Evolve Digital Marketing Experience with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality: Webinar Recording

by | Apr 15, 2017 | Digital Marketing, Webinars

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Digital Marketing has been evolving since many years and this has made marketers take advantage of online marketing in a positive way. It helps marketers in benefiting their businesses in many ways and creating a virtual image. There are numerous Digital Marketing strategies and some of them are Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality, Chatbots etc. These are the recent developments that are introduced for various marketers to keep in pace with other businesses and take leverage to achieve their goals. 

To elaborate on the same, Abhishek Rathi- Digital Marketing & Digitization Head, PNB MetLife India Insurance led a webinar on “Evolve Digital Marketing Experience with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality.” Wherein, he gave his inputs on how chatbots, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and much more could grip a company’s business prospects. 

Over the years paradigm of Digital Marketing have shifted from 4ps to 7cs that are Context, content, customize, compare, convenience, connect & culture. The importance of virtual reality in the growth of future enterprises was also shed a light upon. Virtual Reality is the next experience platform and gives you the opportunity to break the clutter and provides you real-time experience to the users. 

Key Takeaways Post Webinar:

  • How artificial Intelligence gives us a chance to evolve & create an imaginary world that can help in mental health therapies, empathy tools and social interaction tools using avatars.
  • It can also help in modeling the real world and has also given scope to interactive retail that is going to make user experience better.
  • These tools are very influential as it has made travel experience and interactive retail a part of people’s life.
  •  AI is perfect example of how technology and design work together. Conversation is the new UI as it uses technology to simulate human intelligence processes at rapid speeds- learning, reasoning & self correction. 

Did you find the correlation between Digital Marketing and Artificial Intelligence interesting? Would you want to know about it more and apply similar techniques to benefit in getting leads for your business, checkout our upcoming webinars. Brace yourself for a lot more information that can make your business grow.

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