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Attributing Analytics Led Mobile Marketing At The E-Tailing And Travel Commerce Conference 2015, IAMAI

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Mobile marketing is one form of marketing that is fast catching pace. The extent to which mobile is being used from social interaction to engaging with people for branding and marketing their product/services, the major emphasis is being led on leveraging mobile for these concepts. The indicating factor is that more and more companies and brands are turning up with their mobile applications or apps as they are popularized as.

To bring light on how mobile marketing is going to take over the scenario of traditional marketing and attributing analytics led mobile marketing, Anuj Kumar, Co-founder & Managing Director, Affle threw light upon on how to measure and maximize the quality of your mobile app users at The E-Tailing And Travel Commerce Conference 2015, IAMAI which was held at The Lalit, New Delhi.

Anuj started off by stating that there are many of the businesses that are leveraging upon app-only format. Thus, it becomes essential to figure out how many users are accessing your mobile app and to differentiate the loyal users and non-loyal users.

Furthermore, emphasis must be led on the monetization structure and calculation of ROi based on that. It is crucial to identify what is going wrong and then make the following moves:

  • reach out to the most relevant users, for instance; if yours is an e-commerce app then reach out to the customers who are interested in the app data and accordingly target them to download and access your app.
  • ensure that the money that your are spending should be adequately allotted because as entrepreneurs, it is crucial for you to realize that and it is one of the core objectives.
  • there should be key objectives that should become the key drivers.

Moreover, efforts must be put to understand as to how to grapple a mobile ecosystem? The answer to this is that it is feasible to do so through concentration on the fundamental shifts, that are:

  1. Consolidation: The advertising is consolidated between 2 big players viz. Google and FB. The rest is with the other channels.
  2. Potential Programmatic Channels: Trading primarily on programmatic channels as most of the mobile ads are potentially happening programmatically.

Most companies, established ones can potentially reach out to almost the same number of people. the  numbers have become meaningless, as things have turned out work programmatically. That is where, the concept of uniqfication turns out.

In mobile advertising, when you are focusing on app modification, it will enable optimization of data, that will be at an overall marketing spend level. So, it depends on how you unify that and the one partner that your choose for the modification of the app. This is a crucial aspect from data and cost effective perspective.

Usage and Behaviour:

As app owners or businesses running mobile applications, following are the usage and behaviour patterns:

  • data comes from behaviour: whatever somebody tells you and you are doing that to ensure that you are reaching out the right set of audience.
  • attribute that data.
  • flowing back of commerce or sales data.

Harnessing the data is also crucial for mobile advertising data so as to build and retarget them. This builds a way for app owners to reach out to the targeted set of audience, from the app procurement perspective.

Besides this, Return on Investment or ROI is important to be taken into consideration as that is generated from the mobile app business. Data analysis basically revolves around two concepts: CRM & re-engagement.

India is the only place wherein efforts are made to bring the app only transactions. In case of an app on his/her phone, this implies that they have shown interest in your product, they have come to your site but did not make any purchase, so you can target them through the app also, from data security perspective, mobile apps are crucial.

Building attribution intelligence from source, and reassuring those sources will enable to get details of analytics, and reusability of analytics will ensure much higher likelihood of getting loyal users to the business.

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