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asos_logoABOUT ASOS is a British online fashion and beauty store. Primarily aimed at young adults,ASOS sells over 850 brands as well as its own range of clothing and accessories. Revenue for the financial year ending 31 August 2015 was £1,119.9 million.As of August 2015, ASOS PLC has net assets of £237.3 million.

ASOS has websites targeting the UK, Australia, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Italy and China. It also ships to over 140 countries from fulfilment centres in the UK, US, Europe and China.In 2016 the company launched its first drama-game show series called #DIGIDATING, starring AJ Odudu. It was billed as an Internet dating show with backstage drama.


To become the leading fashion website in the UK and attract growing numbers of overseas customers. In accordance to the main objective they devised 3 smaller one to supplement their main objective ,these were-

  1. UNCOMPRIMISING PRESENTATION- to make sure that their customers have an amazing and disturbance free environment while they are on their website, so they wanted to create an easy and accessible website for all users.
  2. INCREDIBLE CHOICES- their main aim was to create an incredible and vast database to give their customer a wide range to choose.
  3. DELIVERING IMPECAABLE SERVICE- try and give their customers as many delivery options they can, and they still are trying to increase them.


ASOS developed its newly-developed social media strategy around three ambitious objectives:

  • boost sales,
  • deepen brand engagement and
  • encourage advocacy.

The main focus was for its young female audience getting ready to go out was as important as the party itself —informed the move to a truly interactive social media model.They started a campaign involving a series of events which was named “#BESTNIGHTEVER”.The #BestNightEver social activations and their lead platforms included:

  1. . Win their #BestNightEver:

  • Fashion Bingo- it was arranged via facebook and engaged a lot of consumers and the winner eoukd win 1000 pounds.
  •  ‘Want it, Pin it’ (Pinterest) – it was a first of its kind campaign where the audience could actually pin the things they like directly from the video.also, it lead to about 28000 re pins of scens from videos.
  • Fantasy #BestNightEver – ASOS launched its three way cover wrap with stylist magazine and launch a compaign on twitter to converse and have their audiences attention.
  • ‘Like’ to win (Instagram)
  1. Be inspired for their #BestNightEver:

  • Shopalong Google+ Hangouts – this feature allowed the starts to be interviewed remotely from their home by different bloggers, fans ,etc.
  • Celebrity interviews and styling tips
  • How-to beauty videos  
  • Celebrity behind-the-scenes party prep
  • Blogger exclusives on what makes their #BestNightEver (own blogs and Facebook) – popular blogger and their post help them further to improve their reach to their audience , and also was able to cater to a larger of public.
  • Now and Then, from their fashion archives bring out celebrity that are inspiration (Facebook)
  1. Celebrate their #BestNightEver:

  • Chris-mix (Facebook)
  • Global Party Feed
  • #BestNightEver Facebook hub (Facebook app)
  • #BestSongEver (Twitter)
  • Photo Generator – it was a cover photo generater for faceboook users to customize their photo and help them create a memory of their nightout. Around 1800 people used this and helped in generating awareness about this campaign to other people.
  • They created three video exclusives: two music videos with Azealia Banks and Ellie Goulding featuring unreleased tracks, and an interactive fashion video with US model Charlotte Free.. A product carousel and world first ‘Want it, Pin it’ button increased dwell time by 32 hours and let viewers shop the product direct from the videos.
  • They are also using Facebook as another marketing platform, posting status’s such as, “Renegade supermodel Charlotte Free has come to party at ASOS! Watch her videos, shop her style, and listen to her jamz to get ready for your Best Night Ever.



  • awarded Campaign of the Year at the Festival of Media Global 2013 Awards
  • Carat optimised the content’s performance and found out that there was an incremental of 5m pound , which was ASOS’ best sales results ever.
  • It also registered the highest ever ASOS marketing ROI to date (4.44) and US ASOS searches increased by more than 50% during campaign period.
  • The music videos achieved around 7 million YouTube views and increased sales of the most of their featured products in the 3 weeks leading up to Christmas
  • 11 percent spontaneous increase in awareness of ASOS among men in just 11 weeeks
  • The #BestNightEver Facebook app had over 55,000 unique users, a return rate of 58% and an average dwell time of three minutes per session.
  • 36 million views in just 7 weeks.
  • 324 thousand visits in 7days followed by 460k post impression tagging.
  • Brought about 46 percent new visitors to the website.


  • The different competitions organized by them helped them to boost their sales independent of the main campaign. The digital bingo alone resulted in substantial sale.
  • It was a Direct Response campaign. By merging media and sales data the team was able to optimise the sales. Once users had watched a specific video the team was able to test and re-target them with relevant promotional messaging through cost-effective ad networks across mobile and fixed internet.
  • Celebrity endorsement lead them to attract more of the young generation. made a statement style that was followed by the fans.
  • Using social media marketing be it twitter ,Instagram or facebook, to boost their primary campaign also helped them to attract a lot of users.
  • Using mobile app marketing with the help of the photoboth app and uploading as a cover page lead to authentic, value-led, branded wall for their customer and generating brand name and trust for the company.
  • This helped to organically make it the top searches amonsgts google.It led to about 50 per increase in searches for them. This shows perfect marketing using the SEO.
  • So the marketing strategy of ASOS comprised of all the important parts of a digital marketing concept like social marketing, mobile app marketing, search engine optimisation and inbound marketing.

Image Credits: fashionstealer, sjmedia, asosmarketing, prote

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