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India’s internet population is the second largest in the world. There is a pool of opportunities as the Internet industry is expanding at a rate of more than 20% Year-Over-Year. Therefore, one who is curious and is ready to explore the field of digital marketing is on the advantageous end.

As digital marketing is becoming mainstream in India, the demand for digital marketing is more than what is being supplied. If you are a skilled professional, then you will be required by many companies. The market forces are such that if you don’t leverage upon digital marketing, you will fail. No one would have traditional marketing alone in their marketing strategy because of the inefficiency.

Therefore, people want to know more about the field of digital marketing but expert comments and guidance are difficult to find. This is the reason  Digital Vidya launched ‘Ask Digital Vidya’, an online digital marketing helpline.

Experts’ view on Ask Digital Vidya

Pradeep Chopra, CEO of Digital Vidya

“Since 2009, when we launched Digital Vidya, we’ve been answering queries related to various facets of digital marketing. We realized that a very high % of these queries are repetitive or similar in nature. Moreover, we found that best answers to many of these queries are already available with other users, who are interested in helping others. While there are number of generic Q&A or discussion forum platforms such as Quora and few digital marketing related forums, there’s still a definite need for a digital marketing focused community.”

Sanjay Mehta (Joint CEO, Mirum India)

“This is a great initiative by Digital Vidya and will further fuel the growth of digital marketing industry. As one of the mentors, I look forward to my contribution in supporting this initiative.”

Mahesh Murthy, Founder of Pinstorm.

“I’ve known Pradeep and Kapil for over 15 years and even taught a few classes for their students. If Indian marketers are digital-savvy today, Digital Vidya is one big reason. Of course, success breeds imitators – but I haven’t found anybody else offer the type of knowledge and passion that these folks will bring you.”

What will you find on Ask Digital Vidya?

Various questions relating to digital marketing could be asked on Ask Digital Vidya. Experts like Sanjay Mehta (CEO, Mirum, India), Pradeep Chopra (CEO & Co-Founder, Digital Vidya), Aashish Chopra (Head Content Marketing, ixigo), Himanshu Arora (Co-Founder, Social Panga), Kapil Nakra (Co-Founder, Digital Vidya) and more will giving you guidance on the queries raised by you.

This time, Ask Digital Vidya hosted its third Ask me anything, an open chat on Career in Digital Marketing led by Pradeep Chopra, CEO, Digital Vidya, where gave answers to all the queries related to digital marketing and the careers in digital marketing. Well, almost everyone is switching their careers to digital marketing as it is one of the most satisfying and high-paid jobs in the country but the lack of guidance could ruin us. (Lack of expert guidance!)

24th June was booked for this special open chat, wherein people asked everything and anything relating to a career in digital marketing. These questions were beautifully resolved by the IITian, Pradeep Chopra because of his 15 years of experience in the field of digital marketing.

Here is how this open chat looked like…askmeanything

Ask me anything on a career in digital marketing was an interactive open chat because of inquisitive visitors and experts.AMA

Ask Digital Vidya- Forum For Digital Marketing

Confused why should you get a career in digital marketing? Or what are the reasons for building a career in digital marketing?

Queries related to career paths in digital marketing, job opportunities, digital marketing advice, expanding your business, and new updates are being offered by online  digital marketing helpline. You can get to know more about Ask Digital Vidya here.

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  1. Gopika

    Sir….I am from btecb ece background….do one mandatorly need to learn coding to excel in digital marketing field…when I read many articles on future of digital marketing…I came to know that artifical intelligence ,big data and agumented reality are the future trends in DM….will the companies demand only for technocrats in future..Will it cause problem for people like me who are not good in coding…

    • Pradeep Chopra

      Gopika: You don’t need to know coding at all to be a successful digital marketing professional. The maximum you need to know is HTML, which takes few hours. Otherwise, your comfort with using tools and technology is good enough.

      Check out this interesting video about soft skills for a successful career in digital marketing:

  2. Hema

    Hi Sir,

    I have completed PGDM with Marketing as my specialization and had two years of experience in Operations as client service executive. Now I want to search for new opportunities in marketing sector only.

    I am very much interested in advertising (branding and positioning) sector. Kindly advice me how will be the career in this field? Also do I need to learn any courses related to this field.

    Or else It would be great if you could provide some insights on how digital marketing would help me grow my career.

    Thank you so much in advance!

    • Pradeep Chopra

      Hema: Considering your educational background, you can surely switch to digital marketing (including branding & advertising) career as 2 years is not a long time.

      CDMM ( is one of the best opportunities to master digital marketing skills.

      Hope this helps. Let me know if you’ve any other query for me. All the best!


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