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Ask Your Twitter Followers To Like Your Facebook Page

Ask Your Twitter Followers To Like Your Facebook Page

twitter_facebook1One of the most active social media website is Twitter. From government to normal civilians make use of Ttwitter for sharing their feeling and getting to know what is happening around the world in real-time. Twitter followers; we must tell them the why they must join your Facebook community. For example by the way the text for inviting the Twitter followers will be something like this “Please Join the useful discussion about new arrivals in sports and its equipment’s! We must invite them for telling more about new launch and special features, at the end of our invitation we must write our link to Facebook Page like this /yourfacebookpage.

We must always update our Facebook fan page status on the Twitter thrice a week. So that you may attract new likes every day for your page. Similarly, it is also a good to take them directly your page by a simple text message like “Having fun with our tweets? For more fun please join us on the Facebook? Or we may invite them like (click here – /yourfacebookpage). To avoid repetition, we must create a few different messages and invite them.

It is better practice to share our Facebook statuses on the Twitter

If we post anything on our Facebook Fan page and we need it to be shared with our Twitter followers too, we can do it through a direct link. To share it click on the time stamp of your Facebook status update the link in grey color that display the time like 7 hrs. ago the time of the posted status. By clicking the stated link it will open it in a new page. From here you just copy the URL of page and paste it so that to make it part of your tweet. You’re done with it; even you can customize the tweets to show the visitors what they need to know about your page.

You can create QR code links to your Facebook Page

QR refers to Quick Response; these codes are normally the bar codes. QR codes are popular way of converting data into codes. If any bar code image or square kind of image scanned through a smart phone camera will take you to the particular webpage or website. QR is very easy to create and fast to share anywhere easily. Normally we see bar codes on brochures, print adverts and product packets. The QR codes are very useful and smart just like our social media tools; however you should avoid placing these on your Facebook profile photo etc. We can create customizable QR codes too. There are many sites like that offer customized QR codes for free.

Send Twitter Followers email asking them to like your Facebook Page

Another simple way to ask friends, known people and even unknown people to like your Facebook page. This will work wonders if you utilize properly, most of all popular pages get notification of their feeds, but when you’re new to Facebook you must promote your page to get notice. You must send email to the dedicated audience asking them to like your Facebook Page. However, in your subject of your email must contain good solid reason. In your email you must mention the link of your Facebook page at bottom of your message asking audience to join your Facebook page or profile. Encourage your friends who are not on Facebook by mailing them specially, this will lead to new likes and experience for them as well. Target your best friends and active friends on Twitter/Facebook to improve your likes on your page. Always appreciate them for liking your page, highlight them as popular fans followers of the day/week like that. Keep it in mind don’t try to spam, keep it simple and clean. Spamming doesn’t give good results, often leads to disliking of page.

Concentrate on your brand so that to increase your reach

Last but not least the Following tab on the Facebook is mostly filtered, there are chances that despite someone likes or comments on your page one may not decide to view the contents. So that don’t filter only friends in that option you must make it public. Always concentrate on your followers and fans to multiply your followers. When your fans post images and videos to the page share them on main page by giving credits to them. This will motive them to stay in touch with your page. Often reply to their comments as well. Ask for feedback and ratings every month or year. Followers will increase by campaigns and contests as well. Giveaways once in three months will rise the popularity of your page, it can reach beyond your thinking by shares from followers.

If you launched new products in your company, use those items as prize/giveaways. Giveaway a gift card to shop online like cash back offers, discount offer of an item you sell for anyone who Follows you on Twitter or Likes your Facebook Page.

Some of you people may be new to social media; some ideas of you aren’t good.  These are few basic, but useful social media tricks.

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