Ariat Used Google Analytics Tool To Improve Its Web Analytics Experience And Garner 206% Increase In Email Sign-ups

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ariatAbout Ariat: An American manufacturer of boots used for riding apparel and other equipment intended especially for equestrians, Ariat is company founded by Beth Cross and Pam Parker in USA. Ariat International, Inc. creates engineered western style riding boots along with work and casual wear. They also launched a website “” in 2010 to expand globally and to reach out all its customer through e-commerce sales channel. The website acts as their branding tool to promote same to all its channel partners and customers.

Ariat’s Business Objective: The goal of Ariat was to reach the loyalty phase from awareness phase of its consumer life cycle. Thus, in 2010 they launched a new powerful website. But then to judge the performance of website and get maximum ROI (return on investment) out of it, they required a comprehensive web analytics solution and reporting program. Some of the business objectives of Ariat’s are listed below:

  1. To evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) for e-commerce site.
  2. To measure effectiveness of new merchandising & promotional features.
  3. To measure the efficiency of their various digital marketing channels.

Approach / Strategy Adopted By AriatTo get the consultation and measurement strategies for their website, Ariat took help from SwellPath analytics agency. With the help of google analytics, SwellPath created an analytics framework based on custom measurement strategy to fulfil Ariat’s business goals. Ariat after ensuring that this framework can measure all of its digital marketing channels, product page features and shopping tools, and the effectivity of its internal promotional campaigns approached further in investing in web analytics. To enhance the shopping experience and get maximum customer engagement the new site had number of features like videos, product sorting options, reviews and feedback and product specification etc. Some of the strategies followed by Ariat are:

  1. Use of micro-conversion metrics.
  2. Email campaigns, sharing contents and social media marketing.
  3. Tracking system to measure user actions & capture key elements of website.

Result: Thanks to data driven web analytics strategies, the launch of Ariat’s new website was a huge success. Ariat was now capable of gaining customer loyalty with further purchase intent. Some of the great successful results they observed are:

  1. 17% increase in per-visit-value because of digital marketing campaign.
  2. 14% increase in e-commerce conversion rates.
  3. 18% decrease in cart abandonment because of good shopping experience.
  4. 80% improvement in effectiveness of on-site promotional banners.

Learning: According to Holly Dresden, Director, Ariat Online, Google analytics and SwellPath have played integral part in Ariat’s e-commerce success by providing an in-depth analysis tools of all its marketing channels, recommendations resulted in traffic increment. This allowed them to save lost revenue and avoid customer inconvenience by providing them simple checkout options if they don’t want to go further. Based on the custom analytics data they also learned how to optimized homepage for merchandising promotions and visibility. Continuous tracking of all digital campaigns, SMM, and email campaigns allowed them in implementing further strategy and optimal budget allocation and planning. With measurement tactics and advanced analytics of Google Analytics allowed Ariat to quantify the improvements to its website, generating a fantastic ROI and giving many opportunities to its customers and itself for future growth.

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