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Did you know the internet population in India is the second largest in the world already? Well, the Internet Industry is expanding at a rate of over 20% Year Over Year which is giving us immense opportunity! Therefore, at this stage, it is probably common for us to get curious and explore this huge field of digital marketing which is taking over the market. The demand for digital marketing is way more than what is being supplied to them.

People want to know about this field. However, the experts in this field are difficult to find. This being the reason,  Digital Vidya launched ‘Ask Digital Vidya’, which is an online digital marketing helpline.

Before the launch of Ask Digital Vidya, here is what our mentors had to say…

“Since 2009, when we launched Digital Vidya, we’ve been answering queries related to various facets of digital marketing. We realized that a very high % of these queries are repetitive or similar in nature. Moreover, we found that best answers to many of these queries are already available with other users, who are interested in helping others. While there are number of generic Q&A or discussion forum platforms such as Quora and few digital marketing related forums, there’s still a definite need for a digital marketing focused community.” said Pradeep Chopra, CEO of Digital Vidya.

Sanjay Mehta (Joint CEO, Mirum India) shared “This is a great initiative by Digital Vidya and will further fuel the growth of digital marketing industry. As one of the mentors, I look forward to my contribution in supporting this initiative.”

“I’ve known Pradeep and Kapil for over 15 years and even taught a few classes for their students. If Indian marketers are digital-savvy today, Digital Vidya is one big reason. Of course, success breeds imitators – but I haven’t found anybody else offer the type of knowledge and passion that these folks will bring you.” said Mahesh Murthy, Founder of Pinstorm, a leading digital transformation firm started in 2004.

On Ask Digital Vidya, you can ask questions related to the field of digital marketing. Mentors like Pradeep Chopra (CEO & Co-Founder, Digital Vidya), Kapil Nakra (Co-Founder, Digital Vidya), Sanjay Mehta (CEO, Mirum India), Himanshu Arora (Co-Founder, Social Panga), Aashish Chopra (Head Content Marketing, ixigo) etc will be answering your queries.

The field of digital marketing is ever-changing and dynamic and there is always something to know, something to explore in this field.

Ask Digital Vidya hosted its Second Ask me anything, an open chat on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) led by Rajiv Pandey, a Digital Marketing expert. Rajiv Pandey, our SEO trainer solved the queries related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a much looked after field under digital marketing.

3rd June was dedicated to this special event, where people asked their questions related to SEO and people definitely got some valuable SEO tips.

Here is how this event looked like…askmeanythingSEO

SEO-ansRajiv enthusiastically gave SEO tips to people coming up with their search engine optimization queries.SEO.tipsaskmeanything.rajiv

Users having knowledge about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) also contributed in answering the queries posted on the online digital marketing helpline.askme.seo

Ask me anything has been a success because of the inquisitive visitors and experts wanting to solve their queries.

Ask Digital Vidya Offers You Everything Related To Digital Marketing

Questions related to career paths in digital marketing, expanding your business, job opportunities, new updates, and digital marketing advice are something that will be offered by online digital marketing helpline! Get to know everything with Ask Digital Vidya!

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