Ariel’s #WashBucketChallenge Became A Selfie Campaign

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About Ariel’s Wash Bucket Challenge

Ariel’s Women empowerment themed campaign is being initiated, by the name “is laundry only a women’s job?” . specially encouraging men of the family to take part. Male family members are being invited to take up the “ Wash Bucket Challenge “ as an activity ,that will see a lot of men sharing selflies  of them doing the laundry using Ariel washing powder , with purpose of initiating a gender movement and in return Ariel announced to give away washing machines and 6 month Ariel’s detergent power to deserving men. The campaign also involves a blogger outreach program where the men of the family have to pledge to share the household chores, especially laundry, with the women and blog about it. Top blog posts will be awarded Whirlpool washing machines.

Objectives of the Wash Bucket Challenge

  1. To promote women empowerment
  2. To initiate a gender movement by creating a campaign “ is laundry only a women’s job?
  3. To change a male as 76% male members feels that laundry is only women’s job .
  4. To do successful social media campaign

Strategy adopted

  • Ariel created social media campaign on Facebook and twitter by the name

Men, take the #WashBucketChallenge and #ShareTheLoad.

  • Ariel’s ask to share selfies with them doing laundry using Ariel’s Washing power .
  • Announcing the give away as part of the campaign to deserving men washing machines and 6 months ariel’s detergent supply.
  • Blog post as an experience and Top blog posts will be awarded Whirlpool washing machines.

Results of the campaign

As a finding of the success of the women empowerment themed campaign “Is laundry only a women’s job?” , it is clear that camping was not taken seriously of innvatiblit as it was supposed be happened . It was more like men taking selfies and posed and shared it on their face book and twitter accounts to get commented by friends and well wishers. It came out as selfie campaign rather than a gender movement . Last year’s Ice bucket challenge was going on viral on social media, in which everbody form masses to classes took part , from Mark zurberg to every face book fan was on to take up the Ice bucket challenge as it was to promote a very generous social cause . To highlight the gender issue Ariel came up with the unique gender equally campaign “Is laundry only a women’s job?”  with the great expectations . Announcing the big rewards as give away washing machines and 6 month Ariel detergent powder supply to deserving  men . Still people didn’t participating as much as it was expected . The campaign became self portraying  as a doing funny thing as to get attention from friends and get like or comments for self on social media . ironically it was not as popular as Ice bucket challenge. As only men were asked to take it was very inclusive reach . innovative measure were not taken , as we  can make out by including celebrity and influence people like in case of Ice bucket challenge Mark Zuckerberg and Hollywood celebrities  and Bollywood celebrities took active participation to pull the crowd on social media to get attention for noble cause. Same it could be done with this women empowerment themed campaign celebrity couple should be made part of the message and spreading the message with celebrity husband doing laundry to keep in mind laundry is not only women’s job. Out of the box creative ideas to promote on social media or any media is always a biggest challenge for making a media campaign or social campaign leave an positive impact . In the case of the social media camping “Is laundry only a women’s job?” was not very much effective to change the mind-set of typical male fertility for 76% of them still think doing laundry is only belongs to women in households.


Camping like hash tag Ice bucket challenge were very successful , and social media contributed in much advanced practices. But in case of “Is laundry only a women’s job?” campaign social media is not been considered as best practice to make success of the campaign . As people are more serious about their own perception then adopting new parameters too soon . Social media is not a magic wind , its only a platform to spread message in small time to big audiences . But on social its very matter who is updating what . people follow celebrities and influence people rather than their own instinct .Their is nothing personal on social media as people want to let others to know them . So to make social media campaigns social camping’s more effective and creative ,local celebrities should be involved and good content should be posted with the purpose of spreading  the strong message with simplicity and perception.

Image Credits: Ariel

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