Atominsight Used Web Analytics To Generate Revenues Of More Than $5 bn For Its Client

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328x78_AIlogoAbout Atominsight

Atominsight, a marketing consultancy firm, was founded under the flagship brand Atom Supplies Ltd (ASL) in 2009. The motto of origin is to serve its sibling ASL in e-commerce and business consulting space. However, the growing reputation of the company has broaden its horizon to a million pound billing for external clients. Over the years, company add value by mining huge data sets and turn them into effective marketing strategies via mediums like Marketing Analytics, Business Consultancy, Email Marketing, Web Analytics, and Management Information.

Business Objectives Of Atominsinght

The company resume its operations with the solo objective of serving business community with the advanced Web Analytics system across 5 European domain. The company strengthen their expertise in making the businesses understand their customer and add value for them via media sources that can drive revenues, profits and thereby achieve operational efficiency.

Likewise every start up company has certain limitations against technology and optimization of funding. Global insurer (client) has clearly specified their following requirements to Atominsight :-

  • Need to device system where every customer interaction can be restored.
  • High Quality reporting and dashboard portals.
  • Integration of data with other business data sources.
  • Powerful Analytics required for data usage.

Approach/Strategy Adopted By Atominsight

“How to do things?” is the next question which would probably be the area of concern for any entrepreneur. Going into field with a primary and back up strategy is the only way of doing things differently. Atominsight (AI) has picked up the ends of  the client’s business and started forming their strategy accordingly. AI used an approach which was well defined at every step. The approach adopted by them is mentioned below :-

  • Well understand the client’s reporting and analytic requirements.
  • Invite vendors to offer good web analytic tool.
  • Compare the tool with the client requirement’s.
  • Vendor should provide the proof of matching characteristics.
  • Roll-out production plan if everything goes fine.
  • Deliver client’s reporting requirement.
  • Deliver client’s analytic requirement.

The approach proved to be productive when AI team was able to find the best fit solution SAS for Customer Experience Analytics (SAS CXA) for Global Insurer (client). The solution when fared against the requirements of the client, it really had a significant impact in delivering operational profits of over 5.5 billion dollars.

Results Achieved By Atominsight

The strategy devised above by AI team certainly have their contribution in driving higher site performance, visitor volumes, conversion rates and revenues.  While evaluating the results, team has highlighted the measured the performance of its solution against every requirement above mentioned.

  1. Reporting and Analytic Requirement :- High quality dashboard with all the conditional formatting have clearly shown them the trends and snapshots of data such as bounce rate, volume , conversion rate, average time on site with slider, line and  bar graphs, traffic lights. The reports provided to all stakeholders clearly stating the views on Marketing (sources of business, paid and natural keyword performance, email marketing performance etc), Operations (page load times, slow loading content, java script error etc), Commercial (sales, quotes, goal conversion rate, premium etc).
  2. Data Integration Requirement :- AI populated the Transaction complete page in such a way that customer and policy ID for that transaction collected into the single data model which can be used for renewal policies and any other cross selling.
  3. Advanced Analytics :- In order to derive the maximum value out of the data, Global insurer also provided with the advanced analytic capabilities such as forecasting , modelling and statistical analysis. These capabilities helped not only to retain existing customers, however manage to attract more by providing premium discounts and bonuses.
  4. Revenue Generation: After adopting the above strategies, AI was successful in generating revenue for its client to more than $5 bn.


Web Analytics has already solidifies its ground here in this case of Global Insurer and also a key learning message for rest of world business community. “World wants to be on-line” is the change to the traditional forms of business.  Web Analytics plays a significant role in business development in future . Companies have already made important investment in research and analytics of web domain. Recently a major announcement by Flipkart, acquiring Myntra at valuation of INR 2000 crore , has strike through all the questions related to the profitability and sustainability of the business.

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