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Any paid search campaign or SEM campaign begins with the thought to bring in maximum viewers to a website. But what really matters is how to convert these lookers into buyers. An optimized conversion rate enables you to maximize every penny of your PPC campaign spending by finding that sweet spot that convinces the maximum percentage of your prospects to take action. Here are some tips on how you can boost your conversion rate and lead flow:

Sloppy Keyword Research Strategy

In this instead of grouping dozens of related keywords together, we simply use keyword research software that takes up one primary or say broad keyword and turn it into 1000‘s of long tail keywords. Commonly used software for this is ‘Keyword Snatcher’. This software gets auto-complete results from various search engines like Google, yahoo, amazon etc. and puts them into a text file or excel file. To familiarize you with auto-complete results; these are nothing but the suggestions or guesses that say Google makes when we type in any word, for instance say you type Marketing then many words show up. These are typically high paying keyword.


So, this way we usually get more then 8000 keyword from one broad keyword and this helps in building our keyword list very quickly.

Demographic Keywords

If supposing we are targeting Internet marketers then the most obvious keyword here would be Internet marketing. This being obvious will hence be highly expensive. Here instead of taking this set route we can also go laterally. We must first know who my customer is, what other interests do they have, where else do they hangout online, what other websites do they visit. For instance, someone with an interest in entrepreneurship or doing a startup business may go around keywords closely related to the shows like Shark Tank, How I made my millions and people associated with these shows or various authors or books on the topic. The idea is to not go for the obvious but for the parallel ones. You simply have to connect the dots in case of such broad demographics.

Let us look at an example to know how to utilize demographic keywords. A website called the, operates with the purpose of creating awareness among the Americans on how to save on health insurance, lower income tax, increase retirement savings etc. The target market is typically conservative, libertarian, Christian, activist for the 2nd amendments for the freedom of the speech. This set of audience would probably search about people like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck, the radio show host. Other popular keywords here would be of the show Duck Dynasty a popular TV show, National Riffle Association (NRA). Going by these parallel ways to enter the lateral market helps you to reduce your cost per click and able to make your ad seen a lot more than earlier.

Focus On Your Ad Copy

Using some of the previous tips we define certain keywords, which helps get your ad getting more number of views but the ad copy helps you get more clicks. The idea here is to mix up varied ad copies for different people. So the next step would be to see the different benefits or results the company has. As in the previous case of some of the benefits are reduction in your healthcare premiums, increase in your income tax refunds and ability to save more for retirement. So we can make 3 different ads for the 3 different results and see which one strikes the cord with the audience. What we can also do is to target different demographic sections.

We can also steer our ads towards different demographic region. Like you have seen lines in ads saying “Attention single Moms”, “Business owner agrees” or “discounts for new parents”. We can search for various websites for these demographics and place our ads in those.

Some other things to consider while performing Pay per click are:

How you write your ad copy?

There are specific strategies for several different ads in the market place but the main motive is to create different ads in order to cover maximum number of people n the marketplace. It ultimately provides a better connect with the potential customers across different geographic region which eventually leads to more number of views and higher conversion rate.

Landing Page

You should also know what is the best format or layout for Pay per click, what is the best headline for your page or do you have a swipe file for the landing page. A swipe file is a collection of tested and proven advertising and sales letters or in other words it gives you ready references of ideas for projects. The landing page must also be responsively designed in order to fetch a better user experience and high results on the campaign being run.


It tells if your business is at risk and you don’t even know about it. You might be putting up many ads and a landing page out there but if your website does not have the right things on it, then you are risking your entire business. The content for example must be very consistent with the objective of the website. The content must also be unique and creative enough for the viewers to engage them.

 Conversion rate and tracking:

Analytics is the backbone 0f any SEM campaign. Unless you are successfully able to analyse the performance of your campaign on different parameters, you are falling short of achieving your business objectives. Tracking the performance of keywords is important as far as budget is concerned.

All these things are surely a part of a successful SEM campaign and can surely drive your way through success on the digital platform.

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