing towards it to make their approach with the new strategy of inbound marketing. But, thus all of them successfully implement inbound marketing in their business to make a positive difference in their sales? The question that you should ask is, who are the ones, that couldn’t keep up with fast moving and constantly upgrading world of digital marketing, by using inbound marketing strategies?

One of the great disappointments of the weak economic recovery has been the sluggish revival of business investment — spending on new buildings, factories, equipment and intellectual property (mainly research and development, and software). For the United States, this spending in 2014 was about 9 percent above its 2007 record high. Sounds good? It isn’t. The average annual gain is a bit more than 1 percent over the passamuelson185t seven years. It is only a small stretch to say that capital has gone on strike.“- Robert Samuelson (Economic writer) wrote this in his first para of the article “The investment bust (explained)” published by “The Washington-PostWashington Post”.

This lines of Robert Samuelson show a significant scenario of the economy. Now, you must be wondering, why in the world, have you been asked to read this piece of article? The reason behind this is this shows actually an excellent relation when you wait for your business to grow by using inbound marketing strategy. This relation will be crystal clear when you proceed though this content.

Myths of inbound marketing

If you are reading a guide for applying inbound marketing into your business, one thing is for sure that you just can’t wait appreciating when they you through the learning process of inbound marketing. The obvious reason to do so, is you find it so economic and easy process to gain lots of individuals to see your product that you almost forget about the practical challenges that a business face in the world.

It takes time to gain popularity of your products and services, in any business. Inbound marketing is not your “Aladdin’s Lamp” that your wish can just be granted by rubbing the “Genie”Genie out of it in no time. People with such notions must, really thing over again and get their facts straight before they go for the strategy of inbound marketing.

But don’t worry, this article will clearly point out the difference of myths and facts before you go for inbound marketing. For it will even save the jobs of many marketing experts and consultants, as when the company who hired them to use inbound marketing, cannot find  expected results in a short time, tends to shoot them out. They may thank me latter in the comments below!

You cannot expect fruits from a tree grown last night. You need to wait, and nourish them to have it, and that’s certainly a long term commitment. So, you better be prepared for it.

I hope! You too aren’t making this big mistakes.

For a person with a short sighted view to look into a business strategy, just like other strategies, even inbound marketing won’t work of them. They must have the ability to see clearly the big picture in it.

Now, look back into the piece of article of Robert Samuelson that I shared with you in the first paragraph of this content. What do you see? World’s largest economy that crumbled into the ground is reviving. But it’s reviving with a very small pace. Now, if the investors start complaining about the slow pace of growth of the fallen economy, I will say it unjust. It’s unjust because you cannot expect the growth of and economy to that highest point from where it fell a day. The other side of the scenario that those complaining investors are not considering is that the initial time that took the economy to grow to that stage to be the world’s largest economy, which was more than 100’s of years.

Persons or business organisation, who fail to successfully implement the strategy of inbound marketing, did missed the same side of scenario of long term commitment for their inbound marketing to show results. They get frustrated in few months for the idea they keep in their mind is of an “Aladdin’s Lamp”, which can show results in no time. They may see some faster results by using paid tools like pay per click, Google adwords, SEM(Search Engine Marketing) etc. but they will be buying the customers in that way which again is not very economic.

If you just make a website or a fan page of your product and wait to see the results, this won’t work. In case you are serious about using inbound marketing in your business and truly want to see some positive change in your sales you better start nourishing for the fruits they your business tree would better in future. Try optimizing it by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool, this which make you own a large number of customers, but you must wait. Because it takes time for Google to update your content in their search engine. This ensure healthy and sweet fruits from your tree in future.


If there are person who still thinks that he should shoot out their marketing executives or inbound marketing consultant, for not producing results in time, they must really read this content again and again to make it clear that inbound marketing needs proper nourishment and time to show you the desired results.

Hope this piece of content was of some use to you. Do let me know by your comments below if you are facing other challenges in using inbound marketing strategy. Please click the share button to help.

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